Cyber Security at Smart Homes1

Cyber Security at Smart Homes

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:30 am

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“For every lock, there is someone out there trying to pick it or break-in.” David Bernstein [British Business Executive]

As long as it goes back, security has always been a prime concern for the homeowners in the view of the fact that you protect what you own. Since the last few decades, recent advances in technology have grasped everything that came in its premises, but one thing that has shown a steep rise is the Smart-Homes Market. Just like smartphones, smart-homes are now a thing, your whole house is connected through the Internet of Things (IoT). From locking doors to controlling temperature and lighting, all by a single touch on your smartphone or tablet, for more information on smart home gadgets check out

“The global sensor and device market for home security and automation is expected to grow from $1.4 billion in 2015 to $4 billion in 2019.” Source: ABI Research

Menace of Cyber-crimes

With a high level of sophistication, comes a high level of complexity which means old methods of security won’t be handy any more in protecting smart-homes from the notorious cyber-crimes. When making home enhancements while moving, redesigning or updating your home, the spotlight these days is basically on making it a brilliant, associated and helpful home where everything could easily be transferred under one click or touch.

However, everything comes with good and bad aspects, thus, there is also another side of updating your home to a smart home. Everything that is associated with the web, to your Wi-Fi, and that can be remotely controlled, becomes vulnerable to cyber-crimes. Out of several affecting factors, mainly there are two major sources of this problem:

1. Manufacturer’s Priority

With regards to the security of all the brilliant, innovative devices, gadgets and apparatuses that are discharged in the market day by day, it isn’t frequently a prime concern. Tragically, security isn’t the manufacturer’s top need. Making the gadgets digitally secure isn’t what pulls in purchasers, and it isn’t what will sell the gadget so the security of the product is undermined.

2. Consumer’s Ignorance

Being a part of the high-tech gadgets market, we the purchasers inevitably become part of the cyber-crime issue. As consumers, it is our duty to have detailed information about the product we are purchasing. Unfortunately, just like the manufacturers, we tend to focus least on the security of the product and most on the attractive features.

Cyber-security: How to?

“Cyber-security is much more than a matter of IT” Stephane Nappo [IBFS Global Chief Information Security Office]

Federal Governments around the globe have been actively putting their efforts since 2013, to eradicate issues relating to cyber-crime and implementing full-fledged cyber secured operations. Below are the summarized points of the best cyber-security practices purposed by these governments:

  • Consolidate Security when Laying the foundation

Security ought to be assessed as an essential part of any system associated gadget. While there are eminent special cases, financial drivers inspire organizations to push gadgets to showcase in the market with little concern for security.

  •  Regular Security Updates

Notwithstanding when security is incorporated at the planning phase, vulnerabilities might be found in items after they have been brought into effective action. These blemishes can be moderated through fixing, security updates, and vulnerability management methodologies.

  • Creation from Proven Security Practices

Many tried practices utilized in customary IT and system security can be utilized as a beginning stage for IoT security. These methodologies can help to recognize vulnerabilities, distinguish inconsistencies and recuperate from harm or disturbance to IoT gadgets.

  • Security Measures Prioritization

Hazard models vary significantly over the IoT ecosystem, as do the outcomes of failed security measures. Concentrating on the potential results of disturbance, rupture, or malignant movement is basic for figuring out where in the IoT ecosystem the security endeavors ought to be coordinated.

  • IoT Transparency Promotion

The designers and makers need to have full knowledge of their inventory network, that is, whether there are any related vulnerabilities with the product and equipment given by sellers outside their company. Expanded awareness can support manufacturers to recognize where and how to apply security measures.