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Perfect Approaches for Improving Automation Testing

Last updated on April 8th, 2024 at 05:50 am

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We are living in a digital age. If we compare our lives 5 years before, we could come up with a list of ways our living standards have been improved and that’s all because of the advancements in technology. Technology has not just provided us ease and convenience but more appropriately saying that it has given wings to our dull and slow life. These advancements have been observed in every single domain and industry especially in the software development and software testing domain. To cope up with the extensive demands of end-users for unique and creative software products and applications, organizations are now bound to incorporate the modern practices of quality assurance if they want to place a title of best quality software product company along with their names. 

One of the most effective and technologically advanced ways of conducting software testing is through automation. Automation testing makes slow testing processes fast. Acquiring services from any automation testing company or conducting in-house automation testing is crucial for the productivity of an organization. 

Why Automation Testing?

The use of Automation testing is a strategically clever decision made by organizations because it eliminates the concept of lengthy testing processes including a pool of manual testers as a mandate and incurring heavy costs.

With the hundreds of fortunes of automation testing, it can also come up with some risk factors for organizations because automated test cases are sometimes flaky and automation may demand a long duration. For this purpose, we have come up with various solutions and approaches to improve automation testing. 

Let’s discuss these approaches one by one;

Appropriate test automation tool – It’s extremely important to be wise when you choose a test automation tool. Why? Because a test automation tool has the capability of enhancing the overall credibility of your testing life-cycle. Implementing the use of an appropriate test management tool is effective and efficient for you because it allows manual testers to not acquire a high level of education or learning. Minimal learning is sufficient to use the test automation tool to its fullest. However, it is a very time-consuming procedure to learn any specific programming language like C or C++.

Understand the product first – Before you get your hands and brain involved in conducting test automation, one of the best things you can do is to understand the software product or application in depth. Try to understand which language is in-built if the app you are going to test is a desktop app. And if the app you are going to test is a web app then spot the browsers it will support. Which technologies will be used. 

Early testing and continuous testing – For sure every single business aims to achieve its desired testing objectives after incorporating every possible effort to conduct it but the only mistake companies make is to implement testing from scratch and lack continuous testing. Because as soon as the bugs/defects are detected, the sooner they’ll be fixed and no risk of future discrepancies will be there. Moreover, the early detection of software defects and glitches makes it possible to incur minimum expenses. 

Keep this thing in mind “Not everything can be automated” – It’s fallacious to think that the use of automation testing has eliminated the use and role of manual testers in the software testing process. Expert testers must first try to conduct smoke testing and then build acceptance testing, so there are very few in the beginning. After that, they can continue to perform periodic tests and then test again. In addition, best QA testers must also ensure that each test they automate saves manual testers time to focus on other important things.

Artificial INtelligence based Test Automation – In a certain stage of the entire software development life cycle, it is usually necessary to run various test scenarios. When the test code for any particular network fails, the tester’s team may be forced to spend more energy and time to make important changes. In this process, with the development of AI deployment, people have noticed that the key obstacles related to image recognition are easy to tackle. Artificial Intelligence-based Test automation uses AI to perform regression testing. It is useful when it comes to achieving the performance metrics on your application and is more of a monitoring tool than a functional testing tool.