Importance of Application Security Testing Awareness Programs for Organizations

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:30 am

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There is no doubt that discovering security issues in a software development life cycle can save time, resources and money. Organizations use security testing tools such as SAST (Static Application Security Testing) and IAT (Interactive Application Security Testing) to prevent vulnerabilities in software applications. With a proactive approach, testing teams eliminate the introduction of vulnerabilities in the system. 

Training Developers to Collaborate with AppSec teams

Organizations consider security testing services and ensure their developers get secure code training based on their needs. This approach allows developers to be able to work with the application security teams. Typically, developers will forget their learning from the training until they have to practically implement their software projects. Organizations are in dire need of cultivating a software security culture that puts AppSec at their forefront to achieve business goals. 

Defining the Need for Application Security Testing 

To create this type of culture, organizations need to deploy a comprehensive AppSec awareness program. Its training is a key ingredient for such programs since it is not possible to achieve results, otherwise. Following are the four tips to create a culture of software security throughout an organization:


Firstly, application security teams need to connect with the development team. With a common communication channel in place, the teams will be up-to-date on all security related issues including general AppSec guidelines, company-wide announcements, and training activities. 

For instance, a monthly security training reminder, a quarterly security challenge or a security best tip can be communicated across all teams for collaboration. The purpose here is to bring all teams on the same page and have a general understanding of how security is the most important factor for their business. Security testing services can also aid in improving communication and collaboration between the developments. 


The purpose of an AppSec awareness program should be involving developers in the security process. To achieve this, you need to build their interest in security and update them on the current AppSec issues. This is why training them is essential and can help achieve the purpose. 


One of the most important aspects of an AppSec awareness program should be training developers about it. Most of the industry ‘big shots’ invest heavily in secure code training. So an important concern here is what type of training would be the most effective one?

Traditional training methods do not work for modern software development processes. New features and functionalities should be built and delivered in time. So that developers continue to learn and evolve. 


After all the above have been completed, it is important to assess what the developers have learned from the program. If all the time and money investments, these efforts should pay-off by improving the overall software security. To ensure this, it is important to keep a close check on the development teams. The best way to assess your teams is to give them a practical project to find out what they have derived from the course. 

We can conclude that AppSec is important for all organizations, whether it is a medium-sized business or an enterprise serving for years. Additionally, getting reliable security testing services can also be beneficial in this regard.