Top App Development Companies

Top App Development Companies For 2020

Mobile applications promote interactive engagement, design, branding, instant offline & online access, productivity enhancement & the list goes on. Most companies are nowadays reverting to mobile apps as they can offer their customers with all sorts of business information in lightning speed time. Customers through mobile apps can remain connected to their favorite brands all the time. Mobile applications in the current times are undoubtedly a very significant means of advertising for businesses for expanding the reach & simultaneously delivering massive brand exposure. So are you also planning to build a robust app for your business? If yes, getting in touch with reputed top app development companies is the next step.

1. Rightpoint

Rightpoint is the very first name that holds the position of being one of the top mobile app development companies. Irrespective of the size of your business or organization, there is an accurate solution here for all. App development, Voice, VR, IoT and AI are some platforms & avant-garde technologies utilized by Rightpoint experienced developers. You might need to enable commerce, merge workforces or employ IoT for business growth; the company’s expertise finds deep roots in shipping a plethora of innovative applications. All the web experiences that you will attain here are web optimized that will help you in the journey that starts with the concept of the successful delivery of a product.

RightPoint takes pride in winning the Android Material Design Awards that has offered it the label of the foremost Google Certified Agency (domestic). The app developers always render impactful application experiences as they are also experts in languages like Kotlin & Java.

2. WillowTree

WillowTree secures the second position among the top mobile app development companies as here you will find the world’s finest custom application development teams. Irrespective of the requisites posed by the client, the professional teams will always have the best-customized solutions & at a rapid pace. The app development services offered by WillowTree are:

  • Android Development
  • Qa & Testing
  • Xamarin Development
  • Ios Development
  • Mobile Backend Engineering
  • Sap Mobile Development

3. Hyperlink Infosystem

Are you on the lookout for first-rate and ground-breaking mobile application solutions? If yes, Hyperlink Infosystem which is one of the best app development companies in the world can serve your purpose. No matter how big your dream application project is, you can achieve easily with their wide range of services. Not only will their services help you in utilizing resources but your mobile application will also enhance productivity. The app developers are equipped with the necessary skills and creativity thereby offering services like

  • Backend Development
  • Simplified Coding
  • Front End Development
  • Solution-Based Approach
  • Numerous OS support

4. TechAhead

When browsing mobile app development companies list, you can opt for TechAhead as it is a worldwide leader that has attained immense experience in producing scalable & powerful applications. Here you will find a plethora of mobility solutions like UX development & design, testing and a lot more. You can make your applications stand out from the rest of the competition with their solutions. The developers only believe in crafting user-friendly & superior quality applications that will help you in attaining all your business objectives. Secure, fast loading time and easy to use are some attributes of the mobile apps delivered by the industry experts. This will automatically lead to higher engagement.

Steps for completing the application development process:

  • Research
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Development And Design
  • QA & Testing
  • Deployment To Live Server
  • App Development Services Include:
  • Android App Development
  • Ios App Development
  • Cross-Platform Applications

5. Blue Label Labs

What is the ultimate aim of your business? It is to get the most out of the ROI. This is only possible by coming in association with eCommerce app development companies like Blue Label Labs. The reason why such app development companies are able to assist so many businesses successfully as they have equipped themselves with professional developer teams who only believe in offering high-quality solutions. Their web applications carry dynamic and interactive features. If you want to get hands-on web apps that are designed flawlessly, then Blue Label Labs Company is the one for you. Also, the skilled developers over here focus more on progressive web application development. You can now offer applications to your customers that will work reliably even when the network conditions are poor.

  • Application Customization
  • Scrum-Based Agile Web Application Development
  • Utilization Of Resources Like React to Native Web Application Development Tools
  • Progressive Web Application Development
  • Quality UI And UX

6. Sunflower Lab

As one of the finest enterprise app development companies, you can easily convert your dream or notions to a robust mobile application & then employ it to other desired platforms with them. Equipped with world-class developers and designers, they can offer solutions for all platforms namely Windows, iOS and Android.

The four phases the developers focus on building successful mobile app development is:

  • Prototype & Design
  • Test & Build
  • Deploy
  • Measure & Market

7. Algoworks 

At Algoworks which is one of the very reputed app development companies, you can get hands-on custom app development, mobile app development, and web app development services. Developers conceptualize, design and build custom apps that can run on both hybrid and cloud environments and also on all devices. Next, they are very well known for fabricating feature-rich mobile apps. Not only this but, the team of expert developers can also build Android apps for custom devices and Android wearables. While offering web application development services, they utilize advanced architecture, an all-inclusive code base, and object-oriented practices.

Wrapping it up

Most people are nowadays always on their smartphones. Mobile devices are largely utilized in today’s time for reading news, purchasing products, availing services, booking reservations, etc. So when your business is not backed up by a robust mobile application, you will definitely find it challenging to enhance ROI. With the list of the top app development companies as mentioned, you need to start working with the one that best suits your brand requisites. Neglecting such an effective digital bandwagon is not at all recommended. The requirement of dedicated applications for interacting with your target audience is high these days. Get in touch with us today as our experienced developers will offer you incredible mobile & web applications.

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