Biggest Wins with Slot Machines

Biggest Wins with Slot Machines

Last updated on April 5th, 2024 at 11:21 am

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We all go into the casino hoping to win big, but what about those who actually do? What’s it like to actually hit the jackpot? I’ve never personally done it myself, but there are a few people who have. These lucky few had the privilege of hearing the machine go wild and pour out a flood of gold coins. (Is that actually how it works, like in the movies? Do machines give you tokens or do you just get a printed slip nowadays?) Get ready to be jealous as we look at the biggest slot machine winners in history. 

$39.7 Million, Excalibur Casino Las Vegas

We begin with the biggest slots win ever. A software engineer visiting Vegas’ Excalibur casino hit the jackpot back in 2003. He reportedly won on a Megabucks machine with only about $100 invested. If you ever wonder how one gets the money, the software engineer chose annual installments for 25 years. This means he’s still collecting to this day! 

$11.6 Million, Zodiac Casino App

Online casinos are the new thing, but just because they come in a smaller package doesn’t mean they can’t deliver big wins! One user of Zodiac Casino found this out when she won over $11 million on the Mega Moolah slots. It’s the biggest payout recorded on a mobile slot game, but it shows that you can win the jackpot on your smartphone. Online casinos in the USA is a growing experience that should be taken seriously.

$11.8 Million, Fremont Las Vegas

A mainstay of downtown Las Vegas, Fremont plays home to a few Megabucks slot machines. These machines link together to build a shared jackpot from different machines, which worked to give someone named Rodolfo a big payout. He won this in 2017 on a small bet. 

$34.9 Million, Desert Inn Casino Las Vegas

You ever wonder if casino workers gamble in their spare time? A cocktail waitress named Cynthia Jay Brennan did back in 2000. She took home a big prize after a post-shift spin. Sadly, she was later rendered wheelchair-bound in a terrible car accident. Now she gives large donations to the Free Wheelchair Mission and is active in anti-drunk driving message. 

$27.5 Palace Station Resort, Las Vegas

Megabucks seems to be the way to play, as it produces a lot of these big slots winners. Another beneficiary of Megabucks was a retired flight attendant who played in 1998. So if you’re going to try and win big in Vegas, maybe give Megabucks machines a spin. 

$21 Million, Megabucks In Las Vegas

A very lucky man named Elmer Sherwin managed to hit the jackpot twice from Megabucks machines. So yeah, definitely go Megabucks. Sherwin first got a decent $4.6 million at 80 years old. Then, 12 years later, he won again at the same casino. This time it was an amazing $21 million jackpot. He donated a big amount of his winnings to Hurricane Katrina victims. A very deserving winner to be sure! 

$18.2 Mega Moolah, Las Vegas

Aside from Megabucks, one can try their luck with Microgaming’s Mega Moolah. These progressive slots proved friendly to Jon Heywood, a British soldier who won after spending a single quarter. He needed the money to play for medical treatment for his father, and a fat stack came at just the right time. 

$24 Million, Online

Topping us off with another big online win, an anonymous Swedish man took home $24 million by playing on Mega Fortune. He too only wagered a quarter and won his millions through an online casino. 

$20 Million, Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Our last one is the most mysterious of all. An unknown player won $20 million on a $10 bet at the famous casino in 1999.