Top Alexa Development companies

Top Alexa Skill Development Companies in 2024

Last updated on April 5th, 2024 at 11:50 am

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Four years back, when voice-powered AI began to emerge, no one could have predicted that it will bring new dimensions to tech innovation. Changing user demands and mass adoption of AI became the drivers of the growth of Voice dominated assistants and smart speakers. Smart speakers are the fastest-growing and adaptive technology after smartphones. As per the latest research, 34% of Voice assistant users use smart devices for finding products to buy. Amazon Alexa Device has already made a place in over 100 million homes by 2019. Amazon released a statement that customers’ use of Alexa for shopping has threefold since 2018. The future now is where voice commerce offers maximum sales and voice promotion where advertisers bid to get their brands to the top spot on voice-enabled devices.

Most liked Smart devices in Q3 2019. Source:

Smart speaker

Last year, the Amazon team introduced kits and tools to empower developers and businesses.

Amazon announced Alexa – hosted skills platform to make Alexa Skill Development much easier. The Alexa-hosted skills shifted developer focus from complicated back-end configurations to designing creative skills.

Amazon’s skill personalization has stepped up for brands to deliver curated and personalized experiences. Amazon also provided its Skill personalization use cases where the right customer gets billed for its services. Alexa also helped brands to create custom brand voices.

With the promising future in Voice-powered, AI and Amazon’s constant effort to improve Alexa capabilities has made inroads in businesses as it is the best way to get in front of potential customers. Some companies are already ahead of the curve who have begun experimenting with Alexa Skills to improvise customer purchase journey. So, if you want abundant first-mover advantages in the Alexa skill market and looking for the right Alexa development partner who has expertise in Alexa skills, then, this list if for you.

In this article, I’ve outlined a few Alexa Skill Development Companies based on their portfolio, reviews & ratings, google rankings and the development cost.

List of Top Alexa Skill Development Companies in 2024:

1. Let’s Nurture: Trusted Alexa Skill Development Company

Pricing – $25-$49 per hour

Location: India

Alexa Projects: Movie Pedia

Clutch Ratings: 4.8

Let’s Nurture is an ISO 9001:2015 certified top Alexa Development company operating in the USA, India, Canada, UK, and Australia. They have delivered 2507+successful projects to clients in 30+ countries. Let’s Nurture are certified AWS and Google Network, prime partners. The developers use Amazon Developer Console, AWS Lambda, AWS S3, and Node.js to create robust and dynamic skills. Developers at let’s Nurture provide seamless skill integration with APIs. The team received the Best IoT project Award in 2018 for their ability to break complex projects into a seamless solution.

Services: Alexa Home automation, custom Alexa skills, on-demand apps

2. Deligence Technologies:

Pricing – $20-$30 per hour

Location: India

Alexa Projects: Bollywood Quiz

Clutch Ratings: 4.9

Deligence Technologies, founded in 2019, provides best-in-class Alexa Skill design and development methods to deliver exceptional results to your audience. The specialized team develops voice experiences for custom skills, smart home, flash briefing, video, music, and lists on Alexa devices – Amazon Echo. Deligence Technologies offers Alexa Skill services for industries including Education, Healthcare, fitness, Non-profit & Enterprise organizations, social, automobile and travel & transportation.

The team has developed a music quiz game on Bollywood songs. The skill is based on multiple answer choices. Bollywood quiz plays a song to which four answers are provided and the user has to choose among them.

Services: Alexa Home automation, custom Alexa skills, on-demand apps

3. Azumo

Pricing – $25 – $49 per hour

Location: US, Argentina

Alexa Projects: Quizcovery

Clutch Ratings: 4.9

Azumo has served premier companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Discovery. Alexa skill Developers at Azumo create engaging solutions for brands of all sizes. While developing a skill for businesses, Azumo follows the 3-step rule: DAP (Design, Audience, Purpose). The team consults on the best approach for designing an Amazon Alexa Skill and create a baseline voice application. The team then develops experiences that have conversation structure and creative experiences.

Services: Mobile and web App-enabled Alexa Skills, Conversation Business Solutions, Smart speaker solutions, Voice-enabled devices.

4. Cumulations

Pricing –  < $25 per hour

Location: India, US

Alexa Projects: Marico

Clutch Ratings: 4.9

Cumulations is an established IoT services solutions company with 4 Years of experience in Alexa Skill Development. Developers at Cumulation provide futuristic voice-enabled solutions by keeping themselves updated with Voice Ai trends and innovations. The skill developers create tailored smart voice solutions for customer’s Services and Products. They have experience in both AWS Lambda and custom server environments to make Alexa skills for services and platforms. They have developed custom skills and home skills following the conversational AI field by Amazon.

Services: Custom Skills, Home Skills

5. Optimum Technical Labs

Pricing – < $25 per hour

Location: India

Alexa Projects: Seirral Lingo

Clutch Ratings: 5.0

Optimum Technical Labs is among Top Alexa Skill Development Companies. The team of full-time certified professionals, all equipped with a rich knowledge base has delivered different use cases for industries like healthcare, hospitality, Alexa for business, cooking, fitness, smart light, etc. After onboarding a client, the team follows a defined process that involves understanding the depth of client goals, designing VUI to testing the skills.

Services: VUI designing, Custom Skills, Home Skils

6. Boberdoo

Pricing – Not available

Location: Chicago, Madison

Alexa Projects: Seirral Lingo

Clutch Ratings: –

Boberdoo is a reputed Alexa Skill Development company. The team with extensive industry experience provides solutions to expand its clients’ products and service offerings. They have developed iOS voice command enabled Alexa skills that allow users to locate their lost iPhone via voice command. Code Brew has been recognized among Top Alexa Skill Development companies. They have operations in Chicago and Madison.

Services: Alexa Home automation, custom Alexa skills, on-demand apps

The Bottom Line

As Alexa Skills usage continues to surge worldwide, Skill Development solutions are increasingly vital for your strategic business growth. This list is developed after a thorough analysis of companies. Companies may add up to this list later but considering the recent advancements, these are best to pick from for your project.