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Software Testing for the Galore of Gaming Apps!

Last updated on January 16th, 2024 at 07:55 am

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The global gaming industry is worth more than $287.150 billion which is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.24% between 2021 & 2026. 

Currently, the global community has a behemoth count of above 2 billion gamers worldwide.

These statistical figures reflect the significance of the speedy, smooth, and seamless functioning of highly interactive games. These expectations always keep the game development and testing experts engaged to deliver an impeccable gaming experience every time because such a huge user base leaves little or no space for an error in the gaming app. 

Game developers apply creative programming skills during the development phase, but oftentimes their QA and testing vision is restricted and shallow. However, making a flawed public release is never an option too because who likes to receive a horrific amount of backlash from the massive game players in the world.  

Nowadays, there are plenty of gaming options like video games, puzzle games, fighting games, VI, & role-performing games, strategy games, and many more. 

Point to be noticed, these gaming apps are not only restricted to gaming consoles only. The increased use of smartphones will potentially increase the mobile gaming app revenue by $76.7 billion. There are several multi-player online games available with extended console support for mobile devices.  

With such a broad variety of games and devices, risking a less premium testing approach may prove costly for game development firms. Therefore, software testing of these gaming apps and devices is crucial to beat their competitors and stay in the frontline of the gaming market. 

Why is Software Testing important for Games?

Game testing is a critical part of the game app development cycle in which exhaustive software testing is performed for a quality-controlled user experience. Software Testing Tools play an integral role in helping the testers to simplify the QA and testing procedures.

It is different from times when the developer both developed and tested the game app. But now, the high-end gaming apps demand intricate testing for optimal QA. The testers write comprehensive test plans and deliver feedback on bugs paired with bug recreation descriptions for developers.  

During the game testing, testers play each gaming scenario multiple times during every possible variation and combination to break the game and detect crucial bugs for a bug-free product release. Thus, it is easy to say that game testing is necessary to assure post-game release success in terms of quality assurance. 

It is crucial to start testing before the coding phase about the highly complex structuring of modern games. Pairing a DevOps-powered continuous testing technique with one of the smart automated CI/CD software testing tools can be the ultimate QA and CX solution for the gaming app.

Because leaving the game testing for the last minute can be a time-consuming mistake making the process more tedious than ever. Mostly, the deadlines are strict while the game release is continuous, therefore, a pre-planned testing methodology can circumvent an unwanted crunch. 

Testers report bugs to the developers, the latter then evaluate and fix the detected bugs, then the fixed bugs are sent back to the testers for validation.  The game tester assures of the bug has been completely fixed or not. 

Possible challenges during  game testing 

Gaming is intensely diverse in terms of games and devices available which makes testing quite difficult in various ways: 

  • No structured game testing approach 
  • User role-based testing with multiple variations & combinations 
  • Compatibility testing of games on several devices and platforms 
  • Problems like network connectivity, inactivity, and frame rate 
  • Enhancing RAM consumption 
  • Complexities in the game’s GUI-level testing

Let’s Deal with These Challenges

There are testing companies having experienced testers who perform end-to-end testing and QA on gaming apps across multiple systems of platforms including desktop, handsets, consoles, tablets, and cloud gaming. Intelligent game app testers formulate customized testing methodologies, precisely meeting gaming industry benchmarks, for example, technologies like Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW) are popular for a thorough testing strategy formulation and execution. 

These testing techniques and the right software testing tools efficiently help organizations to improve the gaming experience for the crazy gamers while reducing time-to-market and language & location constraints for the gaming businesses returning greater revenue. 

Every developed and small-level SME should get into the robust game testing strategy and avail expert services from relevant experts in the field of gaming. These experts assure every aspect and area of your gaming on various platforms passing them through multiple simulation tests. 

Thus exhaustive testing can help resolve all the tough challenges and ultimately help you stay ahead of the gaming world!