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Top 20 IoT Security Testing Companies [Top Rated Companies in 2024]

Last updated on April 7th, 2024 at 01:17 pm

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The proliferation of IoT technology has led to an increase in the requirement for IoT security testing. According to the latest statistics, the size of the IoT security market has grown up to 18.6 billion this year. It was 15.8 billion in 2021. The main reason behind this could be 1.5 billion security breaches in June 2021.

Keeping this scenario under consideration, we are presenting to you the list of the top 20 IoT security testing companies around the globe for 2024.

1. QA Mentor

QA Mentor is award-winning CMMi level 3 appraised, ISO certified global testing companies offering 30+ testing services. Specialized services include security & penetration testing covering following areas:

  • Application Penetration Testing
  • Network Security Testing
  • API Security Testing
  • Cloud Security Testing

QA Mentor provides a complete End-to-End security testing solution through the array of preventive measures, its own security methodology and framework, use of combination of open source and enterprise level tools and an excellent infrastructure which is using evolving technologies.

QA Mentor examines your web or mobile application the same way that a hacker would do.  Our team is proficient in aggressively attacking application defenses from all possible angles to find loopholes and weaknesses. Using all of the top-rated tools at our disposal, such as ZAP, SQL Inject Me, OpenVAS and more, we utilize the information and best practices set forth by Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) to perform both automated and manual end to end testing of your most precious asset – your application and data. At the end of the security assessment we provide you with customized report which will outline all the vulnerabilities we found, how to reproduce them, what methods and techniques we used to identify the loopholes.

2. Rapid7

Rapid 7 is at the top of our list because of its flawless IoT security testing services. They have skilled and experienced consultants that will assist you to identify vulnerabilities and risks. They have a solution to evacuate the security issues encountered by your IoT ecosystem. There are eight services provided by this company.

  • Threat Modeling

Understanding the complexity of connected and IoT systems, Rapid 7 plays an imperative role in assessing high-risk communication and systems. This will allow them to concentrate more on the entry points.

  • Device Design Consulting 

As per this service, your engineers are provided with individual time with the security experts of the company. This usually happens during design time. They are known to offer consulting from scratch so that minor issues won’t become bigger in the future that cannot be resolved by the testers.

  • IoT Penetration Testing 

They have state-of-the-art penetration and system analysis testing. It goes beyond the fundamental analysis to consider the entire ecosystem of IoT technology. This entails each segment and the way every segment affects security.

  • Hardware Testing 

This company assesses the internal architecture and physical security of the device. It incorporates internal components. This is because it determines the depth and width of its physical attack surface.

  • Protocol Testing

They will evaluate the security of communication protocols. It will determine the risk to your customers and clients.

  • Firmware Analysis

Rapid 7 will take out and assess the content of the firmware to see format strings, buffer overflows, injection flaws, backdoor accounts, and other susceptibilities.

  • Incident Response

They have a dedicated incident report team to see the information that is available for utilization in an investigation.

  • Transportation Security

This company goes beyond other network protocols, FlexRay, LIN, and CAN to offer recommendations and assessments that will not affect the products’ performance. However, it will resolve your particular concerns and requirements.

3. Tarlogic

Tarlogic is known to conduct IoT device security audits. These audits usually examine all exposed infrastructure that manages the device, as well as backend services, wireless connections to the device, and ports exposed by the device. It follows three steps process. 

First and foremost, the IoT device security audits usually examine all exposed infrastructure that interacts with the device as well as backend services, wireless connections, and ports exposed by the device.

The second step of those audits is to find vulnerabilities within the backend services that support the infrastructure, these vulnerabilities are terribly like different internet services. it’s notably vital to seem at the kind of information, particularly if the devices work with sensitive info.

Finally, the ports exposed by the devices are sometimes analyzed just in case there is any sort of debug affiliation.

