Emerging Trends in Performance Testing

Emerging Trends in Performance Testing

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:30 am

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Performance testing has evolved with the modernization of technology. There is no doubt that the industry has grown a great deal over the passage of time. There is also a lot of change going on in the application types and systems that are to be tested. Moreover, the business application testing process has also changed due to the growing number of IoT devices. Thus, it makes connected devices more complex since they need to be tested for that purpose. So with the changing testing environments, the tests change their approach to testing too. There is a wide range of performance testing services available that cater to various types of industries. 

Let’s have a look at a few trends with respect to performance testing that prevails in 2019:

Shift-left being the talk of the town results in Devs working more on performance tests

IT departments of all organizations follow the approach that says ‘test early, test often’. Gone are the old-fashioned ways of testing, where only testing experts were responsible for software quality assurance. All stakeholders work as a team to make the best efforts to ensure software quality. Also, to keep the costs low as code moves faster to the right side of the deployment process, testing earlier becomes mandatory. This needs to be done during the left side developer code creation is on-going. Thus, it also results in shifting all the responsibility of the developers to other team members. 

Increased use of AI to fully automate testing processes

In the current technological age, organizations cannot make their way forward without AI (Artificial Intelligence). Things are quite different in the ever-changing and growing environment. Testing experts should have dynamic solutions for working in different environments. Thus the solution is to implement the use of AI in the current testing arena. 

Increased reliance on defining test processes

The best solution is to accomplish all design test scripts that can be used to create software apps that can be used as required in various situations. Similar to how designers treat infrastructure a code, the virtual environments necessary. Thus test designers approach test processes as code to create functional, integrated and performance tests. This is how performance testing services can work best for companies making their way forward. 

Utilizing more functional testing assets

Functional testing solutions are an important part of software release. Some are of the view that it is the glue that binds a developer’s actions to the broader aspect of the development process. For instance, when a unit testing is conducted for a developer’s code, it may meet the standards but fail to meet the due diligence with respect to functional testing. With respect to performance testing, shift-left, testing as code, and using more AI down the release processes can work in the best interest of businesses. But since 2019 is coming to an end, it leaves a big question as to how performance testing services will improve and evolve with the ever-changing testing environments?