Downloading TikTok Video Via SSSTIK 101

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Ex musically, TikTok (called Douyin in China) is a social network where users can watch and make short viral videos. This social network program holds the top spot in terms of global installation. You may save movies from the official app and those from your friends, but the drawback is that all the saved films will have a watermark. The quickest way to download TikTok video in mp3 or mp4 format is with a TikTok downloader. Download one movie to test the functionality.

One of the most famous advantages of STC is that it allows you to save videos without the watermark on Android, PC, and iPhone.

On an Android phone, how can I save TikTok without a watermark?

Copy a video link, open your mobile browser, and paste the URL on our website’s home page. Click “Download” to begin. And that’s it!

You should make sure the following things:

  • A whole URL is copied;

How are movies from TikTok saved on a PC?

Additionally, you may copy a link URL from your computer and paste it on the home page.

Please confirm that you can play the movie in your web browser and that the link is active in your browser.

How to save TikTok video on iPhone?

That is an exciting part: local programs such as Safari will play recordings, assuming you adhere to the guidelines above. However, there won’t be any likelihood of saving them. You can do this:

  • Download the app “Documents by Readdle” from the App Store;
  • Open ‘Records by Readdle’ and tap a program symbol;
  • Use the built-in “Documents” browser to visit our website at;
  • Adhere to the directions above for Android.

Here are some steps that you can adopt to download the video using STC

Choose the TikTok mp3 to be converted

Open the TT application and find your desired video to save as an MP3. You will see an “Offer” symbol on the right of the screen. On the subsequent screen, tap it and then select “Copy link.” If you utilize a work area program like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, you can undoubtedly duplicate the connection from the program’s location bar when you watch a solitary TT.

Choose the TikTok mp3 to be converted

Paste the link mentioned at the top page. 

You can utilize our TikTok download mp3 site on any page. In seconds, convert TikTok videos to MP3 for absolutely no cost! Long-tap the input form on a mobile device like an Android or iOS phone to paste the TikTok sound downloader link. As a work area client, you can glue the connection with the Ctrl+V console easy route. Practically finished. Presently, press the button and download the TikTok video as an mp3.

Download TikTok mp3 music

If everything goes alright, a “Results” page will open. Look down to see a “Download TikTok sound” connect at the lower part of the page. At times, it is perhaps an M4A interface rather than an MP3. Most media players can uphold M4A now since it is an essential piece of the MP4. You won’t always be able to see an audio link. This implies that mp3 isn’t accessible for this particular TT track. Attempt to track down another with comparable music. We are taking care of this issue, and it will be fixed soon.