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How to Optimize Your Company’s E-mail Database with the help of CaptainVerify?

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:23 am

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If you don’t use your database the right way, you could be missing out on sales opportunities, but you could also be causing harm to the business, unknowingly. E-mails should be considered gold and treated as such. Here is how managers need to handle their e-mail databases if they want to optimize their capacity and reduce the risks of problems related to their use.

Clean It Up

If you are using an unfiltered e-mail database, you are putting your company at risk. In fact, you should stop using it right away, at least until you put it through CaptainVerify’s software, which will clean your mailing list. You may wonder what that means, if you never took the time to look into how to treat e-mails. In truth, your database may be damaged by invalid e-mails, duplicates, spam traps and honey pots, and all of those can cause your business harm, in various ways.

A business reputation can be placed at risk, when it sends out mails to these mailboxes. The main danger being that it will be considered as a spammer, in the future. The result will be that customers won’t be receiving your mails in their inbox, next time around, but in their junk mail. But other issues can also take place. Spam trap e-mails can send back viruses that will infect the computer receiving it, if not your whole network (if the e-mails are sent out from your server). In truth, you should not proceed with e-mail marketing campaigns without first placing the database into CaptainVerify’s software, if you don’t want any problems, afterwards.

Grow It Constantly

If you want to grow your business online, then you need to make sure that your database keeps adding up new e-mails. E-mail marketing is the digital strategy known to have the best ROI. It explains itself easily since the people on your list have already expressed interest in your products and services. And so, when you do an e-mailing campaign, some of them should respond to your call to action, right away.

There are various ways to add to your e-mail database. The first should come form potential customers requests. Each of them should be asked if they agree to be placed on a mailing list. The second one is through an opt-in newsletter. On the company’s website, it has to be easy to find the location where to join this newsletter. Don’t hesitate to place it on every page of the website. People giving out their e-mails is of outmost importance to companies. The third is to attract people to your newsletter through social media, by placing a link that will lead directly to a page, where they can click on “Add me to your newsletter.”

A company’s e-mail database should be protected at all cost. Not only because it is worth a lot of money, but also because there are rules and regulations about collecting internet users data. If your company doesn’t respect them, it could end in a legal battle, that could be very costly.