4. X Force Red IoT Security Testing

X Force Red IoT security testing is one of the most preferred IoT security testing companies. This is because of the excellent quality of services that it offers. The main services are:

  • Reverse engineering of the devices

The testers in this company pull apart the devices to see and assist the companies to resolve susceptibilities before and after they visit the market.  

  • Integration Testing 

X-force evaluates the ways through which your IoT devices can be assessed. They will show how the connected infrastructures are combined. This offers complete testing rather than evacuating devices in separation.

  • Device, back-end, and mobile app testing 

This company can assess your IoT device and anything linked to it before and after the product is launched in the market.

The outcomes are

  • Decreased Risk of Liability

Fix issues that could develop harmful penalties for users and manufacturers.

  • Reinforcing Security after Design 

See and resolve important vulnerabilities after the products are launched in the market.  

  • Securing By Design 

Built-in security mechanism before launching the product in the market.

The main resources are:

  • Identification and resolving IoT security flaws Before the Attackers Finding Them

Lack of time and budget leads to IoT devices encountering vulnerabilities.

  • Assess Devices In Their Red Labs

Inside their global, security testing labs, this company tends to reverse engineer the devices with or without the strategy diagrams.

  • The weaponization of IoT Devices

It is important to learn the way cyber-criminals are inhabiting botnets with simple usable IoT devices such as DVRs, webcams, and Security cameras.

5. Nettitude

Compared with a lot of old areas of penetration testing net of Things presents a variety of distinctive challenges. One of the most challenges lies in diversity; varied architectures, communication protocols, commitment to writing, and operation systems end in virtually immeasurable combos of technology. Therefore, Nettitude utilizes solely the foremost full-fledged penetration testers for IoT testing.

Nettitude’s security consultants make sure that the total attack surface and every use case are thought about to relinquish full levels of assurance. Broadly, an IoT test focuses on the subsequent areas:

  •         Encryption
  •         Network
  •         Application
  •         Firmware
  •         Hardware

Any organization that works with Nettitude on Internet of Things security testing will expect 2 quality-assured reports per engagement. The primary may be a management report that is intended to be consumed by a non-technical audience and relays the security posture of the target device in terms of risk.

 The second may be a technical report that provides in-depth technical detail for every finding, together with relevant and unjust remedial recommendations. Of course, the engagement doesn’t stop there. Nettitude forever encourages a question to confirm full comprehension has been achieved. It’s a chance to raise completely any queries in the least. Once the question is, the organization is welcome to remain in-tuned with Nettitude and receive the finest security recommendation.

6. Attify

It conducts a typical IoT penetration test (Attacker Simulated Exploitation) would involve the subsequent components:

  • Attack Surface Mapping

1)      Our entire team spends between 1-2 days to perform an in-depth Attack Surface Map of your resolution.

2)      In this stage, we tend to prepare an extremely elaborate design diagram highlighting all the potential entry points for a malicious dedicated aggressor.

  • Firmware reverse engineering and binary exploitation

1)      Reverse engineering code binaries

2)      Encryption analysis and Obfuscation techniques in use

3)      3rd party SDKs and libraries

4)      Binary reverse exploitation and engineering 

5)      Debugging binaries to realize sensitive data

  • Hardware-based exploitation

1)      Assessing hardware communication protocols like UART, SPI, I2C, etc.

2)      JTAG debugging and exploitation

3)      Logic sniffing and bus meddling

4)      Dumping sensitive data and code

5)      Proprietary communication protocol reversing

6)      Tampering protection mechanisms

7)      Glitching and Side-Channel attacks

8)      Security options enclosed within the hardware

  • Cloud, Web, and Mobile vulnerabilities

1)      Vulnerabilities within the internet dashboard – XSS, Injection primarily based attacks, IDOR, Authorization, and Authentication bugs, and a lot of

2)      Mobile application security problems identification and exploitation for automaton and iOS – Platform connected security problems, App reversing, Binary instrumentation techniques to realize sensitive data, etc.

