Filtered Water

Top 7 Benefits of Using Filtered Water

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:24 am

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Filtered water is created by passing water through a filter. This bed is used to remove or reduce specific water contaminants. While contaminant-free water is good for your health, filtered water’s benefits are also great for the environment.

Water filters employ a variety of filter media to remove contaminants from water. They do not use chemicals and don’t alter the natural flavor of the water. Coconut shell-activated carbon and ceramic spheres/ candles are the most common filter media used in water filters.

Filtered water is healthier, less expensive, and has a lower environmental impact than bottled water. Here’s why:

Benefit #1: Filtered water is free of contaminants

A water filter system should remove sediments, chlorine, its by-products, and volatile organic compounds. Many carbon-based water filters will improve the taste and smell of tap water.

Advanced filter models can also remove heavy metals and bacteria and pesticides, toxins, industrial solvents, fluoride, or other potentially harmful or unpleasant contaminants.

Benefit #2: Filtered water is healthier than unfiltered tap water

Although not all tap water contaminants can be dangerous, prolonged exposure to certain ones can harm your health. Some of the potentially hazardous pollutants include fluoride and chlorine and heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and cysts.

Benefit #3: Filtered water is convenient

Bottled water is a great way to stay hydrated, but filtered water on the tap is another convenient option.

Benefit #4: Filtered Water is Eco-Friendly

There is less plastic waste created when there is less bottled water. The plastic pollution from the bottled water industry ranks among the worst in the world. Filtered water has a lower environmental impact.

Benefit #5: Filtered water is cheap

Bottled water can be expensive. Some bottled water brands can be too costly for budget-conscious consumers. Some bottled water brands are so expensive because they are made from pure springs.

Filtered water is very cheap compared to bottled water. This includes shipping costs and marketing costs.

Benefit #6: You have control on Filtered water

Yes, bottled water can be tested. However, the standards for testing are less stringent than those used to test tap water. In addition, a water filter allows you to target contaminants in tap water and can polish it to your liking.

Do you want alkaline water right from the tap? Water filters allow you to have alkaline water on tap.

Benefit #7: Filtered water is Gentle for your hair & skin

Installing a whole-house water filter or a shower water filter will allow you to bath in chlorine-free water, which is gentle for your hair and skin. People who live in challenging water areas will appreciate the lime-scale reduction offered by water filters and shower filters.

Different types of water filters for easy access to filtered water

To get filtered water at your tap, there are many types of water filters that you can use in your home. These are the two most common types of water filters:

  • Point-of-use filters
  • Point-of-entry filters.

Water filters for point-of-use only filter water at the point they are used. POU filters can be used to filter water at a single point of use, such as countertop filters, fridge filters, and shower filters.

Water filters for point-of-entry water must be filtered at the point of entry. This means that water cannot be distributed to all water outlets in your home. Whole house water filters, as well as ultraviolet water filters, are examples of POE water filters.

The most common POU filter for residential use is the under-sink water filter. Under sink filters filter cold water and are hidden in the kitchen cabinets, as opposed to countertop filters. To filter water, these filters require a special tap or 3-way tap.

Depending on how many water filter cartridges are included in the system, both countertop and under sink filters can be either single-stage or multistage.

Multistage whole house water filters can be found in many homes. They deliver filtered water to every water outlet.