Viva Technology 2019

5 Keys Takeaways From Viva Technology 2019

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:29 am

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Viva Technology is an annual French event that, however, brings together the best technology minds in the world. This year, this event was held under the auspices of artificial intelligence and virtual reality, as well as their practical capabilities for changing public life in general, and education, in particular, for the better. In this article, we present to you the five main ideas that were discussed during the event, as well as important conclusions from them.

Technology Must Be Socially Beneficial

This concept can still be rephrased as “Tech for Good”. As part of this approach, startups and technologies that are created in France want to become as useful as possible to society. This is necessary in order to have a real opportunity to compete with such technological giants as Silicon Valley and China. And this applies not only to France but also to Europe as a whole. And in this context, the main task of European countries is to consolidate their legislative norms and tax rules in such a way that it is as easy as possible to attract investment and act as a united front against strong competitors.

At the moment, France is the second leading European country after Germany in terms of innovations being developed. The president of the country also emphasized that France needs to develop its ecosystem of startups and attract investment from abroad.

Artificial Intelligence in the Spotlight

This topic was the most discussed at the event. In particular, the prospects for introducing artificial intelligence technologies into educational processes were discussed. At the moment, France is heading towards the development of such educational systems based on AI in order to make decent competition to China and the USA by 2020.

In addition, the startups presented at the conference support a technological approach to education. Online courses created within the framework of these projects are aimed at giving the country technological specialists of the level that the country recognizes and which it needs for further development.

New Possibilities of Chatbots

Chatbots are already at the peak of popularity among marketing tools. Viva Technology once again made it possible to make sure that their popularity will only grow, and the scope of application will expand. A chatbot that allows you to manage data using voice commands were presented at this event. It is possible that in the future they will also be integrated into educational processes, evolving from assistants to teachers.

The Virtual Reality under Development

Virtual reality projects were also presented at the event. However, while this technology is quite new, it is not entirely clear how it can be used to improve the quality of education and the well-being of people.

Speaking of Security Issues

Safety and ethics of introducing innovative technologies were among the most discussed at the event. It is definitely necessary to begin to develop such regulatory standards that will allow humanity to maintain its ethical principles and moral standards at a time when the widespread introduction of technological innovation will become irreversible. In particular, this concerns the ethics of using the results of the labor of robots, as well as those technologies that provoke ethical issues and concerns already now.

Le Coon believes that it is impossible to unambiguously determine which technologies are good for society, and which are potentially dangerous. Everything will depend on how you use them. For example, the Chinese are loyal to the face recognition system and storing photos in special databases. They believe that this contributes to their safety, while representatives of other countries regard this as a threat to the safety of personal information and interference with their personal lives.