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How SMS Testing can Improve your Text Message Campaign Results?

Last updated on August 30th, 2023 at 10:45 am

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Every company tries to win the trust of as many clients as possible. For this, they use various marketing techniques. One of them is sending out SMS. Each notification is displayed on the recipient’s phone for several minutes, after which the user can read it and take the targeted action.

But the main problem that leads to a decrease in conversions is delivery. If mass text messaging doesn’t reach clients, they will not be able to find out about major news or new arrivals of goods. In this way, the company may lose not only old but also new potential buyers who have just registered on the site. They’ll be interested in receiving welcome notifications and other news alerts, but delivery issues will reduce their interest in your brand.

How SMS deliverability works

Messages sent using the SMS testing tool must be delivered to the recipient. Deliverability is measured as a percentage. By studying this indicator in SMS delivery reports, you will find out how many notifications from among sent ones appear in the Inbox folder of your subscribers.

Three key factors that affect SMS deliverability

The main problem that leads to the failure of delivering messages to your recipients is the incorrectly specified number. If the client makes a mistake when filling in personal information or deliberately indicates incorrect data, your SMS marketing will be in vain. It is also worth paying attention to the following indicators.

Carrier spam filters

Each message that the user should receive is pre-checked by the operator. This helps to reduce the amount of spam sent to users. If your message looks like spam, it will be blocked and will not reach a potential client. Therefore, it’s worth reading each SMS before sending and analyzing whether it resembles (or the frequency of its sending) malicious notifications.

Phone Issues

Delivery depends not only on the mobile operator. If the user’s phone is out of range (roaming or off), bulk SMS notifications will not be delivered. Also, messages don’t reach the addressee if they accidentally indicated a landline phone number instead of a mobile one.

Unreliable SMS routes

If you choose the wrong route, the message will have to go a long way before it ends up on your client’s phone. Meanwhile, the SMS may get lost on the network or be marked as spam. To maintain the high deliverability of bulk emails, you need to use only correct routes.

5 tips to improve SMS message deliverability

The easiest way to improve SMS deliverability is to revise your contact database using the SMS verification API. Make sure that all numbers are up to date and that customers agree to receive notifications from your company. It is also worth considering some recommendations that will help you improve the effectiveness of the marketing campaign:

  1. Welcome message. After the registration, send the user an SMS with a confirmation code to be indicated on the site. This will help ensure that the customer has entered the correct number and can be added to the promotional contact list later.
  2. Specify the name of the company. The sender’s name should include a brand name or some other vivid expression that will remind users of your company. Users who have subscribed to your mailing list a long time ago will recall basic information and will not mark your SMS as spam.
  3. Don’t send a lot of notifications from one number. If you are trying to give your customers as much information as possible, don’t send SMS one by one. Such messages will be marked as spam and you won’t be able to build close relationships with potential customers.
  4. Add a link to an active page on the Internet. If the domain doesn’t work, users won’t be able to follow the link, and the operator is unlikely to allow such an SMS. The use of a custom domain will help you increase your ratings at the operator and achieve the customers’ loyalty.
  5. Chat with users. Not only dry informative messages but also SMS designed for feedback will help increase the chances of delivery of messages in the future. If operators see that your potential customers are responding to your messages, the credibility of your company will increase significantly.

Following simple tips will make the delivery speed of your messages several times faster. You will notice that users will become more interested in your brand and will be able to provide feedback to each customer.

Pay attention to the phone number from which your SMS campaigns are sent. It should only contain numbers or letters. Numbers that combine numeric and alphabetic combinations are often viewed negatively by operators, and messages end up in the spam folder before the user reads them.

How do you measure SMS deliverability? What is the SMS delivery report?

SMS deliverability is one of the methods for evaluating the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. You can’t measure exactly how high-quality the text of the notification is, but making sure the message gets to its final destination is easy enough.

You can use a platform whose goal is testing SMS message sending methods. With the help of modern algorithms, it will reveal how many messages made it to the inboxes of the target audience.

You will find out if the contact list of your database is correct. If it is impossible to send a message to one of the contacts and the user cannot read it, the deliverability percentage will decrease, and the success of SMS campaigns will tend to zero.

How can Testelium help?

Testelium will help you make sure that messages are sent to real users and lead to feedback, i.e. customers follow the link in the SMS, reply to the message or perform other targeted actions.

To get started with the platform, you can use the API and integrate it into the system of your company. The connection will be made using the SMPP protocol. An alternative way is to log into an account on the site and adjust service settings for verification.

If you face problems during the verification of the correct delivery of messages, contact the site’s operators. They will show you an easy way to stabilize your workflows so you can quickly see how effective your ad campaign is.

Final thoughts

To start using the online SMS verification API, go to the official website of the company. You can easily and quickly configure the correct operation of the program.

You will start using the service that will add confidence that every message will be delivered to the addressee. You will no longer doubt the correctness of the created ad campaign because you will know exactly how many SMS were delivered and what kind of reaction they cause from customers (and whether targeted actions have been taken).