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Things To Keep In Mind When Dealing With Any Foreigner Real Estate Agent

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:30 am

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Have you ever been scammed by a foreigner? Or has any foreigner official given you a hard time solving your issue? Most of the people will answer these questions in positive. It’s really hard to trust any foreigner in a country where tourism is high and tourists are free to use any facility. Cities like Dubai have this trust issues with the people. They don’t easily trust foreigners. International residents living in Dubai for more than ten years believe themselves a resident of Dubai and they act as they have owned the city. It’s their right as they have served the city for so many years. But the truth is that they also don’t trust the newcomers or another international resident living in Dubai. According to many people who experienced issues with any foreigner, there are some things that one should keep in mind before going to a foreigner real estate agent.


If you have to buy property in Dubai or you need an office for rent in Business Bay or Creek Harbor, then you will definitely have to go to a real estate agent. You will find many agents and sometimes you may encounter an agent that is not a local resident, you will have doubts dealing with him. So, you must ask him for his registration and legal documentation of his legit agency. You can ask him for his former clients to get a reference from them.


If you face a foreigner agent or local one, you should always ask for a contract before closing a deal. A contract will become proof of your dealing and ownership evidence. You will definitely have the papers of the property you buy, but a contract with your agent will make it double sure of the legal work. Sometimes, a person can be scammed with even Palm Jumeirah villas for sale that are legit yet they have fake papers of ownership from the agents.

Make sure you meet the original owner of the place if you rent or buy the property. Take a long time to evaluate the deal and get all the legal evidence of the papers and properties. This will help you be secured from any kind of dodge prepared by the fake people.