3)      API primarily based on security problems

4)      Cloud-based and vulnerabilities within the backend systems

  • Analysis of Radio Security

1)      Assessment of radio communication protocols

2)      Sniffing the radio packets being transmitted and received

3)      Modifying and replaying the packets for device takeover attacks

4)      Jamming primarily based attacks

5)      Accessing the encoding key through numerous techniques

6)      Radio communication reversing for proprietary protocols

7)      Attacking protocol-specific vulnerabilities

8)      Exploiting communication protocols like BLE, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, Z-Wave, LoRa, etc. through insecurities and vulnerable implementations

  • PII data security analysis (optional)

1)      Ensuring that customers’ information is unbroken with the highest security standards

2)      Ensuring that no PII data is being leaked through any channels – internet, mobile, hardware, or radio

3)      Additional assessment of data-at-rest and data-at-transit

4)      Providing you with a PII report

  • Preparation of Reports

1)      Preparing an in-depth report as well as each technical detail, non-technical outline, and a govt outline

2)      Providing you with all the scripts, Proof of ideas, exploitation techniques, demos, or code snippets that were created throughout the engagement

3)      Categorizing the vulnerabilities supported criticality for your given product and user use-case situation

  • Assessing Again

1)      Once the bugs are patched, we tend to perform an in-depth reappraisal to confirm that the bugs are mounted security

2)      Also checking for the very fact that the patches failed to introduce any extra vulnerabilities

 7. BreachBlock

This company adopts 4 steps model to guarantee the security of IoT devices.

  • Onboarding Customers onto Their SaaS

Before we start testing, BreachLock™ beside your company can verify the total scope that may be tested. Clear and open discussion with the client is integral at this step. All communication is expedited via our SaaS portal which enforces our organized approach and promotes collaboration between groups. At this stage, we tend to verify the companies’ infrastructure like domains, servers, and different devices with informatics addresses. we tend to then verify if any ought to be excluded and why. Once we’ve got a listing of all of the devices to be tested we will then outline the testing period.

  • Executing Penetration Testing

We begin to attack vulnerabilities and notable weak spots along with your internet application. we tend to perform this step with the utmost care to safeguard each net app and your knowledge. we tend to repeat the penetration method mistreatment of each manual process and automatic tools. we tend to use several ways like those prescribed in OWASP methodology. Utilizing our SaaS, we tend to be ready to scan your systems to seek out the vulnerabilities that ar golf stroke your knowledge in danger. The results of this section are recorded in PDF and online reports that are created out there to you at intervals in our SaaS portal.

  • Remediation of Vulnerabilities

The BreachLock™ team collects associated compiles all of the obtained info and provides the client with a thoroughgoing report. we tend to conjointly embody comprehensive recommendations to help business leaders further because the IT team creates logical selections relating to internet application security. we offer a listing of every vulnerability, as they tend toll however they tend to test, and the way we advocate resolution the chance. At this stage, we offer specific technical details of mistreatment that the IT team will act on quickly. Our online ticketing system is wont to raise any inquiries to BreachLock™ security researchers.

  • Retest for Validation of Fixes

After each of the business leaders and also the IT team are ready to scan the report and act through the correction method, we are going to retest to see the effectiveness of the resolution of the findings. we are going to rerun our penetration check on the net application. As a result of the retest, you’ll be able to transfer associate updated reports from at intervals our SaaS portal at. This report can either show a clean build or a patched vs not patched standing for every finding. If all vulnerabilities are resolved we are going to conjointly issue you a security certificate valid for twelve months.


With the assistance of its proprietary testing ways, professionally trained security services team, and advanced security testing laboratories, SISA will assist you to secure your IoT system covering IoT applications, cloud APIs, backend servers, and communication protocols.

