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Things you Must Know Before Developing an on-Demand Beauty Service App

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:29 am

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Nowadays with technological advancements, individuals for the purchase of goods and services rely on technology.

Even the business owners look for technological options for the sale of their products and services.

Along with the increase in the usage of technology and smartphones, people are looking for options that are available at the fingertips.

Most individuals rely on apps that deliver products and services on their demand or whenever they ask prior to an hour or so.

Everything gets available on a single click let it be food, groceries, laundry service, and now even a beauty salon at home.

Further in this article, we will discuss the things that you must include in your on-demand beauty app.

Though it can be make out clearly that the demand for such goods and services will be increasing as individuals under this pandemic focused more on beauty as well as their health.

How On-demand beauty services generate employment?

When other industries are terminating employees, the on-demand apps and services on the other hand are creating employment opportunities.

The demand for the beauticians, barbers, hair-stylists, and cosmetologists will keep on increasing in the near future.

A 10% increase in the number of these experts is expected to grow every year as per the survey conducted by the bureau of labour.

As long as there are humans, beauty is going to be a major and flourishing industry where there are fewer chances of recession.

Benefits Of On-demand Beauty Services App

Earlier, on-demand beauty services were restricted to brides only at the time of their weddings.

With the advancements of on-demand beauty services, every expert tries to provide the best of its service at an ease.

Let us discuss some of the benefits in detail:

1. Branching out of locations

  • Any business in this world nowadays needs advertisements and publicity to provide a brief idea to the customers of their existence.
  • Such publicity and advertisements in the long run can help the business to create a monopolistic market.
  • The existing salons can create an app to deliver a more user-friendly approach.
  • Tracking the locations can provide customers with the locations of salons and what are the services they offer along with the prices.
  • The existing customers of the salons can further help in the mouth to mouth marketing and make aware of the products and services which are offered by the salons at the customer’s place.
  • On the basis of app downloads, demographic information, beauty salons get to map out their strategies for stretching the areas for their business expansion.

2. Easy and convenient

  • Customers are more motivated towards using salon services at home.
  • The sudden pandemic has a long-lasting impact on the lives of individuals as people are scared of getting caught by the infection.
  • And when the customers are offered the high-class services at home there remains no need to step out of their comfort zone to enjoy those services.
  • The cutthroat competition in the industry further benefits the individuals as they provide services at a cheaper rate.

3. Push Notifications

  • Mobile apps are the best methods to convey why your products and services of beauty salons are better than others.
  • Offers, discounts, rewards, the launch of new products and services along with a combination of 2 or more services further attracts more customers.
  • Providing discount coupons, codes, and rewards in the notification bar keep the customers motivated and engaged.
  • On-demand services of the beauty app not only keeps the customer engaged but it also takes the business to attain new heights of success.

How To Initiate For On-demand Beauty Services App Development?

  • To develop an app for your services you must hire an app developer or a consultant for developing apps and programs.
  • Approaching an app development company and consulting the process of developing an app along with the features that you want to include can get discussed and the process towards creating an app can get started.
  • As per the features you need in the app further decides the cost of the app.
  • Consulting a single development company won’t be an appropriate option as you must analyze the market properly before making any decision.
  • Picking up the right IT company for developing an app becomes a tedious task.
  • The specifications of features for the beauty app can vary though the app must include the general features.

Features Of On-demand Beauty Services App

An app must include 4 basic panels:

1. User Panel

This panel must showcase features such as Social media signups/login and registrations, showing the possibilities of the salons which are open, booking and scheduling appointments, Order history along with its repetition if any.

Viewing subscriptions, Chat/call with the professional of their choice.

2. Salon Owner Panel

After registration and getting logged in with the social media account. The owners can approve, dismiss, and decline a user’s request on the app portal.

The owner can use this panel to further control the catalog and price, Even it facilitates the individual to schedule an appointment with the hairstylist of their choice.

The owners can use this podium to create special offers and coupons for all the customers.

3. Individual Beauty expert panel

This has the same features as that of the features provided in the salon owner panel the only additional feature here is Chat/Call with users, Tracking Geo-locations, and allowing navigation.

4. Admin Panel

This is the panel that has high-security features such as control users, hair-stylists, and the data of salons, accept or decline a stylist, and other features that require the attention of a business owner.

Important Things To Consider Before You Introduce an On-demand Beauty Application

  • Ensure that the app delivers both the essential user experience as well as the UI design precisely.
  • Keeping the app templates and design simple will attract more users to use the app.
  • Providing customers with the available time of their hair-stylists speeds up the process and curbs out all the negativities regarding the app. This will help in gaining the loyalty and trust of customers.
  • Integrating digital wallets and banking can further decrease the bounce rate of the customers.

Apart from the features and benefits of having an on-demand app. The app owners must try to build their app unique from other competitors in the market.

Wrapping up

  • The services and products you offer must be available on online platforms and having an app is indeed a good idea for the betterment of the business.
  • The money invested can produce massive revenue for the business within a short span of time.
  • The apps can provide regular services to the users along with delivering the same level of satisfaction to the customers.
  • Delivering the best products and services for the customers by conducting certain research on the market can boost the business and take it to the next level.

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