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Top IoT Solution Providers For 2024

Last updated on April 5th, 2024 at 10:25 am

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One of the most promising technologies in the world today, the Internet of Things (IoT) is known as the interconnection of all devices that share data through the internet. The IoT manages tasks automatically and collects, transmits, and stores data securely.

IoT solutions are becoming more and more popular with businesses large and small and can be found in everything from smartphones, laptops, and scanners to GPS and home security systems. 

With IoT becoming increasingly prevalent, how do you choose the right solution provider for your needs? Here is some information on the top 10 best IoT solution providers worldwide in 2024.

1. Biz4Group

Biz4Group is a leading solutions-focused tech company, providing IoT software and application development services to a wide variety of industries. They use cutting-edge technologies and advanced IoT solutions infused with a secure framework to connect people and devices, and help companies large and small efficiently run their business.

This Florida-based company provides expert consulting, rapid delivery, and seamless integration of custom IoT solutions to existing procedures. Biz4Group has worked with major clients such as Disney, Adobe, Verizon, and more.

2. CitrusBits

CitrusBits has been one of the most trusted and reliable IoT software solution companies in the U.S. since 2005. Helping everyone from entrepreneurs to larger companies, CitrusBits is experienced in mobile app development, UI/UX design, digital strategy, IoT solutions, and augmented reality.

Their diverse team of strategists, designers, and developers have worked with major clients such as Burger King, UCLA, Quiksilver, and Samsung.

3. Finoit

Finoit has been one of the top-rated IoT software development providers since it was founded 10 years ago. They have experience assisting over 100 startups and work according to a customer success culture — meaning they aren’t satisfied until their clients are completely happy. 

Finoit helps companies large and small establish connections through the use of IoT applications and achieve their goals. Some of their clients include Microsoft, Amazon, and Loreal.

4. Grepix Infotech

Since 2012, Grepix Infotech has been a top contender in the world of IoT, mobile applications, digital marketing, and web development. Their team of expert mobile app developers strives to take clients’ ideas to the next level and provide optimized, cost-effective solutions and services. Grepix develops secure IoT-based apps that are easy to use and increases the functionality of normal devices using networking technology.

Some of Grepix Infotech’s clients include JSMedia, team joe, and Hoptrend, among others.

5. HQSoftware Lab

HQSoftware Lab is a one-stop IoT solutions provider, focusing on consulting, software development, AI edge processing, customizing existing IoT platforms, building IoT platforms from scratch, and IoT web and mobile app development. Their work helps industrial enterprises, startups, and hardware manufacturers automate processes and become more efficient and successful. 

HQSoftware Lab has 18 years of experience creating solutions across various industries, with clients such as HTC, Canon, Sega, Honda, BBC, and more.

6. Inoxoft

Inoxoft has a strong reputation as one of the leading partners for outsourcing IoT developers. They create new projects as well as upgrade existing IoT solutions. They offer domain expertise and IoT app development solutions for organizing and gathering data in retail and health care industries, as well as experience in regulating processes around the home and office. 

Inoxoft offers custom IoT development that includes high-speed remote communication services, cloud storage solutions, security monitoring, optimized database processing, and excellent user experience. Inoxoft also creates tailor-made web end-user apps that are compatible with mobile platforms for more effective, all-in-one solutions. Some of their renowned clientele include BOS Dimex, Chirpi, Quicky, and Lumen.

7. IQ Direct

Based in the U.S. since 2012, IQ Direct is one of the most promising IoT software development companies of the new generation. Their highly trained experts specialize in outsourcing development services for small and medium businesses in the fields of business automation, development, and implementation of IoT solutions. 

IQ Direct promises to help bring projects from idea to market with their experience in building IoT systems for industrial as well as home use. Some of their clients include Global Plasma Solutions, MyShoeSpot Inc., and GoTags, among others.

8. Mobiloitte

With 18 years of experience under their belt, Mobiloitte provides extremely high-quality software development services, including IoT solutions, AI, and mobile and web development with a special focus on security and timeliness. Their focus is to keep their clients in all industries 100% satisfied and ahead of the curve when it comes to tech.

Mobiloitte has experience working with startups, small companies, large enterprises, development sectors, public-private partnerships, and more. Some of their renowned clients include Microsoft and Ricoh.

9. Peerbits

Peerbits is one of the leading IT companies worldwide and is available in several countries, including the U.S., India, Saudi Arabia, and Colombia. With eight years of experience and over 450 satisfied clients, Peerbits is well established in the world of IoT and cognitive technology. 

Their goal is to provide high-quality IoT mobile applications and solutions to businesses so that they may function more efficiently and become more connected, and thus more successful. Peerbits also builds a smart home and office systems for functional and secure daily living. Their clients include King Saud University, FiveOH, and Kuwait University.

10. Tempered Networks

Tempered Networks is the new and superior solution for network security and cyber risk management in the age of the industrial internet of things (IoT). While traditional security solutions work with the TCP/IP model from the 60s, which is becoming more and more outdated and ineffective with the connection of billions of new devices, Tempered Networks’ Airwall™ doesn’t use IP addresses — the root of the old model’s problem — at all. Instead, the Airwall completely cloaks your network, so you can decide which endpoints are visible to each other. 

While Tempered Networks is newer to the game, it’s quickly proving its success across diverse industries and business sizes.