Drawer Storage Fit Out Ideas for Your Workshop

3 Cool Drawer Storage Fit Out Ideas for Your Workshop

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:24 am

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Having a large workshop is only a dream for most people, and most have to try and create ambitious projects in a very small space. The good news is that big things can still be made in small spaces, and the key to achieving this is through the organization, collapsible or nesting work surfaces, and storage ideas that many may not have considered via cool drawer storage fit-out ideas. 

Many workshops are filled with so many items that it has ended up becoming a bit of a mess. While organizing sounds like a great idea, it is going to take adding more than just a couple of shelves to fix the problem. 

Happily, there are draw storage solutions that can bring order to a garage and make the most of all the space that you have available to you. These useful workshop storage ideas make it a lot to organize tools and the likes of outdoor gear and other items to ensure your stuff can be safely stored while remaining accessible. 

Ceiling Drawers

Making use of every cubic inch of potential storage in a workshop is essential, and one way to achieve this is via pivoting boxes that actually hang between ceiling joints. This form of draw storage means that when one is down, it is easy to gain access to what is inside of it. 

This shelving can be customized to suit individual needs and preferences and the drawers are particularly suitable for items for which there will only be the occasional need. Make sure the contents stay fairly light to make sure that it is safe to open and close the draws. 

Going Deep

Going deeper provides another dimension of storage space that can be exploited. Access is the key to going deeper, and there are ways to put shelves behind shelves while still ensuring that the contents remain accessible. 

One great dip for draw storage in relation to building higher is to make use of rolling tool storage cabinets. They represent instant draws for storage purposes and look great in a workshop, as well as being easy to actually put a work surface on top of. 

Look out for areas within your workshop in which a rolling tool cabinet could be added, and after you have added one you may be surprised at just how handy they really are. 

Building High

Pallet racks are common in industrial spaces and can still be useful in workshops if there is sufficient space for them. One important consideration when making use of them however is how to access the upper levels. 

One great tip is to take an existing draw storage solution and adapt it so that it offers its own form of access, such as by making use of pullout draws as steps that offer access to upper levels. 

Making use of draw storage is one of the most effective ways to store tools and parts in your workshop.