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Top 20+ Performance Testing Companies [Ranked in 2024]

Last updated on April 5th, 2024 at 09:09 am

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Performance testing can be defined as a type of testing which is conducted to gauge the performance of software applications under immense workload to identify glitches and deal with them in the best possible manner. In this fast-paced era of technological advancements, end-users expect a smooth software experience. Performance testing services ensure the robustness of the software applications by checking it’s:

  • Speed
  • Scalability
  • Stability

This data informs stakeholders regarding work that needs to be done before the product rolls out in the market. Without performance testing, the software is likely to suffer issues such as slow running, inconsistencies across various operating systems and poor usability. Performance testing is critical for applications such as space launch programs or life-saving medical equipment etc. Furthermore, performance testing services help you:

  • Overcome deficiencies caused by conventional testing
  • Increase the efficiency of testing
  • Reduce the cost of post-release defects
  • Ensure the quality of the software
  • Assure the system reliability
  • Reduce resource utilization

List of the top Performance and Load Testing Companies

1) QA Mentor

QA Mentor has over 30 Performance Test Engineers ready to support Load, Stress, Performance testing for web-based, mobile, and client-server applications. Our Performance Testing and  Performance Engineering and Optimization services are here to help you professionally analyze, find, and resolve performance bottlenecks that could be holding your company back. By using end-to-end performance measurement, our highly skilled performance engineers can gauge the capability of your current system, pinpoint and analyze resource consumption, and assess the system’s performance against non-functional requirements. Trying to optimize a system without adequate measurements is foolhardy, so it’s critical to measure the correct things. QA Mentor will work with you to determine the problem or problems you are trying to solve and measure the associated functions to come to a complete diagnosis. We have expertise in the following performance testing tools: Jmeter, Blazemeter, Neoload, LoadRunner, Octoperf, WebLoad, LoadComplete and many others.

The process followed by QA Mentor includes the following steps:

  • Deciding on the definition of heavy and normal loads of your app
  • Deciding the definition of heavy and normal data relocation for your app
  • Planning the possible business growth
  • Plan tests to authenticate system performance for every defined load
  • Conduct tests, set benchmarks and collect important data
  • Offer a report for test outcomes

2) QualityLogic

Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, USA, QualityLogic recognizes the importance of integrating performance testing services into the development process. They understand that creating exceptional software requires collaboration between creative developers and a talented QA team—from concept to release.

Load performance for your website is one of the most important aspects of the user experience which is why it is vital that your system is capable of handling any amount of web traffic as you grow. Your website success is only as good as your load performance and QualityLogic has the experience and know-how to provide performance testing to make sure your website success is sustainable.

QualityLogic’s singular passion is helping clients release great, high-quality software — and they have the proven expertise and experience to make that happen. With more than 5,000 completed projects and 35+ years of QA and software testing experience, QualityLogic has perfected their performance testing process, so companies can rest assured they’re making the right decision when choosing QualityLogic as their software & performance testing company.

The performance testing methodology adopted by QualityLogic is as following:

  • Developing from virtual users at stepped levels to act out a variety of loads.
  • Starting performance and load testing via directly AI call level and user interface
  • Working out on various access routes under progressed loads to authenticate a graceful failure
  • Recording performance degradations and anomalies under various load levels
  • Organizing your IT group to device the server array being tested

3) Cigniti

Cigniti is a well-known load and performance testing company that provides services for cloud databases, mobile databases, distributed systems, web, and client servers. It entails endurance tests, stress tests, load tests, baseline tests, and capacity tests.

This company offers in-depth recommendations and analyses for performance enhancements. It provides cloud-based performance testing that guarantees concurrent-user scalability for the utility and energy industry.

4) Thinksys

Thinksys is a US-headquartered software development company offering end-to-end testing services. Thinksys offers its services to organizations of all sizes. Major names include Shutterstock, Proactive, and Roto-rooter. Its core services include DevOps, Big Data and Analytics, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain. As of 2018, the company made a total revenue of $3.5 million.

The performance test services at Thinksys include:

  • Load testing services
  • Stress testing services
  • Volume testing services
  • Spike testing services
  • Scalability testing services
  • Web service performance testing services

5) Kualitatem

Kualitatem is an award-winning firm and one of the top players globally in testing services which has been present in the market for over a decade. It works with solution vendors such as McAfee, IBM, HP, and Symantec. It provides good quality services at affordable pricing. As a professional performance tester, Kualitatem thoroughly reviews the application’s performance and designs in-depth performance strategies according to the need of technical and business managers of the firm.

