Starting a Business in Dubai

Reasons Why You Should not Think Twice Before Starting a Business in Dubai

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:30 am

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A shopper’s paradise, land to some of the highest sky-scrappers in the world, and currently the center of attraction of many countries after winning bid to host Expo 2020, Dubai has transformed itself from being an oil-reliant dessert to one of the most diversified economies in the world. Today the city boasts hundreds of seven-star hotels, business avenues, the Palm-shaped man-made miracle known as Palm Jumeirah and world-class infrastructure.

All these advantages and impressive features bring along various business opportunities converging under one roof that are almost impossible to find in other countries in the world. Here’s why you should not wait to start your business in Dubai.

Easy Taxation: A wide range of taxes like VAT, capital gain, personal and corporate are almost non-existent in Dubai, making it a favorable environment for business.

Visa Policy: The visa policies in place in Dubai are expat-friendly. Therefore, having a business in Dubai guarantees you acquiring a residency visa on easier terms. You can easily buy apartments in Jumeirah and tweak into JLT apartments for rent while you plan your venture in Dubai.

Free-zone Regions: There are regions in Dubai that have zero taxation policy and expats and foreigners can own their businesses without having to have a partnership with an Emirati agent or partner.

Repatriation: Although most expats prefer to keep their money in the UAE, thanks to taxation policies, yet there is a stable exchange rate with the USD to facilitate money transfer outside the city.

Central Aviation Hub: The Dubai International Airport connects Asia and Africa to the Western world. This is a huge step towards bringing people from multiple countries in one place and produce opportunities that would otherwise be impossible.

Safety: Dubai has a very strong law and order policy in place which makes sure there is a minimum crime rate in the region. This safety assurance allows people to work with more dedication and without any fear and this is how Dubai draws the best global talent towards itself.

Professional Venues: Whether you want to arrange a corporate lunch or a meeting at a good venue, due to the amazing infrastructure, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Transportation Network: The road transport network in Dubai is a high-quality network, especially the famous Dubai Metro, allowing access to and from different regions of the city a matter of no time.