Visualize all IoT assets and simulate the behavior of threat actors on your IoT system. With SISA, you’ll be able to proactively notice threats and anomalies in your IoT applications and servers to amend vulnerabilities. Our IoT security testing services are versatile to assist you to implement least-privilege access management for your IoT system and secure sensitive knowledge.

Combine individuals, application layers, and IT infrastructure on one platform for far better threat visibility.

Bring about a comprehensive governance approach with SISA ProACT to change the period of incident management.

Meet security audit eventualities or compliance necessities through analysis of historical knowledge from multiple sources.

Real-time knowledge assortment and historical analysis of security events from a good variety of dynamic and discourse knowledge sources.

9. KirkPatrick

KirkpatrickPrice methodologies are distinctive and economical as a result of they are doing not believe static techniques and assessment ways, particularly once testing new, evolving technology like IoT devices. They take pride in thinking outside of the box on IoT penetration testing – our penetration testers are up for the challenge.

 Our penetration testing methodology comes from varied sources as well as the OSSTMM, info Systems Audit Standards, CERT/CC, the SANS Institute, NIST, and OWASP. KirkpatrickPrice’s penetration testers have various backgrounds, and in-depth experiences, receive timely and continuing education relating to security trends, and hold certifications like:

  •         GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC)
  •         IACRB Certified Penetration Tester (CPT)
  •         EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA)
  •         Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)
  •         Offensive Security Wireless Professional (OSWP)
  •         Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)
  •         Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)
  •         EC-Council Licensed Penetration Tester (Master) (LPT)
  •         eLearnSecurity Certified Professional Penetration Tester (eCPPT)
  •         GIAC Web Application Penetration Tester (GWAPT)
  •         GIAC Certified Penetration Tester (GPEN)

 Partner with KirkpatrickPrice and we are committed to operating along with your employees to make sure effective info security practices across your setting. 


NetSPI can determine security problems on relevant vehicles and supply recommendations to enhance the protection posture – at any stage of automotive development. NetSPI’s approach to distinguishing automotive vulnerabilities focuses on the individual elements in addition to however those elements move with one another and therefore the outside world.

 The testing approach includes the assessment of mobile applications, thick shopper applications, connected environments, net property, hardware, internal networks, device information, and containers and hypervisors.

  • Security For Everyone

Their methodology is created because of international pen test standards to supply top quality and reliable service for our customers. They opt for custom-made solutions for your organization from process scope to reportage. Within the last step, Regression Tests that they provide at no cost, make sure that the vulnerabilities are entirely mounted.

  • Initial/Scope Meeting

Besides the scope and sort of the take a look at, necessary data is set within the initial meeting. for instance, if physical security testing of IoT devices is required, the choice is created throughout this meeting.

  • Information Gathering

Attack vectors on IoT devices are determined because of the initial topic during this step.

Fundamental attack vectors on AN IoT device are given below.

  • Hardware
  • Firmware
  • Network
  • Wireless Communications
  • Mobile and Internet Apps
  • Cloud services
  • Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment begins with computer code and application analysis. In computer code analysis, the subsequent steps are taken;

  • Binary Analysis
  • Reverse engineering
  • Document analysis within the system (to notice sensitive data or certificates)
  • Exploitation

This stage aims to take advantage of the found vulnerabilities within the military operation and vulnerability assessment sections. Our cyber security specialists use mandatory attack techniques while not harming the systems to point out what a malicious hacker will do.

  • Reporting

The last step is to report all the vulnerabilities and findings to our customers. Of course, a decent report should be written in very easy language, graspable by the developers, and supported by screenshots, and it should be avoided by giving surplus data.

  • Regression Tests

They build a final check for our customers’ applied fixes. They tend to make sure that the vulnerabilities are mounted throughout this regression step, which they provide for free.

11. Xiarch

Xiarch presents end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) product protection opinions and certifications that facilitate firms effectively stabilize danger with time-to-market pressures. Our engineers assist you to improve the protection of your IoT product from chip to cloud. Our solutions grant coverage throughout technological domains, in conjunction with embedded devices, firmware, wireless communication protocols, net and cellular applications, cloud offerings and Apis, and back-end network infrastructure.

