Mobile app testing companies in 2022

Top Mobile Application Testing Companies in 2022

Mobile apps are quickly becoming the fastest growing industries in the world. Everyone is hooked to their portable devices that give access to limitless information with a mere finger tap. When mobile apps crash or have poor functionality or limited interfaces, people quickly switch to more competitive products.  Mobile app testing companies ensure mobile apps perform as expected and help businesses retain their clientele.

We list the top companies dominating the mobile app testing market:

1. ImpactQA

ImpactQA LogoImpactQA is a Global Leader in Software Testing providing Quality Engineering services to SMEs and Fortune 500 clients from the past 10+ years.  The company has been helping global enterprises in accelerating time-to-market, automating AI-driven solutions, reducing security risks, and improving operational efficiency at the core of digital transformation. Their 300+ experienced professionals and test offerings are spread across the US, UK, Canada, Germany, India, and UAE.

We Provide the following Software Testing Services:
  • Mobile App Testing Services
  • Automation Testing Services
  • Functional Testing Services
  • Performance/Load Testing Services
  • Security/Penetration Testing Services
  • Responsive Testing Services
  • UI/UX Testing Services
  • Regression Testing Services
  • Crowd Browser Testing Services
  • Compatibility Testing Services
  • Cybersecurity Testing Services
  • Accessibility Testing Services
  • Cloud Testing Services
  • IoT Testing Services
  • API Testing Services
  • Localization Testing Services
  • AI/ML Testing Services
Awards & Recognition:
Recognized by GoodFirms, Clutch, Gartner, The Manifest, Software Testing Help, IT Firms, Techreviewer, Superb Companies, Online PR News,  and more, the company has also been awarded as the “global software testing leader” by the Software Testing News/Test Magazine.
Deloitte, Panasonic, Yum Brands, ANA (American Nurse Association), Starbucks, NYRR, Schneider Electric, Terex, Rocket Internet, Delos, Amdocs, Airtel, Learning AZ and more.
We have helped SMEs & Fortune 500 Companies Achieve:
  • Improved App Performance by 60%
  • Increased ROI by 10x
  • Faster Time-to-Market
  • Mobile App Security
  • 100% Test Coverage
  • Cloud enabled IoT Labs
  • Reduced QA Cost
  • QA Consulting/QA Outsourcing


2. Kualitatem

Kualitatem Logo

Kualitatem is an independent software testing company serving clients worldwide. They have an impressive track record of serving Fortune 5000 companies. They employ a strong team of experienced and certified professionals, the latest technologies, research, and development to release innovative solutions. They promise acceleration in testing cycles, reduction in time-to-market, rapid project team mobilization, high speed of delivery, and reduced costs via flexible pricing models. 

Kualitatem offers the following services:

  • Automation Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Responsive Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Platform Compatibility Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Audit, Assurance, and Implementation 
  • Cloud Security Assessments
  • Code Reviews
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security and Risk Assessment
  • Cybersecurity Testing


3. BugEspy


BugEspy provides a bundle of services that deliver optimized software testing solutions to cover any product’s entire lifecycle. They have the most cost-effective services in the global market with a team of highly qualified ISTQB certified QA engineers. They have developed a wide range of experience over many years by working on projects covering a number of business areas, including Education, Transportation, Media & Entertainment, e-commerce and much more. Their mission is to provide quick delivery at affordable prices with autonomous and top-quality solutions while maintaining strict ethical standards.

BugEspy charges around $12-18 /tester-hour.

They offer the following services:

  • Mobile App functional Testing.
  • Mobile App Automation Testing.
  • Mobile App UI/UX Testing.
  • Mobile App Penetration Testing.
  • Mobile App Regression Testing.
  • A dedicated QA team for Mobile App testing.


4. QA Mentor

QA Mentor Logo

QA Mentor is multi-awards winning a CMMI Level 3 SVC + SSD v1.3 appraised, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 20000-1 certified leading software testing company headquartered in New York. With 312 global QA resources in 8 different countries (US, UK, Ukraine, India, France, Romania, Tunisia, Thailand) offering more than 30 QA Testing Services (Functional, Compatibility, Mobile, Usability, API, Automation, Performance, Security) and covering all time zones (5 shifts operations including weekend), QA Mentor is a global leader in Software Quality Assurance and Testing space. Serving 427 clients from Fortune 500 to startups in 28 countries, QA Mentor supports applications in 9 different industries. With unique products propositions from a crowdsourcing platform with a pool of 12,000 crowdsourced testers from 182 countries to our own test management platform – QACoverage and metrics platform QAMometor, unique and economical services offerings and QA education from e-learning and corporate training, QA Mentor continues its growth, expansion, and footprint around the globe.

Our lab equipped with more than 400 mobile devices to cover iOS and Android applications. As part of our mobile application testing package we are offering the following services:

  • Mobile Functional Testing
  • Mobile Compatibility Testing
  • Mobile Integration Testing
  • Mobile Automation Testing
  • Mobile Performance Testing
  • Mobile Security Testing
  • Mobile usability Testing
  • Mobile Localization Testing
  • Mobile Crowdsourcing Testing


5. QualityLogic


Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, USA, QualityLogic recognizes the importance of integrating software and mobile app testing services and making it part of the development process. To truly create quality software and apps requires collaboration between creative developers and a talented QA team—from concept to release.

