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Google Ads: Most Common Mistakes

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:28 am

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If you are already advertising on Google Ads or you are planning to, one of the best things you can do is to look up what mistakes people are making and how to avoid them. 

In this article, we will try to write about the most common mistakes that people make in Google Ads. 

If you want to use Google Ads to boost your business, you need to eliminate as many mistakes as possible. 

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is a service from Google, that allows people to advertise their services or products on Google networks. You can advertise on Google Search, Display, YouTube or Gmail.

Google Ads is based on the CPC (cost-per-click) mechanism, which means you are paying only for the clicks on your ads. 

Now, if you understand how Google Ads works, we can talk about the common mistakes that people are doing in this service.

What are the common mistakes in Google Ads?

There are several mistakes that you can make. We will sum up the basic ones. 

Ineffective targeting

If you are bringing the wrong audience to your website, you are just wasting your money that won’t bring you any sales. If your targeting is weak, your visitors may get there by mistake and they will leave without any purchase, however you paid for their click.

Effective targeting is a really important task you need to ensure. In order to increase your conversions and reach the correct audience, you need to use the technology and tools that can help you utilise Google Ads to the best of your needs, bringing interested shoppers to your web and drive revenues.

To have an effective targeting audience, you need to figure out what audiences would be the best for your products or services. This involves identifying the right geographies, age, gender and interests. 

After this, you can set up your audiences and compare your results. Also, we recommend you to use remarketing strategy, so you can get even more conversions.

Wrong choice of keywords

Choosing the wrong keywords and search terms can cost you really much. You may be using keywords that have low search volume, which means not many people are going to eventually visit your site. On the other side, you may miss the most important keywords that people use when searching for your services or products.

Your list of keywords should reflect all of the different types of user queries that could help someone to find you when they are looking for the service or products that you are offering. The main purpose of keywords is to trigger a display of your Google Ads to be at the forefront of the search pages when people are looking for something you are selling. 

Finding the relevant keywords can be challenging to define as search terms can be too wide or not specific or you are selling something that is not very popular. 

You can use different tools that might help you to create keywords that fit your business. For example, you can try BlueWinston where you can create ads and make keywords from your XML product data feed. 

You are not using extensions for your ads

This is really a great feature that Google Ads offers. You can enhance your text ads with many extensions that can help your business. Your ads can look different from your competition, which means they will click on your ads. 

Ad extensions provide extra information about your store or business, such as your location, your contact details, your website URL and reviews at no extra cost. If you start using multiple Ad extensions, you will surely increase your visibility as well as your position in the market to your targeted customers.

There are many automated extensions you can use, for example, automated message extension, dynamic sitelink extension, snippet extension or call extension. These extensions can help you be original and your ads can look different than the ads of your competition. 

You only use one ad variation for each Ad Group

In Google Ads, you can create multiple ad variation for your ads. If you are not using this opportunity, you may lose many potential customers. You can set up different variations of your ads for the same products, which means your ads will always look original.

We recommend you to use at least three ad variations per ad group. For example, the first would be “General”, as you can see in our template “Funny T-shirts and clothes”. The other one should be about the product category, for example “Funny long shirts in many colors”. And the third one should be about the specific product, for example “Funny Nike X321 T-shirt”.

Then you can check their performance and decide what is the best ad pattern for your business. After that you can invest more money in to that ad type and increase your sales.


In this article we tried to explain to you what are the most common mistakes that people make in Google Ads. It is really important to check out if you are not making the same mistakes.

Do not forget to check your targeting, keywords or if you have all the important extensions that Google Ads offers. Feel free to create more ad varians so in time you will be able to decide to what you want to invest more.

We wish you luck with your business!