Benefits of operating With Xiarch

  • Gain protection assurance, from small systems to cloud infrastructure, that permits your business enterprise to hurry up innovation and move to scale confidently.
  • Position your IoT merchandise because the most secure within the market, victimization security as an aggressive distinctive point to market sales and gain advertising advantage.
  • Leverage enterprise-recognized verification standards, that normalize the vary in insurance and level of rigor utilized for each IoT security analysis.

12. SharkStriker

There are four main advantages of hiring this company. 

  • Perceptive Skills

Their team of testers uses its in-depth data on vulnerabilities and threat landscape to outline the scope of the assessment and penetration testing.

  • Proactive techniques

They don’t assume the severity of we tend to test their hypothesis in an exceedingly real-world wrongdoer mode wherever we attack weaknesses to judge their nature and risk.

  • High-Tech & Human-Led

They deliver services that are a potent cocktail of manual penetration assessment and advanced testing tools that cowl real-world test cases and a lot.

  • Documentation and query

They document the findings of each testing procedure and recommend remedial measures to plug the safety holes.

  • Integrated Services

They have a spread of powerful security solutions in our portfolio, which can assist you in combat all advanced glorious and unknown threats.

13. Vumetric Cybersecurity 

Their specialists have in-depth data on the protection risks related to the employment and configuration of IoT devices in a very form of contexts that are specific to every style of the device. Our IoT penetration tests embody IoT mobile applications, cloud APIs, and communication protocols, similar to integrated systems, and embedded code.

The main advantages include:

  • Clear reports that assist you to fix your vulnerabilities & reach compliance.

Their reports are designed to assist your stakeholders in absolutely perceiving your risks and supply bit-by-bit remediation to simply fix your vulnerabilities.

  • Executive outline

High-level summary of your security posture, recommendations, and risk management implications in very clear non-technical language.

  • Vulnerabilities & Recommendations

Vulnerabilities are prioritized by risk level, together with technical proof (screenshots, requests, etc.) and suggestions to mend every vulnerability.

  • Attestation

This document can enable you to fulfill compliance and restrictive coverage needs with efficiency and with token overhead.

14. Navisec

This company adopts a 4 staged IoT penetration testing methodology.

Phase-1: process the scope

The pen testing team 1st determines the scope of the test arrangement as per the client’s want. It ultimately depicts the price, efforts, goals, and technical procedures attached to the IoT penetration take a look at.

Phase-2: A pair of Attack surface mapping

This section of attack surface mapping involves the process of the entry and exit zones that adversaries will misuse. The pen-testing team develops a map as per their understanding of the IoT device answer and its security design. Usually, the IoT device design covers 3 categories:

  • Firmware, software, and applications
  • Embedded device
  • Radio communications

Phase-3: Vulnerability assessment and exploitation

Once the testers have their elaborate security design diagram, they judge the vulnerabilities of various IoT device elements. All of the IoT design classes of embedded devices, radio communications, and software package applications have their styles of vulnerabilities. Once the testing team has known the exposures, they utilize the ways and tools like actual adversaries to sabotage IoT security. IoT devices carry with them varied interfaces. Hence, command injection, code injection, and input validation are sometimes a number of the focal points of the attack. Testers additionally conduct post-exploitation measures to go away no stones right-side-out and find the misconfigurations within the IoT device answer.

Phase-4: Documentation and reportage

At this last, the pen testing consultants list out all discovered vulnerabilities and share them with the client’s management. They impart at length all doable remedy measures within the report back to upgrade the IoT security posture. 

15. Value Mentor

Each IoT product is completely different and thus it needs a custom approach for testing. However, the common IoT testing procedures embody the following:

  • Attack Surface Mapping

Their team conducts a close attack surface mapping and from that, all attainable entry points for a malicious dedicated wrongdoer are noted down.

