Gamble Feature in Slots

How to Employ the Gamble Feature in Slots

Last updated on April 5th, 2024 at 11:19 am

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Gamble features in slots are trendy now. Gamblers of all levels prefer these features because they are highly straightforward and allow you to try your luck without requiring too much skill or knowledge. They need far less skills than other features like wilds, scatters, bonus rounds, and free spins.

As the name implies, the gamble feature is all about gambling on a particular thing. Usually, you are asked to gamble using your accrued winnings from spinning. You can picture gamble features as a mini-game because they typically take you away from the regularity of the slot game you are playing. During the gamble feature, if you win, you are usually given about double or triple the winnings you staked aside from the offers & promotions you can take advantage of. And if you lose, you lose everything. 

Types of gambling features in slot games 

Gamble features may seem straightforward, but they can take many forms. However, once you click the “gamble’ button, the ensuing gameplay may take any of these formats below:

Guess the Color

This is the most popular gamble feature. You will see a deck of playing cards alongside the “guess the color” question. So you mostly have to choose if the next card will be red or black. Usually, the payouts here might double your win.

Guess the Suit

This format involves guesting the next suit that would be pulled out. It follows the same process as the “guess the color” gamble feature. Most slot machines offering this format might quadruple your win.

Head or Tails

In this type, you are presented with a coin toss. Here, you have to choose which side the coin will land on.

Guess the Symbol

You may be presented with simple icon cards, and like a memorizing game, you have to guess the symbol behind the card.


This feature involves being shown a number on-screen ranging from 1 – 12. Your task here is to guess whether the number featured will be lower or higher than the following number that will be shown after your guess.

Your Gamble

Microgaming is famous for its 1024-pay lines, especially the “Your Gamble” Gambling Wheel. Here the wheel has two regions; the blue ‘win’ segment and the red ‘lose’ region. When you increase the loss area, thereby elevating your risks, your wins go up. When you increase the blue zone, your potential win decreases. This feature ensures you don’t have to stake all your winnings but a percentage. This format is also called the variable gamble feature.

Split Gamble

This game is a popular feature introduced by Booming games in its famous slot games like Sugar Shack. Here, winning the base game activates the Gamble button. When you select that button, you can choose the Head or Tails in a double or nothing coin flip. But the difference here is that you can immediately bank half your balance and play the Gamble with the other half. The difference between this and the Your gamble format is that losing the first half won’t take you back to the base game. Instead, you’ll have a chance to try again. 

Why are Gamble features popular?

Gamble features in slot games are incredibly profitable. Considering that without any gameplay, you might take a lucky guess that doubles or triples your wins is super tempting. The only downside is that you can’t just access the gamble feature when you launch a game. You usually have access to it after playing your slot game for a little while. Sometimes, it comes with a bonus round or in combination with other bonus features like wilds and free spins. You can find out which games come with this feature by studying their paytable. Every slot machine has its special paytable, where you find the symbols to expect and how to activate its unique features. Don’t forget to check the Return to player rate before playing any casino game to ensure you are realistic about what you could expect at the end of the day. 

Final thoughts

Overall, the gamble feature is the ultimate high-risk-high-reward game for all adventurous players willing to test their lucky streaks by doubling or tripling their win through one lucky guess. It is simply a 50/50 shot. When you win, you win massively. But the chances to lose are equally the same, and you might lose everything.