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Not All Canvas Prints Are The Same

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:30 am

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Nowadays anybody can set up as a canvas printer easily. Set up a website, allow users to send an image or even choose from an online gallery. Pay the money through an online system sit back and await your canvas prints which are going to enhance your living room, bedroom kitchen or even toilet. Unfortunately, some of the canvas prints I have received deserve no more than to be called toilet!!! Bear in mind that what goes on behind the scenes is what shows on your finished product. The colors, quality of image, inks and canvas frame to name few. The unskilled canvas printer will not think of these issues but the quality canvas printer will take all these issues into mind plus more.

Users can send their image now with many styles embedded onto the image for example:-

  • Grey Scale
  • Vivid
  • Sepia
  • Warhol
  • Negative
  • Banksy

This ease of editing an image leaves many artists, photographers, gift-givers and home decorators feeling let down upon the return of the canvas image. From submitting their original image what returns is flattened down, dulled or even sagging in the middle due to poor frame structure.

Of ten with the canvas printers reply of:-

Well, you know the ink sets like that. That’s how everybody does it. You won’t get better!!!

I myself am a keen amateur photographer and when I am asked to reproduce my photographs onto the canvas I like to know that the return on canvas will improve my photograph and not devalue it.

When it comes to presenting an outstanding gift, to glance at the image hanging on the wall, to preserve that special moment and to be drawn into the picture the last thing you need to look at is poor finishing.

The company I use for my quality canvas prints deliver quality each and every time. I have had the pleasure of visiting their premises and they have there canvas prints which are far superior to others but refuse to send out as in their words they are “seconds”.

The quality ranges right through from the canvas used, the canvas stretching, inks used right through to frame construction on every canvas print they produce. The difference between inexpensive and cheap here is priceless. Though the last time I bothered checking the price difference was less than a fiver or five bucks!!!

  • Buy cheap = cheap shoddy product.
  • Inexpensive = Far superior product

In my experience in the past, a cheap shoddy product would start with myself opening the canvas and immediately viewing the image on the frame as not being stretched correctly. For example, imagine now you have a beautiful picture of a baby and have sent away asking for the image to be placed on the canvas. Upon delivery of your product, you find the top of the baby’s head wrapped around the frame itself so when you hang the image the whole image is not visible to your eye as the top of the baby’s head is now flush to the wall. A quality canvas printer will ensure that the whole image is visible!

The frame itself has been finished and to be honest, is quite sturdy. Yet with the quality canvas printers, I use the frame is not only sturdy but also the canvas printers I use to place inside the frame and behind the canvas a piece of hardboard that is cut to measure! This ensures that when the canvas is hung there is no sagging in the middle and ensures the canvas stands out from the wall. This one tactic is by far one of the most important reasons I use this canvas printer. If you imagine that with no hardboard placed behind the frame you can see the canvas wafting quite easily in any gust of air or billowing out as your door shuts. Not when hardboard is used.

The quality of the canvas used does, of course, depends on the price. The depth of the canvas, the color of the canvas (how white) the life of the canvas. All these help with the finished product. The inks used also of course help with the overall product and not to mention the life of the said product. The inks used by the canvas printer I use to have a life of 125 years. More than the life I would say but even then they do still suggest not to hang the canvas in direct sunlight as this will increase the fading that is inherent in all inks.

Finally, I would like to submit some gift ideas for the usage of canvas prints.

1)      How about a group photo or sports action? Both of these are great gifts to present at Christmas time or end of the season. Imagine how glad the sportsperson will be when they see that moment immortalized onto canvas. 

2)      Abstract art. You could like me to appreciate quality street art. Take a photo of it. Perhaps blend it through some photo editing software like the results. Hey, presto a canvas image. Don’t let the editing part stop you. If you see a great image out then take the photo and create a stunning visual impact.

3)      Landscape shots are great to look at and if photos remind the receiver of where they have been. If not then like me you will understand what pleasure can be taken by just casually glancing a far off distant place. Sunrise and sunsets with their vivid colors, an all-encompassing green canopy of summer trees or even a sparkling meadow on a spring morn.

4)      To show true love why not have your nearest and dearest immortalized onto canvas. That special “I love you” moment. Now capture that photo and have it upgraded to the canvas. Your loved one will love it and your friends will inspire to create one for their partners too.

5)      A unique wedding present of the happy couple captured during their day. Imagine how happy they would be upon their return from the honeymoon.

6)      A baby’s footprint or a first picture was taken on the day of birth.

7)      A great photo taken by a younger member of the family will pass on great confidence to the upcoming photographer.

8)      Old maps, or any other documents, and put those photos on canvas. It will definitely add a touch of uniqueness to your home.

9)      Wildlife photos on canvas People love their pets, and love pictures of them to decorate their house. That lovely picture of the family dog when it was a puppy. That favorite photo of young Alice as she sat on that horse.

10)   Let your imagination run wild and cut the picture into three.