Manual Testing to Automated Testing

Moving from Manual Testing to Automated Testing

Last updated on April 7th, 2024 at 01:02 pm

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In case you are still testing all your websites and applications manually, you must beware of the negative side of the manual testing processes. Even for businesses with small websites, manual testing is a time-consuming process. The entry process is slow and prone to many errors that are impossible to cover in a limited time frame. Human testers cannot be completed moved from the testing lifecycle, however, some part of their job can be automated to assist them. Manual testers often get bored with writing the same test cases repeatedly. This increases the chances of unexpected problems in the process. Thus, an automation testing company can help introduce the automated testing strategy to make the process smooth and accurate.

Replacing Manual Testing with Automated Testing

With manual testing, the effectiveness of robust testing nulls out. Automated testing conducts testing with more effort in less time and where fewer resources are available.  Similarly, load testing also becomes difficult. However, after moving from manual to automated testing, QA time speeds up the product delivery and drastically increases test coverage. A good thing about automated testing is that it allows testers to catch more bugs in the pre-production and requires less maintenance time in the long run. Also, when testers spend less time writing repetitive tests they can add more value to their work because they will be more interested to carry out their tasks efficiently. 

So the question is, how to move from manual testing to automated testing?

Identifying Bottlenecks in Manual Testing:

There are many reasons that can get in the way of moving from manual to automated testing. A few of them are as follows:

Lack of Expertise – Most of the testing frameworks that tester use are complex. It is not as simple as just installing and getting the work started. Only expert professionals can do this task and they require good programming skills. 

Time-Consuming Tasks – Manual testers require time to write manual test cases for various test scenarios, which is a hectic and time-consuming task. Thus, automated testing can resolve this issue. 

Processes – All the testing processes grow around the manual testing framework. This is why any changes in testing procedures ill require a change in the entire process flow. So with automated testing, these processes are simplified and can achieve the best results. An automation testing company can provide a range of services to ensure smooth processes.

Testing Tools – Testers hugely rely on their testing tools that are hard to locate. They range from simple record-and-playback tools. Although they do not have maximum functionality, yet they are easier to use, have full-fledged frameworks that are powerful and accurate. 

The migration from manual to automated testing is not an easy task. Yes, enterprises cannot undergo this transition without involving the right automation testing company. They have skilled and experienced professionals to guide you with the automated testing plan that will be the best for their business and how they can increase their profit.