Becoming a Web Designer

Step by Step: Becoming a Web Designer

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:29 am

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If you’re considering becoming a web designer, there are several steps you need to take to earn your stripes, learn the appropriate knowledge, and then break into the industry. Understanding the role of a web designer is vital before you even begin to tackle the theory and education behind the position.

Role of a Web Designer 

A web designer builds and designs websites, making them look stunning, work smoothly, and improve the business that they are built for. Websites can boost a company’s operations locally and around the globe; to get into web design Coventry would not only be building a business’s reputation in the area but also helping them expand to more far-flung locations. 

Web designers will know how to code, but also have non-technical attributes such as being fantastic writers and communicators, have an eye for aesthetic detail and understand human behaviors.

Study Web Design

Being interested in web design could lead to studying it. This will teach you all the basics of the profession and also help you break into the industry itself. There are college and university courses in Graphics, Multimedia, and Web Design in several states across the US, many of which include built-in internships. 

Find an Internship

Finding an internship is incredibly essential for breaking into lots of industries, and web design is no exception; enrolling in a study program that includes a placement is, therefore, a good idea. 

Internships allow you to experience the workplace and get practical experience, learning from those who have been in the industry for years. Internships can often turn into full, paid jobs once studies are finished. This is perfect for those breaking into a new industry as it means their first position is with a company that they are familiar with from their internship and their boss already knows their strengths and weaknesses. 

Read up on Theory

Taking out and reading books on web design theory might not be what you signed up for – you prefer the exciting, practical side of the industry – but it will stand you in good stead for your exams and your initial job postings. It is impossible to know everything, to begin with, but to show to employers that you at least have an understanding, or have heard of, certain aspects of web design that you are as yet inexperienced with will help you take on new information faster and impress your bosses.

Undertake Personal Projects

While you are studying, try and begin some personal projects. Design your own website to show off your skills and, if you have the time and motivation, think about selling some freelance web design services in your local area to begin building a client base, contact links, and your own experience. 

Show off your Knowledge

Once you have undertaken personal projects such as these and designed your own website, use it to show off your knowledge to potential employers. Do not be afraid to be brave in the web design techniques you use; ensure prospective clients and colleagues can see that you can not only code but also have a keen eye for beautiful layouts and compelling text.