QualityLogic’s singular passion is helping clients release great, high-quality software and apps — and they have the expertise and experience to make that happen. They’ve been in the QA business since 1986 and have perfected their testing process, so companies can rest assured they’re making the right decision when choosing QualityLogic as their mobile app testing & QA testing company.

QualityLogic has been named a leading software and mobile app testing company by Clutch, GoodFirms, CIO Review, and others and has been recognized for their testing services including:

  • Mobile App Testing
  • Web App Testing
  • WCAG Testing & Certification
  • Accessibility Testing
  • OTT & Streaming Media Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • API Testing
  • Performance & Load Testing
  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Smart Energy Standards Testing
  • eCommerce Testing
  • Exploratory Testing


6. Apphawks

Apphawks is a software testing company from Poznan, Poland. Apphawks provide QA Engineers to test client’s web or mobile application through quick Body & Team Leasing or Project-Based Outsourcing.
Apphawks had a chance already to work with clients from the US, UK, Sweden, Dubai, or the Netherlands, and worked for companies from a wide range of industries: e-commerce, SaaS application, Finance, Healthcare, Education, or Insurance.
From Apphawks, you can get an on-demand QA Engineer or outsource your project, and then Apphawks will take full responsibility for the quality of your application.
Apphawks usually offer middle and long-term relationships. Apphawks have experience working with companies that didn’t have any testing process in-place, but also have background operating with companies that had an in-house QA team.

Core Services: E-commerce Testing, Manual Testing, Automated Testing, Functional & Non-functional testing, Web Application Testing, Mobile Application Testing, QA Outsourcing.

  • Mobile App Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Performance Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • CompartibilityTesting
  • Usability Testing
  • Consulting Services
  • QA Audit
  • Quality Strategy
  • Manual Testing


7. Indium Software

Indium Software is one of the leading mobile application testing companies and offers a wide range of services for various platforms and operating systems. With over 2 decades of experience in Software Testing, Indium has proven experience and expertise working with SMEs, large-scale enterprises, and Fortune 500 clients.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced testers works on our client’s requirement offering business-critical mobile testing services. Indium’s TCoE follows a mix of testing methods and techniques which balances between faster release cycle time, quality and costs.

Some of the testing services offered are:

  • Mobile Compatibility Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Integration & System Testing


8. Testlio

TestlioTestlio is a leader in mobile app testing with clients that include Amazon, American Express, CBS,, Microsoft, and the NBA. With a network of over 10,000 expert testers around the world, robust client services, and a comprehensive software platform, Testlio provides a suite of flexible, on-demand testing solutions. Their services and network of testers help ensure world-class customer experiences in any location, on any device, and in any language.

Testlio services include:
  • Mobile app testing
  • End-to-end testing
  • Usability testing
  • Localization testing
  • Functional testing
  • Payments testing
  • Automated testing



Shift Asia logo

SHIFT ASIA as part of SHIFT group has served clients in greater APAC region, enabling digital transformation and automation for their products with innovative testing tools and tailored customer services. In addition to having a strong backbone and excellent customer service experience, it has over 150 quality engineers, app developers and testers. Their portfolio includes clients in finance, banking, healthcare, travel, e-commerce, gaming verticals with proven methods for each industry.

  • Mobile App Functional Testing
  • Mobile App Automation Testing
  • Mobile App UI/UX Testing
  • Mobile App Penetration Testing
  • Mobile App Performance Testing
  • Mobile App Regression Testing
  • Mobile App Security Testing


10. ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft-logo-1ScienceSoft is a software testing and QA services vendor with 14 years of experience in mobile application testing. The company’s test team that includes ISTQB-certified test engineers is experienced in complex projects. Our project portfolio includes end-to-end testing of a highly ranked mobile banking app, testing of mobile video streaming applications for a TV everywhere provider, and full-cycle testing of a mobile application for car insurance claim estimation. ScienceSoft’s offer includes native and cross-platform mobile application testing. The company’s test engineers balance manual and automated testing efforts to provide the following services:

  • Mobile functional testing
  • Mobile performance testing
  • Mobile compatibility testing
  • Mobile security testing
  • Usability testing
  • Compliance testing.

11. Galaxy Weblinks Inc.

Galaxy Weblinks

Galaxy Weblinks Inc. is a trusted software testing company with having personalized QA team. They have served more than 800+ clients across the globe in nearly 50 countries. With a certified QA team, they deliver outstanding results to the clients utilizing the latest technologies & QA testing tools. They deliver full-cycle mobile testing services ensuring results, timely deliverance, On-Demand Service, Independent & unbiased mobile testing.

