Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche (AVAX); An Alternative To The Ethereum

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The popularity of cryptocurrencies is spreading like a fire in the jungle. Since its emergence, the crypto world has gone through many ups and downs, but it did not prevent people from investing in crypto. Bitcoin was the first-ever cryptocurrency that is effortlessly tradable. After Bitcoin, an unstoppable chain started and brought thousands of cryptocurrencies to the surface. Ethereum is also a popular name among these, which is in the second rank in the list. It came with solutions to Bitcoin-related issues. Now, there exist multiple alternatives for the Ethereum blockchain, and Avalanche is one of them. If you are new to bitcoin trading, you should be familiar with the various types of bitcoin wallets.

Avalanche is one of the alternatives to Ethereum that gained the interest of investors and developers who explored it as a faster and more economical blockchain ecosystem. What distinguishes Avalanche from other cryptocurrencies using Smart Contracts is the speed of finalization. Similarly, you can list your debit card transactions as imminent on your bank account, while blockchain transactions can take a long time to finalize. Avalanche is considered the quickest Smart Contract network in the blockchain sector, measured in terms of time to finalize the transactions. This point indicates that transactions cannot be changed, which makes it more attractive and suitable for DeFi Apps or DApps.

What Is Avalanche?

It is a platform to develop DApps and customized blockchain networks. Ava Labs launched Avalanche, and it is trying to surpass Ethereum (ETH). In addition, this blockchain ecosystem is the most used platform for Smart Contracts. Also, it guarantees more scalability than the Ethereum blockchain by processing more than 6500 transactions in a second. AVAX is the native token of the Avalanche blockchain, which is utilized for the payment of transaction fees and participation in the consensus mechanism of Avalanche.

How Is Avalanche Unique?

The Smart Contract platform of Avalanche assists both the DApps & Decentralized Blockchains. Some of the unique features of Avalanche are given below;

1. Rate Of Coin Creation

The maximum supply of Avalanche tokens is limited to 720 million, but users of AVAX govern how rapidly new coins are created. Currency holders can manage the creation rate of coins through voting to control the quantity of AVAX paid as compensation for the addition of new blocks in the blockchain of Avalanche.

2. Fee Structure Of Transactions

The fees to process the transactions differ depending on the transaction type and bottleneck of Avalanche blockchain. All fees are set on fire and eliminated from circulation so that AVAX can become rare with time. Users of Avalanche conduct polling to determine the fees of the transaction on the Avalanche network, which makes AVAX fees changeable.

3. Consensus Mechanism

Transactions are verified on the Avalanche network by an innovative technique that demands multiple little, irregular network participants to validate the transactions before their finality.

4. Incentives Of Taking Part

Both high uptime and quick response can increase the quantity of AVAX rewards that a network participant can receive for processing the transactions of the Avalanche network.

Avalanche is usually controlled by the POS mechanism. Currency holders must wager AVAX; in exchange for the right to verify Avalanche transactions. The holders of AVAX who have staked higher amounts and diligently participate as verifiers get more chances of selection as validators to validate new blocks of the Avalanche blockchain. They also need to have an AVAX token for voting on the governance plan of Avalanche.

Advantages Of Avalanche

  • The transaction processing time of the Avalanche network is speedy.
  • The reward system of this blockchain encourages participation.
  • It has the potential to assist with multiple blockchain-based projects.
  • Apps that are safe, strong, and reliable, and public & private blockchains; that are modifiable
  • Ability to create assets on the existing ecosystem and to build a new network with particular authentication settings
  • Decentralized Applications are quick and scalable.
  • With around 6500 TPS, its trading volume is magnificent.

Disadvantages Of Avalanche

  • It faces tough competition from the Ethereum platform.
  • To become an Avalanche validator, one must stake 2000 AVAX tokens.
  • Malicious and reckless verifiers are never punished for losing their AVAX.
  • Transactions are delayed when validators show conflict on the status.
  • There is no guarantee of survival when it comes to conflicting transactions.