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Increasing Scope of eCommerce Business in Dubai During the Quarantine Phase

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:30 am

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With the ever-increasing, no of millennials and Gen-Z preferences to do shopping online has increased the scope of e-commerce business in Dubai. Hence we have selected a few powerful features and functions that are a must-have in any e-commerce apps during the corona pandemic to leverage the Dubai Shopping Business.

In contemporary times the charms for e-commerce business in Dubai are hailing to be in its peak increasing the scope of Online Shopping methods. It has given the Dubai shoppers and enterprise workers a reliable way of buying essential goods and quirky things just at a tap of their smartphone either from regional or global locations. Resulting which there arises plenty of shoppers and quarantine solutions for e-Commerce Business thus creating the trends for procuring goods from online stores instead of getting to shop outlets. 

With this level of conduciveness in shopping and technology integrations, the scope of e-commerce business is making its rapid strides in the Middle East and North African countries. Here we have the top 6 reasons that would motivate the digital transformation company to build reliable corona pandemic technological solutions which might help Dubai become the powerhouse for e-commerce business: 


  • Higher digital penetration


In Dubai, a majority of shopping customers are becoming a lot dependent on digital gadgets and finds it inept without it. This illustrates that there is a big growth in the e-commerce industry with plug and play quarantine solutions fast becoming inevitable. In addition, Mobile phone penetration is also soaring to a record high of up to 210.9 percent according to recent research. With the availability of shopping platforms getting seamlessly connected it has rather boosted the online shopping etiquette brilliantly and developed trust among the brand consumers. 


  • Digital Natives


The prime existence of Digital Natives is growing day after day making it one of the crucial aspects that govern the longevity of online shopping business during the corona crisis. While considering the connectedness prevailing within the digital natives the e-commerce businesses are well prepared to offer on-demand, near-instant solutions for its privileged customers. 


  • Mobile Wallets


The smartphone users are on the verge of reaching infinity in Dubai and their preferences are stirring the root cause for the advent of mobile wallets in e-shopping practices. However, this is not unique for shoppers since Dubai had earlier already built local wallets with Etisalat, Beam, and local banks. At present, the shoppers can now make their online payments easy right from their smartphone or smartwatch with the help of a digital wallet. 


  • Government Intent


The intent of the Dubai government is greatly inclined to bring a cashless society breaking all the barriers that lay ahead in presenting Digital Commerce and Wallet Payments for its citizens. This is also clear from the actions of the government to introduce a wage protection system that is commonly applied to everyone. Moreover, the proximate access to quarantine technology solutions in the e-commerce industry should certainly define the government of the future now. 


  • Secure digital payments


Presently there are about 70% of consumers so far confide the trust and faith simply through paying shop owners in the way of digital payments. Essentially all the payment providers belonging to the e-commerce business in Dubai are working diligently at enhancing card security by adding an excess layer of security for every online transaction made by the customer. The merchants, business owners, financial institutions, and retailers are finding it a key opportunity to provide rewarding and secure shopping experiences for the customers. 


  • Growth in digital shopping prospects


Thoroughly from the digital merchant side, the prospective future of e-commerce business in Dubai would flourish amidst the coronavirus pandemic from the domestic and international level of standards. With continuous advancements in the e-commerce app designs no sooner digital transformation companies in Dubai might get the world-class shopping experience built for its millennial and Gen-Z customers. 


In the present time, the millennials and office workers in Dubai are intending to do their routine shopping over e-commerce apps and it becomes mandatory for any Digital Transformation Company to identify the various ways and means of achieving Quarantine solutions for e-Commerce Business. Along with the vast scope of e-commerce business, there should be more no of cashless payment options for the online shoppers with digital natives increasing day after day linearly.