Testing Banking Application

We all know that the banking and financial services industry is evolving with the recent technological changes. With complex functions and crucial data in the banking apps, it is considered as the most advanced and complicated enterprise solution. Customers use banking apps to make day-to-day transactions and share their personalContinue Reading

Top EHR Software Companies

Just like any other industry, the technology revolution has taken over healthcare as well. Medical practices are shifting from paper-based methods to electronic ones. Electronic health record (EHR), also known as an electronic medical record (EMR) is a digital version of a patient’s paper chart.  Modern healthcare systems rely onContinue Reading

QA Test Management Tools

Gone are the days when developers worked in isolation. Agile and DevOps environment developers, testers, and engineers on one platform. Due to the faster delivery release cycles and quality assurance, development teams work together to achieve their expected goals. Teams are expected to produce the best products using their resourcesContinue Reading

Instagram Marketing For Ecommerce Website

With more than 300 million users, Instagram is a leading social media platform today. Due to its massive user base, every famous brand has an online presence on Instagram. The fact that it is a great marketing platform encourages every business, including popular brands as well as startups, to benefitContinue Reading

Healthcare Apps

Healthcare is an evolving industry. Every day presents a different challenge. A disease outbreak mandates an emergency protocol. Chronic diseases make a cause for increased research. Technological advances enable new medical devices and procedures to be operational. As these advances are made, the apps must be tested regularly for theirContinue Reading