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Top Graphic Design Companies in the USA

Last updated on April 16th, 2024 at 09:57 am

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Graphic design platforms continue to advance as more and more business begin their endeavors. These businesses require visual assistance pertaining to their website, logo, and illustration to reflect their business’s spirit. The USA’s graphic design marketing sector is thriving like never before and shows no signs of slowing down, which is why it is hard to determine which graphic design companies are the most popular in the USA. We will discuss some of these graphic design platforms in the following.

1. Crowdspring

Crowdspring was launched in 2007 in Chicago. It boasts a team of 65 employees, and it focuses most of its work related to logo, graphic design, and packaging.

Crowdspring has designed a logo for its food marketing client. They rebranded the food marketing company’s logo. The team maintained a direct line of communication with their client and received positive feedback. This feedback allowed Crowdspring to persevere in their efforts to stay ahead of their competition. LG and AliExpress are among the most well-known clients of Crowdspring.

2. Designster 

Designster is an emerging unlimited graphic design platform that is new to the competitive field and taken its rivals by surprise. It provides high-quality graphic design services on Marketing, UX/UI, and Branding. Designster’s project deliveries have been met with acclaim from its clients and critics alike. Their services are known for their polished and sophisticated outlook.

Designster invests its focus on the visual aspects of their design and constructs it in a manner that is appealing to its target audience.

The company has worked on thousands of designs, and its officers are located in the USA and Pakistan. They are known for catering to a diverse audience across geographical lines. Its team consists of 200+ employees who overlook every element of their artwork. Designster stands out from its competition by its connective relationship with its clients, who are welcomed and embraced regardless of their background.

3. Kimp

Kimp stands as one of the highest-rated graphic designing firms today. They have a team of three and provide their services for a monthly rate at a fixed price. The graphic designers who operate in this firm are known for their professional expertise in digital, print, and illustration. Their graphic designers are situated in Sri Lanka and India; however, their main team functions in Ontario. Depending on the business week, they can provide you with two or three designs per day. They provide unlimited requests and revisions to their clients with their offer of only one plan choice.

4. Manypixels

ManyPixels is widely known for its customer retention and creative works. Once the clients make a request, they are provided with a graphic designer that matches their requirements. Then the designer works on the project and submits the draft to their client in about one or two days. Some of ManyPixels many clients include bloggers, small businesses as well as startup businesses. They have catered to 1,300 clients and have delivered over ten thousand projects to their customers.

5. Design Pickle

Design Pickle is famous for being a developed graphic design industry that has outdone its competitors. You can acquire their services for unlimited requests and revisions until they meet your satisfactory conditions. Their services are provided for a flat monthly rate. Some of their many services include business cards, social media graphics, vehicle wraps, and logo designs. Design Pickle remains the most sought-after graphic design agency for many clients and plans to dominate the competition for a long time.

6. Penji

Penji has served many social media marketers, bloggers, and businesses. It is situated in Camden, NJ. Much like Design Pickle, you can make as many requests as you want to pertain to your design request in Penji. Penji provides its services for a fixed fee every month. Some of their services include social media marketing, logos, and infographics. The Penji graphic designers are known for their strict modus operandi that where they design and process every facet of their requests. As a client, you can cancel their services anytime you want.

7. Flocksy

Flocky has emerged as one of the strongest contenders in the unlimited graphic design industry. Many restaurants, authors, cloggers, and small businesses have benefitted from their services. Once you place a request as a client, you will be provided with a timer that will display the expected project’s turnaround time. Some of Flocksy’s best-known services pertain to brochure designs, Facebook ads, and Book covers. With a fourteen-day money-back guarantee, you can avail Flocksy’s services on a monthly basis. Flocksy’s platform do not require any contracts.

8. DarkRoast

Located in New York City, DarkRoast is a graphic designing service that has a track record of providing concrete designs to their clients. They have cooperated and collaborated with different prestigious brands. They remain consistent in their clientele approach by maintaining a receptive line of contact with their clients.

9. Design Shifu

Hadeel Abu Elhaija founded design Shifu in 2018. It has stood out from its competitors with its culturally diverse team that caters to a diverse customer base. It has given special attention to women team members working in its enterprise. Their combined efforts have led this company to success. They are known to design for their clients at an accelerated turnaround time. Their design services are provided for a flat monthly rate.


For a low monthly flat rate, you can quickly obtain the graphic design services of Their team is lauded for providing top-notch quality work for their clients, both small and startup businesses. Their clients have expressed appreciation for their efforts in developing exemplary visual designs.

The one common denominator these graphic design platforms share is that they have a solid record of experience and have delivered successful results to their clients. This is what makes them the best graphic design companies in the USA today.