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5 Ways AI Can Transform Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:30 am

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Artificial intelligence is changing the world. Instagram is a very popular online platform for marketing. So, it should be no surprise that it has had an incredible effect on digital marketing. Instagram users are very curious about their profile growth and therefore, a few safe Instagram bot recommendations are given here. There is no shortage of ways it is helping marketers make better decisions, improve campaigns, and increase ROI.

Despite this, some marketers are left wondering “How can I use AI?” and we have the answer. Keep reading to see five ways AI can transform your digital marketing strategy today.

1. SEO and Content Marketing

Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to grow a business and authority. This is because all of your users and leads come to your website organically. And, what goes hand-in-hand with SEO? Content marketing!

Artificial intelligence is capable of enhancing both. Firstly, it is able to find the most lucrative search terms thanks to machine learning. This scans your website and it’s SEO performance to find trends and patterns. Keyword suggestions will be offered to you, as well.

This process is strengthened by a branch of AI known as anomaly detection. You can think of it as a threat or opportunity detector. It takes all of your website’s data and separates it into sections. If data it collects in the future stands out from the norm, it will alert you. This might be a new potential keyword, lost rankings, or similar.

Additionally, AI is capable of achieving the same thing with content. It can scan your business, determine the best topics, and suggest ideas accordingly. You can avoid poor performing content from being published and focus on the most engaging subjects instead.

2. Keeping Tabs on Competitors

Doesn’t it always seem like your competitors are one step ahead? It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Artificial intelligence is capable of analyzing competitors just like it would with your own company. This means that it will alert you of their ranking changes, new content, and other unique data sets it discovers.

On the flip-side, analyzing competitors is often a lengthy and difficult process. You have to run their domains through several tools, manually find opportunities, and it may be too late to implement changes.

Digital marketers can take advantage of AI by essentially automating their competitive analysis. Suggestions and findings will be instantly created for them to get the latest scoop on competitors. This information can be used to enhance their own marketing plan while gaining an advantage.

3. Making Better Financial Decisions

Ad budgets, monthly subscriptions, and freelancers are a few of the regular expenses a marketer will have on their balance sheet. But, what if you could drastically reduce your expenses and make better financial decisions?

This is possible thanks to AI’s ability to uncover situations like overspending in PPC campaigns, tools that aren’t delivering ROI, and alike. Digital marketers can address these issues, ultimately saving their hard-earned money and allocating it elsewhere.

Oppositely, artificial intelligence will locate the highest converting ad creatives, target audiences, and more. You can invest in these assets to spend capital more wisely which is especially important if you’ve received outside funding.

4. Securing your Website and other Assets

Cybersecurity should be near the top of your list of priorities as a marketer. Your website and similar assets are how you make a living, right? Then it only makes sense that you invest to protect them.

AI-driven marketing security solutions make protecting a business hands-off. This is because they scan for issues in the background like viruses, dangerous users, etc. You are then alerted of these problems ahead of time before they cause any damage. Similarly, it allows you to learn a brand’s individual security flaws to strengthen it over time. The saved hours from not having to manually monitor and search for bugs or exploits is also extremely beneficial. It can be placed into higher ROI tasks and projects.

5. Forecasting in Real-time

Analytics are great. They allow you to optimize your company, create split tests, and benchmark. However, they have limitations. That’s why predictive analytics is so powerful. Think of it as AI mixed with an analytics tool.

This means that it creates forecasts on marketing, advertising, and other channels using historic and fresh data. Digital marketers are able to generate accurate predictions if campaigns with being successful, go over budget, or breakeven.

Predictive analytics has many other uses for marketers, including:

  1. Determining when and where users will drop off on a website.
  2. Forecasting average customer lifetime value and cart value.
  3. Suggesting what the next best action is for any marketing or advertising campaign.
  1. Telling whether or not transactions are risky or safe.

6. Create a Better Customer Experience

How customers engage with your product, website, and the overall funnel is a big indicator of success. This will directly impact metrics like conversion rates, bounce rate, average time spent on-page, and others. AI software can assist marketers in optimizing all of these aspects. It will analyze these components to determine if there are reasons for poor performance while also relaying why good performance is occurring. Improvements will be automatically implemented or suggested by the software depending on what tool is used.

For example, it may find a way to improve the checkout, cart, and product pages of an e-commerce store. The store owner can integrate the provided changes to provide a tailored and enjoyable experience for customers. While this can lead to revenue increases, it most importantly gives consumers a more polished impression of a brand.


AI is one of the most powerful technologies in the world. That’s why more digital marketers need to consider adopting it. It has the ability to transform everything we do from SEO to content marketing and PPC. Opportunities and lagging assets will be brought to your attention to address faster than you would find them yourself.

Furthermore, it is capable of securing our website and other assets, ultimately protecting income. Forecasting via predictive analytics is convenient for determining whether new strategies or channels will be worthwhile, too.

Lastly, being able to personalize and streamline the customer experience is a huge benefit. This increases user satisfaction, sales potential, and branding all at the same time.