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How to Prepare a Strong Vet School Application?

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:23 am

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All vet schools in the U.S. are accredited by the AVMA or the American Veterinary Medical Association. These accredited vet schools are only 30 in number, clearly indicative of the tremendous level of competition students have to face before their application gets through.

The admission requirements for vet schools might vary to a certain extent from one school to another, however, certain traits wanted in to-be vets are common all throughout schools. Are you an animal lover who also excels at science?

Maybe becoming a veterinarian is your call. Read on to know how to prepare a strong veterinary school application that’ll make you stand apart from the race.

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In School

Start early. In school, choose the right subjects like Biology, Math, Chemistry, Physics etc. during your high school days in order to have a good foundation of Science. This will open up future prospects in training and education opportunities for you.

After School

After school, you’ll have to make a conscious choice of choosing an undergraduate/degree program which will serve the right foundation to students, for example – Biological Sciences, Physical sciences etc. are right programs to go for. Enroll on programs that will match the prerequisites needed in vet school.

College Criteria

Before you start applying for vet schools, you must fulfill some criterias during your undergrad days.

Students are required to have a minimum or more than 3.5 GPA since vet school is no less competitive and the pressure is tremendous.

Students must try to gain some clinical experience with animals. They can do so by gaining volunteering experience by working under professional vets in clinical settings, and providing healthcare to animals in a professional way.

Examination records of Graduation

  • Only SATs and ACTs won’t suffice at this point. Students must prepare and do very well in GRE, which is the most accepted and standardized format of exam followed by veterinary schools.
  • MCAT is another standardized test that’s accepted by most of the vet schools. But make sure, before you apply, you look up carefully what each individual medical school prefers to be their test score format. Take your exams on the basis of that.
  • You must have good recommendation letters to back up your application. Try to get at least 2 to 3 good quality ones. You may get so from your academic advisor or supervisor, a physician, etc. Some schools mention their particular requirements of the number of recommendation letters they need from working vets.
  • Do co-curricular activities, join clubs, and pre-vet clubs. Participate in activities and network with people to improve your leadership and communication, as well as people skills. Pre-vet clubs offer great opportunities to students to get acquainted with the animal community and serve them, while also allowing them to acquaint themselves with people from different walks of life. These are attributes which make veterinarians successful in future, hence, these attributes in application forms serve students really well.

Now that you know what to do to make a really outstanding application for vet school, wait no further. Enroll on a program today and start your journey.