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10 Face Verifying Softwares to Look for in 2020

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:29 am

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A face verification software is the one that involves authenticating and verifying faces of the users from an image or a video frame.

We have compiled a list of 10 face verification softwares, you should be looking for in 2020. The list compiled below is to the best of our knowledge and we may have missed some softwares we are not familiar with and that should have been mentioned. Also, importantly, this list mentioning is random, therefore the hierarchy does not mean anything here.

1. Trulioo:

Trulio makes use of a robust and thorough face recognition technology for performing face verification processes. Its face verification services are indeed in accordance to the needs of the financial institutions. By using a single API, trulio empowers its customers in carrying out AML and KYC compliant identity verifications. Trulio’s website claims to have the ability of verifying over 5 billion people and 330 million businesses over the globe. From Trulioo’s mission statement, it can be inferred, besides providing face verification services, it is motivated in lessening the challenges faced while implementing face recognition technology. Also, Trulioo is determined to have its services being spread to the organizations of any sphere.

2. Experian:

Experian empowers its clients in catching the fraudulent people disguised as the customers; meanwhile, helping its clients in making compliance to AML and KYC rules and regulations. By being compliant with AML and KYC regulations, Experian helps financial institutions in being efficient in their operations. Experian helps its clients to onboard new customers, by verifying identities in the least possible time. Experian’s customers detect and reduce online thefts, reduce false chargebacks, and non-compliance penalties.

3. Shufti Pro:

This listing of the face verification softwares is regardless of any hierarchy. Despite this fact, as for Shufti Pro, it deserves to be listed among the leading face verification softwares.

Shufti Pro not only claims to perform face verification in 5 seconds, it indeed does so.

With an astonishing accuracy rate of 98.67 %, Shufti Pro gives other face verification softwares a run for their money.

Shufti Pro does face verification using: 3d depth perception, detecting liveness, identifying deep fakes, checking anti-spoofing, and analyzing human face attributes.

4. IDology:

IDology, it provides real-time online face verification, besides authenticating and verifying the identities and real ages of its client’s customers. By providing real-time verifications, IDology’s clients experience an increase in revenues, lesser costs, compliance with the rules and regulations; thereby avoiding non-compliance fines and online thefts and frauds.

The one feature that makes IDology stand out from the others is its ‘self-service’ model. By this model, its clients perform face identification online, without needing support from any outside or inside resources.

5. Melissa

Bad data is bad for business; this is what Melissa believes in. Melissa empowers its clients to perform online face verification, that also results in customer data ordering. Corporations and business entities using the cleansed data, empowered by Melissa, can make the most out of the big data. Consequently, organizations can witness enhanced sales, reduced costs, and stronger business development.

6. Onfido:

Onfido, by making the most out of the machine learning practices, performs face identification online. Empowered by machine learning, Onfido provides its face recognition technology to its more than 1500 client companies. Onfido’s face verification services work by cross checking pictures on the document with the facial biometrics. This double layer of authenticating progress certains the identity of the very user.

Onfido is also determined in providing pioneering and innovative research for the sake of robust, yet customer-friendly, products, and services.

7. Equifax

Equifax states that the identity verifications operate at the core of its IDMatrix service. IDMatrix is a face recognition technology included in Equifax’s face verification services.

It also helps clients in being compliant to the rules and regulations, as advised by the regulatory authorities. By carrying out online face verification and keeping the customer experience pleasant simultaneously, Equifax enables its clients in being in charge of online face verification


A bit strange it may seem at first, IDMERIT makes the use of old-school verification methods, besides using the latest technologies and practices in face verifications. The old-school verifications include credit filing, public record against a name, and law enforcement (government) data. Its verification process includes collecting information of and from social logins providers, mobile apps, social networking, and websites of e-commerce business. Using the practices of artificial intelligence science, IDMERIT identifies fraudulent factors better and thus mitigates online fraud better as well.

9. Yoti:

Another significant face verification software in 2020 is the Yoti. Yoti helps its clients in carrying out face verifications using simpler, yet secured, identification practices. Yoti terms the face recognition technology carried out by others as costly and inefficient. Therefore, it aims at providing simpler, safer, and cost-effective face verification services. In addition, Yoti also commits to maintaining an acceptable customer experience for its clients.

10. Acuant:

Acuant is an identity verification system that performs identity verifications including performing face identification online. Its face recognition technology is empowered by AI and machine learning, meanwhile delivering unparalleled and appeasing customer experience.

Acuant has a list of award-winning products and features namely: ID capture, AssureID authentication, Chip, and Ozone authenticated passport.

Furthermore, Acuant lets its client’s customers authenticate their identities and verify faces using any platform. Also, it makes the use of cloud devices in the process of authenticating identities and verifying faces.