  • Firmware Reverse Engineering And Binary Exploitation

It involves Reverse engineering computer code binaries, encoding analysis, Obfuscation techniques that are employed to debug binaries to achieve sensitive information, and Binary reverse engineering and exploitation.

  • Hardware-Based Exploitation

Here security measures enclosed within the hardware are noted down, the communication ports that are used, logic sniffing, and bus meddling. Meddling protection mechanisms, Glitching, and Side-Channel attacks

  • Web, Mobile, And Cloud Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities within the net dashboard, mobile application security problems identification, and exploitation, Platform connected security problems, App reversing, Binary instrumentation techniques to achieve sensitive info, etc., with the assistance of this API primarily based security problems and Cloud-based and vulnerabilities within the back-end systems are noticed.

  • Reporting

Provide a close IoT Penetration Testing report. This report can contain all findings and associated remedy actions to be taken to mend the vulnerabilities.

  • Radio Security Analysis

Assessment of radio communication protocols, Sniffing the radio packets being transmitted and received, Modifying and replaying the packets for device takeover attacks, ECM primarily based attacks, Accessing the encoding key through numerous techniques, Radio communication reversing for proprietary protocols, and assaultive protocol-specific vulnerabilities are undergone.

  • PII knowledge Security Analysis

To ensure that customers’ knowledge ar unbroken with the very best security standards, guaranteeing that no PII info is being leaked through any communication channels, further assessment of data-at-rest and data-at-transit, and Providing you with a PII report

  • Re-Assessment

After the safety patch, a revaluation is conducted to visualize whether or not all problems are resolved and to view any latest vulnerabilities detected.  

16. SoftCheck

SoftScheck is well-versed in IoT security and penetration testing for public and personal firms across numerous industries and sizes. They tend to be equipped with the experience to conduct IoT security testing for the foremost advanced systems. Our team, primarily based out of Singapore, holds shopper satisfaction specifically, and we aim to make trust your cybersecurity partner.

The Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses all merchandise that area unit connected to the net or every alternative. Several makers don’t have any previous expertise with networked devices and are sure to overlook computer code security style. With over fifty billion IoT devices connected to the net, the number of security risks that customers and businesses area unit at risk of facing can increase exponentially.

IoT Penetration Testing (a.k.a. IoT Pentest, IoT VAPT, IoT Pen Testing) tests the protection hygiene of an IoT device. It identifies if a tool may be altered to complete an unauthorized task, whether or not the authentication demand may be simply bypassed or if vulnerabilities may be abused.

An IoT surrounding largely includes the subsequent components: Network, Applications, Firmware, secret writing, and Hardware. The protection testing method for IoT is inherently additional difficult as a result of the additional hardware, software, and communication protocols concerned. Given the variability of IoT devices, each pen-test approach is exclusive and necessitates the ability to hide all attainable bases of attacks on a tool.

18. CyberSrc

They follow a four-phase strategy.


During this part, AN operational surroundings are mentioned and established with the assistance of written/verbal communication & scoping questionnaires, defining:

  • Legislation/compliance obligations associated with pen-testing activities
  • Organizational cybersecurity-needs
  • Which assets of the organization are to be tested and which are excluded
  • Allowed kinds of attacks
  • Testing amount and time zones
  • Means of communication

Attack Surface Mapping

A detailed design diagram of the IoT infrastructure is built, highlighting all the potential entry points AN opposer will use to penetrate. Active & passive OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) techniques area unit utilized in combination with neutral observation actions to gather the maximum amount of data potential concerning the targets to be tested. A lot of the data, the foremost attack vectors is crafted.

