Beacons in Real Estate

Beacons in Real Estate: 9 Ways Realtors can Sell More with Less Efforts

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:30 am

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Technology is no longer considered a luxury. It has become a necessity for almost everyone. From big organizations to individuals, everyone is deploying technology as a means to automate the processes and provide a seamless experience to the users.

Real estate is no exception as we have seen AR/VR, IoT, chatbots and big data are being integrated to make the buying and selling of property easier. When talking about emerging technologies, beacons are playing a pivotal role in boosting customer experience and marketing efforts.

Unlike the traditional ways of marketing such as billboards and sale signs, real estate agents and marketers are switching to alternative ways of delivering information to the potential clients. Imagine all the information is delivered directly to their smartphones through beacons.

  • According to the survey by comScore Inc. states that approximately half of 91.6 million unique visitors to the real estate websites were from smartphones.
  • In another realtor survey, it was found that 85% of all the buyers used a smart device during the buying process.

The statistics might not surprise you, as you may know, how much time an individual spends using smartphones nowadays. How realtors use beacons for proximity marketing, let us have a look at it.

Notify Potential Clients

Beacons are used as a means to deliver information to the clients having Bluetooth enabled phones. For instance, if you place a beacon in the JVC apartment for sale or within 300 feet of the road, the beacon will notify every passerby having a Bluetooth enabled phone. The user can simply click the notification to open and get all the relevant information about the property. It is quite helpful for realtors to make the scheduling process easier and boost their marketing efforts without breaking the sweat.

Sale Signs Push Beacon Notifications

If you were selling your home, your chances of getting the right clients would increase with the help of beacon. For instance, placing a board “home for sale” can be very effective with beacons attached to them. The catch of placing the beacon is that it will catch the attention of the prospect who has a problem with the eye and cannot see the boards or signs on the road properly.

Place Beacon in Office

Placing a beacon in the office will be a great way to serve your clients. If the office staff is busy dealing with other clients, the other clients that just walk in the office will get the information about the properties.

Sending Details about Open House Event

Open house events are a great way to seller lead generation and schedule meetings with the clients. Moreover, it helps in making more contacts and grows your circle. It is a great marketing strategy to get the most out of the event. A beacon in this regard can help a lot in order to get maximum traction for the event. Hence, there are better chances of getting more clients and closing the deal.

Send Information at Trade Fairs

Trade fairs are the backbone of real estate business as it allows realtors to connect with potential clients as well as influencers. However, when talking about the beacon, the chances of hitting the right client at the right time is the key. As the beacon can be used to send information to those who are attending the event, so the chances of landing the client will increase trifold. If you are a real estate owner, you can deploy beacons to make the buying process seamless and hassle-free.

Providing a 360 Degree virtual tour

Nowadays, with the evolution of digital marketing, realtors are incorporating digital marketing as a means to promote their property and reach potential clients. Offering 360-degree virtual tours on your property will surely engage the customers.

The cutting-edge technological solutions when incorporated will surely impress clients and drive positive results through innovative marketing efforts. One of the benefits of offering virtual tours to your clients is that they don’t have to schedule a meeting with you to view the property.

Tap to Call Feature

If you are not approaching your potential client at the right time, you might miss the chance of closing the deal successfully. However, if you place the beacon at the exit door of the property, the beacon will push a link to “tap to call”. It will highly increase the chances of finalizing the deal at the right time.

Push Notifications about Amenities

If you really like to impress the client, while he/she is touring the property, it is better to notify them about the amenities within the property. For instance, pool, gymnasium, and fitness center are also a priority for most of the clients in the present time. Imagine what beacon could do if it notifies about the amenities within the premises. In fact, it will increase the chances of a successful deal being closed.

Tracking the Heat Maps

Visitors might miss the important sections of the property. For instance, they might miss a poor area or a webinar room. No matter, what the reasons are, but taking an in-depth look at the heat maps and analytics allows you to optimize the tour and send relevant information about the property when needed. Beacons can help you analyze and optimize demand forecasts, scheduling, queues and location marketing in your next open house event.