Joining MCA

Everything you Need to Know Before Joining MCA

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:23 am

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MCA also stands for Master of Computer Applications — a very popular postgraduate program amongst students where they are equipped with advanced knowledge on application softwares, computer programs, computer architecture, operating systems etc. In order to go ahead with an MCA admission, students must have completed and earned a bachelor’s degree in computer applications, or the BCA.

Interested in joining an MCA program? Read on to learn everything you need to know before opting for this course.

1. Why should you study MCA?

Students who aspire to pursue a career in software development are the ideal candidates who should go forward with an MCA program. Graduates of MCA have excellent employment opportunities in several application and software development projects in different organizations.

  • Working professionals can also enroll in an MCA online course to boost their career prospects
  • Some great MCA programs are great for students who want advancement in different careers in UI development
  • BCA graduates are eligible to apply for MCA programs
  • Individuals interested in changing career roles from different fields can also pursue an MCA program

2. Eligibility for MCA Program

MCA program eligibility requirements are usually the following –

  • A minimum 50% score at the undergraduate level in computer applications
  • Students should have had mathematics as a subject till the 12th standard

3. MCA Admission

Candidates can acquire admission into MCA programs through state-level or even university-level entrance exams – – like, the MAH CET, IPU CET etc.

Generally the entrance exam admission criteria is thus :

  • Candidates need to first be registered in a college, university etc.
  • Followed by filling up the application information, and fulfill the formalities
  • Post that, aspirants need to print out their admittance form as a requirement to sit for the MCA entrance exam.
  • In most colleges, seat allotment is done via a counseling method
  • After allocation of a seat, the admission process for a candidate is finalized and ends there.
  • Applicants are finalized on the basis of their performance on entrance exams and on a merit basis.

Direct Admission

Direct admissions to some academic institutes are granted on the basis of academic performance along with some tests for which they are required to be qualified. Some institutes even offer direct admission under the management quota admission.

Most colleges in India have a set number of seats assigned specifically for management students, but these seats may cost more than regular ones depending on the institute. Most private institutes encourage direct admission. They chiefly require candidates to take a test, followed by a personal interview.

4. MCA Course Specializations

There are no dearth of specializations in MCA. Students can choose from a wide range of specializations in their final year.

Most common specializations offered by institutes in MCA include – –

  • Management Information Systems(MIS)
  • Systems Management
  • Systems Engineering
  • Systems Development
  • Troubleshooting
  • Application software
  • Hardware technology
  • Networking

Now that you know all you need to before making the decision of taking up a future academic degree, wait no further. Enroll on a program and begin your progress right away.