Binary & microcode Analysis

The microcode residing within the IoT devices, still like any companion/utility software is reverse-built to find potentially sensitive data. you would like to relinquishment the devices to our analysts for such as the amount of your time, to perform:

  • Application binaries de-compilation
  • Firmware binaries reverse engineering
  • Encryption & obfuscation techniques analysis
  • Used third-party libraries analysis

Software and Hardware Exploitation

The main exploitation activities aim to require management of the IoT device(s) and perform a PoC-manipulation of the services the IoT network provides. These actions include:

  • Assessing hardware communication/interconnection protocols
  • Tampering protection mechanisms
  • Fuzzing & side-Channel attacks
  • Assessment & exploitation of wireless protocols
  • Attacking protocol particular vulnerabilities
  • Web application & API (hosted or cloud) vulnerability exploitation (incl. OWASP Top10)
  • Desktop & Mobile application vulnerability exploitation


Reports are a vital step in a very penetration testing engagement because the cornerstone deliverable offer significant insights concerning the safety posture of your organization, besides remedy recommendation for every detected risk. Their reports are engineered upon the subsequent elements:

  • Executive outline for the management board, C-level executives
  • Intelligence report for mid-level roles
  • Detailed Technical report concerning the findings
  • Prioritized risk-based news
  • Traceability steps for every finding 
  • Security readiness badge 
  • Remediation recommendations

19. Security Bulls

The Internet of Things refers to a physical network of devices and home appliances. It contains alternative things embedded with sensors, software, and natural philosophy. It is often a CHALLENGE TO SECURE THE CONNECTED DEVICES AND NETWORKS within the internet OF THINGS (IoT).

 Their researchers are having years of expertise in IoT Security. Securitybulls’s knowledgeable researchers can assist you to secure your product, our researchers have huge expertise in operating with numerous industries like Medical/care, textile, Automotive, Retail & Ecommerce, Industrial management Systems & SCADA, Home Automation, etc.

 Approach Adopted

Their researchers take a look at the system as a true world assaulter does, the distinction is to AN actual attack is that our testers are authorized to attack servers and services. whereas acting the Penetration testing we tend cowl devices, OS that runs on the devices, software package on the devices, mobile applications, net applications, servers, computer code, etc. Our main focus whereas testing is to recover computer code or growth the device, with this assistance of it, we tend to get data regarding how the system operates.

WHAT are THE KEY advantages?

As per a contemporary analysis, twenty-ninth of organizations have already enforced IoT solutions, and this is often expected to succeed in five hundredths by the start of 2019.

By a survey of a world category magazine, By 2020, the breaches to IoT devices can reach up to twenty-fifth.

As per a survey report, fifty-four IoT device owners don’t use third-party security tools/services to safeguard their devices from outside threads, and thirty-fifths don’t modify the default countersign, exploiting them liable to attack.

20. TBG Security

TBG has compiled a comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) testing methodology supported by OWASP to audit the protection posture of any IoT device. Once testing IoT devices TBG can combat the role of unhealthy actors and commit to subverting the protection controls employed by the manufacturer.

They specialize in distinguishing vulnerabilities threatening the confidentiality, integrity, and handiness of the IoT device.

When conducting an IOT penetration assessment, they appear at the four potential attack vectors that a nasty actor would be targeting. They protect the IoT ecosystem from the following attacks

  •         Attacks against the wireless communication
  •         Attacks against the servers
  •         Attacks against the network
  •         Attacks against the device

Each of those attack vectors is explored to confirm correct security controls are in situ to sight, mitigate, and properly audit access. Anyone of those attack vectors might enable the leak or alteration of wind.

 TBG Security has provided services across a variety of industries from Fortune 50 corporations to government agencies.

It is popular amongst people because of the following reasons:

  •         Offers Reports to the stakeholders
  •         Successful exploits are completely documented
  •         Use the same techniques and tools as today’s hackers
  •         It has trusted advisors for more than 12 years.  

