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Six Most Valuable Features to Look for in Sports Apps

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:06 am

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It’s easy to lose your head finding the app that suits your needs the most. Essentially, they can do the same thing, but to choose which will stay between two or three is the worst. We won’t give you the shortcut to the solution, but try to ease the pain of deciding who’s the best at giving you sports news and scores.


The productivity of your work with the app and overall experience largely depends on how fast it runs. The smoothest ones in terms of swipes and loading time will become the most popular among sports fans.

Speed is especially critical for the bettors. In apps that show results, all the live changes in matches are crucial for the odds on such sites as MapleBets with the review at Five or ten seconds and the line closes, preventing the player from getting a score.

Friendly support

Nobody can predict all the possible ways of using the app and track all the bugs and errors. So users might need different forms of help with their accounts not linking with socials, comments not adding/deleting, or asking for new functions.

Listening to everyone in the community and giving them feedback is a healthy method of operating at any application. No matter how big the userbase has grown: everybody must have an option to voice their opinion to the company and get help with the app if needed.


This one might be positioned even higher since most apps nowadays ask for so much personal information. From the creators’ side, developers should do all the needed preparations. For example, all apps should embrace mandatory multi-factor authentication. It might be hard at first because everything that consumes time = wrong. But consider this: in 2020, when Microsoft published the results of the internal investigation, 99,9% of hacked accounts never used multi-factor authentication. Sounds pretty convincing to start using this function everywhere it’s already integrated.

Scalable text / Hirez pictures and videos

More of a “quality of life” request, but why not try to find the brightest of them all? By adjusting the size of the text, we can make it easier to scale it to the size of our screen. For some, it might be helpful to make the letters bigger to read the news or results without glasses, for example.

The quality of the pictures and videos can be easily noted in any app. On phones with high-resolution screens, it’s crucial to choose the one that will bring quality content.

Search options and push notifications

Who can consider an app without a search option? It sounds like a no-brainer but isn’t included in every single one. So be alert, since that might happen to you: you install some generic sports software on your phone, try to find your favourite team, but can’t because there’s no such option.

The situation above prevents you from using another helpful tool: personalized notifications. If you can’t find a team to subscribe to, there won’t be alerts with fresh news about it. But most of the time, the apps give an option to choose favourites as you log in to them.

However, you’ll have to work hard to find a blocklist: the one where you choose ones you never want to get news on.

Advanced Analytics

Some might debate that xG and all the in-depth analysis isn’t that intriguing to read or even crucial at old-school sports. Problem is, the learning curve is too steep and there are many things you need to know before starting to understand all of the articles.

Moreover, thanks to the knowledge, provided by some of the best analytics, you’ll start to look at your favourite sports differently. Fans see the small details they never noticed in the game. By looking at a match from different angles, delivered by various pundits, you might witness a grander scheme that the manager built for the opponent, instead of the torn down pieces.