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Tips To Master Your WordPress Website Header Optimization

Last updated on April 7th, 2024 at 12:40 pm

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Are you trying to customize your WordPress website’s header? Don’t worry much as things have gotten easier now. You can complete the task even if you don’t want to resort to plugins or custom code. The header is prominent as it sits on the top of every web page and plays a vital role in website branding. Apart from this, it helps the visitors navigate the web page and promote the content you want to highlight. 

For a WordPress development company in India, there are plenty of tactics used for customizing the header. Thanks to their intense knowledge and experience in handling the intricacies of personalizing the header. 

Here is how experts create fully customized headers for the entire website or specific web pages:

The header, as we have already discussed lies in the top section of the web page of your WordPress website and is the first thing that the visitors notice. Usually, it displays the navigation menu, the title and logo of the website, and various other elements that you want the visitors to see at first. With the personalization of the site’s header, you can create a competent design and make it more customer-oriented. For instance, you can display your phone number and the social icons, link to the popular pages, and showcase the CTA buttons for improving conversions. 

Here is how to customize the header of a WordPress page:

  • Using the customizer

One of the ways of customizing the header of your WordPress site is the Customizer. Based on what your theme is, you need to go to Appearance > Header. However, with a majority of themes, all you need is to navigate to Appearance > Customize. When you go to Customizer, you can swap the image, the title of the site, and the tagline. Even the dedicated WordPress developer you hire prefers Customizer as it does not require any code. Another reason is that you can view the changes in the live preview panel towards the right. 

  • Use Full-Site Editor from WordPress

Does your WordPress theme support the latest full site editing option in version 5.9? If the answer is yes, it is easy to replace the theme customizer. However, you can hire a professional developer to know those themes that are viable with the full-site editing option. When you choose a theme that resonates with the version of the editor, you just have to navigate to Appearance > Editor. That way, you will launch the full-time editor that is similar to the Block Editor that is used to write the posts and pages. 

  • Creating a custom-made header with SeedProd

Do you want to have full control over the sidebars, footers, and headers of your WordPress website? Hire a dedicated WordPress developer to choose the right tool. SeedProd is one of the versatile theme builder plugins used to develop a theme for the website without resorting to any code. This tool includes footers, headers, and everything needed to create an attractive theme and can be used to add an entire section to the theme’s header. 

  • Install a custom header plugin for WordPress

A straightforward way to customize your WordPress website’s header is using a plugin. It is a recommended option if you are not free to edit the site’s files directly. With this plugin, you can create widgets like social media icons, text, and forms that can be added to the header. When working with an offshore web development company in India, you will get an ideal solution. Furthermore, it enables you to customize the footer and the sidebar areas. 

  • Adding random images 

One way of making the header more attractive is adding random images to this section. By adding images randomly, you can capture the customer’s attention and make the content more engaging. To add random images, focus on the theme customizer and upload the images to the header section. But the image addition to make the header more attractive and appealing, a theme you are using will determine the options you can choose. 

Once you know, how to make the best use of the customization options for WordPress header, you need to follow the best practices. Instead of those dull stock photos that are rather unimpressive, use illustrations to make it look unique. When choosing logos and images, you need to focus on options that are associated with your business. Finally, you can incorporate your images and making the header impressive is rather easy. All you need is to hire expert developers and implement the right mix of tactics to achieve success.

Author Bio:

Mitali Purkait Ghosh, the Co-founder and CEO of Digital Concepts, is at the helm of a leading digital marketing firm that focuses on specialized WordPress development company in India. Leveraging her extensive experience as a propel her WordPress development based in India towards success.