21. Tessolve IoT Security 

The Tessolve IoT Security services are designed on our deep understanding of the most recent test, verification, and security methodologies combined with years of sensible expertise operating with networking protocols, network science, and connected equipment. The main benefits include:

  • Save Time and cash
  • World-class experience
  • Independent and Impartial
  • Global Support
  • Flexible Engagement Model
  • Local and Offshore Resources

 At Tessolve we tend to perpetually follow through on our commitments and keep clear on timescales. We all know a way to balance your budget together with your project objectives. They have a tendency perpetually diligent in their approach and versatile to your dynamical necessities as we tend to perceive however crucial our services are often to your business success.


 The reign of good technology and IoT networks brings magnified accessibility and innovation, however, it conjointly brings magnified cybersecurity issues. Something from Amazon Alexa to a sensible icebox is often hacked, which means any IoT devices enforced into your home or business are in danger of cyberattack.

 Due to this, corporations providing IoT security measures have taken the spotlight.

IoT security involves arming IoT devices with the most recent tools to secure the transfer of knowledge, stop hacking and make sure that privacy standards are maintained. Making certain IoT security protects user personal data and saves prices related to a breach, creating the observation a vital initiative. For this reason, we have compiled a list of top IoT security testing companies.


Company’s Names Services
Rapid7 Threat Modeling, Device Design Consulting, IoT penetration testing, Hardware testing, Protocol testing, Firmware analysis, incident report, and transportation security
Tarlogic Penetration testing services, Cyber security advisors, strengthening ecosystem interfaces, Incorporates NFC, Zigbee, Bluetooth, and Wi-fi to see the security flaws.
TBG Security Network, Application, encryption, Firmware and Hardware
X Force Red IoT Testing Device, Back-end Mobile App testing, Reverse engineering of devices
Nettitude Network, Application, encryption, Firmware and Hardware
Attify Attack surface mapping, firmware reverse engineering, and binary encryption, web mobile and cloud vulnerabilities, radio security analysis, PII data security analysis, report preparation, Re-assessment, IoT secure product certifications.
BreachBlock Attack surface assessments, IoT penetration testing, Hardware penetration testing, Transport layer security
SISA Attack surface audit, IoT pen testing, IoT attack simulation, SCADA, ICS security assessment, report, and remediation
KrickPatrick Device, Back-end Mobile App testing, Reverse engineering of devices
Net SPI Assessing the thick client apps, hard drive encryption, Kiosk escape, Peripheral security, secure memory configuration, breach simulation, vulnerability enumeration, sensitive data, critical system access, physical security control, peripheral firmware, and sensitive information storage.
Security For Everyone Firmware analysis, reverse engineering, static dynamic analysis, app pen testing, and Hardware pen testing
Xiarch Threat modeming, protocol testing, device, design consulting, firmware analysis, IoT pen testing, RCA formulation, and Hardware testing
Sharkstricker IoT Network Security testing, IoT device security testing, wireless security protocol testing, IoT device firmware, and security testing, IoT device app security testing, IoT cloud app security testing
Vumetric Cyber security Integrated system pen testing, IoT mobile ap testing, cloud-hosted API pen testing, communication system testing
Navisec Iot device security testing, IoT network security testing, IoT cloud API security testing, IoT cloud device app security testing , IoT device firmware security testing
Value Mentor Component validation, conditioning validation, function validation, performance validation, security, and data validation, gateway validation
Softs check Device, Back-end Mobile App testing, Reverse engineering of devices
CyberSRC Attack surface mapping, firmware reverse engineering, and binary encryption, web mobile and cloud vulnerabilities, radio security analysis, PII data security analysis, report preparation, Re-assessment, and IoT secure product certifications.
Security Bulls Assessing the thick client apps, hard drive encryption, Kiosk escape, Peripheral security, secure memory configuration, breach simulation, vulnerability enumeration, sensitive data, critical system access, physical security control, peripheral firmware, and sensitive information storage.
Tessolve Integrated system pen testing, IoT mobile app testing, cloud-hosted API pen testing, communication system testing