ASP.NET Framework For Building Websites

Why ASP.NET Core Is the Best Framework For Building Websites

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In today’s advanced technological world, businesses cannot think of operating without a website. All large and small companies are shifting their focus to designing and developing websites for better reach of their businesses. Fortunately, there is no shortage of technologies, tools, frameworks, and platforms to design, develop, and host websites. However, choosing the most appropriate technology for your project will be challenging due to endless alternatives. Luckily, with professional ASP.Net development services, it is no longer a concern for you and your business.

What’s ASP.NET Core?

ASP.NET Core is a cross-platform, high-performance, open-source framework for building modern cloud-based internet-connected applications. The new framework’s high performance and cutting-edge technology enable your application to take advantage of the latest Windows, Linux, and cloud platforms without requiring modifications. With the most recent releases of.NET Core and ASP.NET Core, you can develop modern applications for multiple platforms.

1) Open-Source Framework:

Today, ASP.NET has acquired immense popularity among developers because of its open-source nature. The framework allows developers to edit, review, and submit code on GitHub and make changes to the code if needed. The large core community of over 100 000 contributors has been a major contributing factor to adopting ASP.NET as an open-source framework.

Additionally, the new framework has features for bug fixes and testing. The most recent upgrades and developments render the framework more reliable, easier to use, and accessible from different platforms.

One can add ASP.NET core web framework components, modules, etc., based on needs without affecting the other parts of the framework. With a new version or package available, there’s no need for a complete upgrade.

2) Safe and Secure:

People love ASP.NET core for its elegant safety and security features. The information security framework of ASP.NET MVC makes it safe for work. Due to its secure MVC architecture, it is challenging for hackers to intrude into the system and steal important information.

Everyone across the globe is taking advantage of the security features of ASP.NET MVC, from government organizations to private enterprises and website designers.

ASP.NET 1 introduced a new authentication service called Forms-based authentication, which involves validating a user’s credentials against a database or a form. ASP.NET 2.0 introduced a new membership and role management service called ASP.NET membership, which dramatically simplifies managing users, roles, and user information.

3) Unified MVC & Web API Frameworks:

Until the release of ASP.NET Core, the two most popular frameworks among developers were MVC and Web API. When it comes to developing HTML-based web applications, MVC shines. The purpose of the Web API is to facilitate the development of RESTful services with the help of JSON or XML.

The ASP.NET Core framework is a consolidation of the MVC and Web API frameworks. However, the two models had a lot in common. Instead of HTML, MVC can always return JSON data. It made sense to include them on a system, making future updates much easier to implement.

4) Multiple Environments and Development Mode:

The new environment feature is one of the most popular features among developers. It’s a convenient way to divide your code into different sections with different functions in different environments (e.g., staging server, live server, etc.). Before ASP.NET Core, there was no standard way to do this.

It works for several platforms in your application’s code base, e.g., in the “Startup. cs” file. If you want to display a more detailed exception page for testing, this is the place to do it.

You can use various CSS or JavaScript files for multiple purposes. Leverage your content delivery network (CDN) in production while working locally.

5) WebSockets & SignalR:

ASP.NET has excellent support for the WebSocket protocol. It allows you to stay connected to the browser and maintain a connection for longer. As an additional option, SignalR provides a comprehensive framework for dealing with everyday scenarios.

The developers at Stackify rely heavily on SignalR. They immediately push updated data to your browser as they come in, so you can see it update in real-time. WebSockets are ideal for such uses, and SignalR makes it easy to deploy them.

6) Cross Platform Support:

The .NET framework’s appeal is due to its cross-platform implementation design. Even though it only supports Windows framework development, tools and apps built with it run smoothly on Linux, macOS, and Windows. Developers can freely develop web applications on their preferred operating system using the Visual Studio integrated development environment.

The ability to run on several platforms and ease of installation make ASP.NET Core popular across different domains. It’s an excellent platform for developing innovative web apps. The code for the application is compatible with all operating systems and platforms.

7) Razor Pages:

The new Razor Pages are available in ASP.NET Core. They are an extension of the MVC framework that allows bidirectional association between the controller and the model parts of a page. They have the same Razor syntax as WebForms and act as a replacement.

Developers are fans of this attribute since it improves efficiency and paves the path for building robust web applications. The Razor Pages can help make the code of a website more manageable and link together without any breaks.

It allows programmers to find the line of code that is creating an issue more quickly. Its flexibility will enable designers to craft one page after another with their distinct layout, animations, color scheme, and approach to data processing. To better implement their app development approach, developers may encapsulate and manage every facet of a website.

8) Highly Flexible in Nature:

Due to its supreme flexibility, ASP.NET website creation has become extremely popular with web designers. It facilitates the development of advanced and highly functional online applications, ensuring a seamless transition between desktop and mobile platforms. It allows a lot of flexibility to turn things around while developing the app and creating something that will last. A great feature that sets ASP.NET Core apart from other server-side programming languages is its support for multiple app development processes.


ASP.NET Core has been an excellent upgrade over classic ASP.NET and gives developers much greater flexibility and choice for several reasons. Here we have discussed a few expected benefits and features of.NET Core. Its reliability, speed, simplicity of use, and enhanced security make it a perfect technology choice for any cloud-based application. Capital Numbers is a leading company for .NET applications with more than 10 years of experience in delivering world-class solutions to its clients. They have the right skills and the best team to help you realize your ambitious ideas.