We offer the following QA Testing Services For the Clients:

  • Mobile App Testing
  • Automation mobile testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Mobile UX testing
  • Mobile penetration testing
  • Mobile app performance testing
  • Android application testing
  • Automated mobile device testing
  • IOS Automation App Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Cloud Testing

12. QualiTest Group

QualiTest Group is a QA and testing services company. They deliver results by end-to-end management of the entire testing solution. With professional expertise, thousands of completed projects, they promise quality and cost reduction to their clients. For mobile app testing, they check the apps for performance, accessibility, security, and functionality. They do manual testing as well as smart mobile test automation. The firm conducts managed crowd testing generating continuous user feedback. Some of their solutions include:

  • MOAS
  • Independent Testing
  • Managed Crowd Testing
  • Outcome-based Testing
  • Test Environment Management
  • DevOps Testing
  • Qualitest Staffing
  • Right-shore testing
  • Software Testing Consulting
  • Risk Management
  • Testing for Startups
  • Software Testing Projects
  • Testing Knowledge Management


13. QA InfoTech

QA Infotech logo1

QA InfoTech is an independent software testing company providing QA services to start-up companies and Fortune 500s. They perform all types of native, web and hybrid mobile apps testing. Their mobile app testing features test optimization on the basis of mobile device market penetration, usability testing, testing across a wide range of popular devices and operating systems, and mobile lab for device and simulator-based testing. 

QA InfoTech offers the following services:

  • Functional Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Security Testing


14. Thinksys

Thinksys logo

Thinksys is a boutique, e-commerce web, and mobile software development company. With 150+ specialized software testers, using the latest technologies, the firm caters to small, medium and large companies. They provide customized end-to-end mobile app development for various operating software, platforms, and devices. They help businesses speed up time-to-market, reduce risks and get a higher return on investment (ROI). Their services include:

  • Software Development
  • QA Testing
  • Cloud 
  • Interactive Emails
  • DevOps
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • Blockchain Development


15. TestingXperts

Testing Xperts logo

TestingXperts is a QA and software testing company. The firm provides end-to-end testing for mobile apps, including functional, security, performance, compatibility, usability and test automation. Their Mobile Test Lab has 350+ physical and cloud-based devices from leading brands. They have the ability to test across many network carriers, operating systems, browsers, and locations. Some services offered by them are listed below: 

  • Manual Software Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Performance and Load Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Test Advisory Services
  • TCoE Setup
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Digital and Web Testing
  • Agile and DevOps Testing
  • Blockchain Application Testing
  • Data Migration Testing
  • Cloud Testing
  • Data Warehouse and ETL Testing


16. Global App Testing

Global App testing logo

The objective of Global App testing is to help QA and engineering teams tackle challenges in bug tracking to release high-quality software globally. For mobile app testing, the firm tests with real users on real devices in 105+ countries of the world. They use a mix of customized exploratory tests to find new issues and test cases to confirm flows work. Test results integrate with bug tracking software like Jira, spritely, GitHub, Pivotal Tracker, Trello, DoneDone, BaseCamp, and Asana software testing tools. Global App testing provides the following solutions:

  • CIO/ CTO
  • Engineering Teams
  • QA Teams
  • Increase Release Velocity
  • Improve Product Quality
  • Localize QA Coverage
  • Maximize Team Productivity
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Test Case Execution
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Web App Testing


17. Testbytes

Testbytes logo.

Test Bytes is a community of software testers certified in ISTQB, CSTE, CSQA and automation tools. Their processes are based on CMMI, ISO, and Agile best practices. They build reusable automation frameworks, templates, repositories, reports, and recommendations. TestBytes mobile app testing services give an in-depth report on app issues and extensive test coverage for bug tracking. They test the app in real-life scenarios on a wide range of mobile devices. They have modern automation testing resources including Appium, Robotium and Calabash tools.

Test Bytes provide:

  • Mobile App Testing
  • Web App Testing
  • Game Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Security Testing


18. ClicQA

ClicQA logo

Clic QA is an independent software testing company providing Quality Assurance by merging innovation and expertise. The firm helps clients in embellishing their operations, reducing time to market, improving software reliability and maximizing customers. They conduct selenium test automation for mobile apps. They create a comprehensive strategy and implement test automation in an omnichannel environment. The company supports parallel execution and automated mobile compatibility testing with a cloud-based Appium Test Execution platform. They give customized reporting using HTML. ClicQA has expertise in load testing native and hybrid mobile apps. They perform a complete analysis of traffic spikes, mobile app crash analysis, stress and endurance testing for holiday seasons. Clic QA provides the following services:

  • Test Automation Ecosystem
  • Selenium Test Automation
  • Mobile Test Automation
  • Web App Load Testing
  • Mobile App Load Testing
  • Web Services Load Testing
  • Web Application VAPT
  • Mobile App VAPT
  • Network VAPT


19. Think Future Technologies

Think Future Technologies

Think Future Technologies is a leading software development and testing company. TFT provides end-to-end testing for web, mobile apps, including performance functional, security, performance, compatibility, usability, and test automation. 13 years its foundation, the organization has gained a lot of experience and expertise that makes it a trusted partner.
Some of their solutions include:
  • Software Development
  • QA Testing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • RPA
  • Devops
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Internet of Things
  • Blockchain Development

Which software testing company are you likely to pick for testing your mobile app?

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