The process followed at Kualitatem includes the following steps:

  • Collection of business requirements
  • Planning and strategizing performance test matrices
  • Defining and designing test scenarios
  • Execution of test scenarios
  • Analysis of results

6) Cybage

Headquartered in India, Cybage is an outsourced product company providing testing, consulting, and product engineering services. Services of Cybage spreads in all the domains like IT services, CRM, E-commerce, offshore, etc. Cybage has been helping its customers maximize ROI and reduce the time to market by using world-class tools, effective methodology, and proper environment. As of 2018, the company earned a total revenue of $4 million.

The main services include:

  • Performance need analysis
  • Platform and tool fitment
  • Strategizing the performance test
  • Performance model application
  • Optimization and Analysis
  • Test Service Range
  • Highlights

7) A1QA

The company is headquartered in Lakewood, CO. A1QA aims to provide distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements to its client’s business. With over 600 QA professionals on board and over 15 years of experience in providing services across a range of verticals, A1QA has built up a reputation for quality and reliability. Its major clients include Genysis, Adidas, and Expedia. The company’s yearly revenue amounts to $2 million.

The service range under performance testing includes:

  • Load testing
  • Stress testing
  • Scalability testing
  • Stability testing
  • Configuration testing
  • Volume testing

8) ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft is one of the top performance testing companies. With over 30 years of experience in software testing and 16+ years in QA consulting, ScienceSoft has been providing software development solutions to more than 40 countries around the globe. ScienceSoft is dealing with companies of all sizes from various industries. Its clientele includes big names such as IBM, Nestle, Microsoft, Oracle, and T-Mobile. It’s a trustworthy provider of performance testing offering automated load, stress, and scalability testing. The company consists of 500+ employees, including 75 full-time ISTQB certified QA professionals.

9) Infosys

Infosys is a quality assurance testing company that aims to provide outstanding performance engineering services. It is considered one of the outstanding performance testing companies that assists you to adopt DevOps or agile in your organization. This company makes effective use of technology to overcome difficulties related to performance testing. This also assists the company to deliver a future-proof system.

10) XB Software

XB Software is a software testing and quality assurance service provider that assists you to develop bug-free and user-friendly software. It has a team of dedicated quality assurance engineers that execute the app testing.

XB software provides a software testing cycle that entails phases of creating a project. This company checks every single element of your software for perfect performance.

 11) JadeGlobal

It is an information technology company that offers end-to-end quality assurance services to its customers. It focuses on performance testing, components level, spirit level, and code. This firm entails streaming services, web services, networks, and enterprise applications.

The company JadeGlobal has expertise in utilizing different tools, incorporating Neoload, Blaze Meter, and Apache JMeter, and much more. The teams working in this particular company have experience in stress and validating testing apps.

12) KiwiQA Services

KiwiQA plays an imperative role in providing in-depth analysis with recommendations for enhancing performance. It assesses the performance of the components in the system under various loads. This company offers rapid software, website, or app release under test. It provides the customer with an in-depth analysis of the software app.

The process includes the following stages

  • Studying the requirements and connected needs
  • Planning and preparation of actionable items in line with customer requirements
  • Analysis of organized actionable items
  • Developing solution
  • Iterating reports and conducting performance testing analysis

13) Powertest

It is an organization that offers effective and efficient solutions only for load testing software. It provides a malleable performance testing service that helps you to attain your business objectives.

Powertest incorporates a good variety of tools that entail Micro Focus Silk Performer, SOASTA CloudTest, and HP Load Runner. It offers remote services that permit you to provide standards and requirements. It performs a test on the internet via tools available or propels performance engineers at your premises.

14) QAwerk

It is a famous software company that offers performance testing services to its customers. It permits you to improve the procedure of developing and implementing test cases. This company assists you to determine the best configuration of equipment. It provides a facility to assess the system reaction and performance in the present time with altering modifications.

QAwerk can spot long response time and slow loading, system reliability problems, and poor scalability. This software testing company also defines the number of people working concurrently under the acceptance of app load.

15) Testvox

It is a performance testing company that permits you to put on the system behavior with zero issues. It allows you to observe public and private third-party APIs.

This company performs load and stress testing on Windows and Linux operating systems. It assists you to meet the scalability and stability needs of the software. Testvox also assesses the performance and network compatibility of the software with the hardware.

16) NTT DATA Services

NTT DATA Services is an organization that emphasizes the functional features of a testing sample app. It assists you to improve your app or software quality. This firm allows you to market your product quicker with a cost-effective solution.

NTT DATA services guide you to enhance your machine learning, big data, artificial intelligence, enhance the quality by utilizing automation, and enhance business Return on Investment (ROI). The company has a team with a complete understanding of risk, SLA, program performance, and KPI (Key Performance Indicators).

17) TestingXperts

This company specializes in performance and quality assurance testing. It assists customers to decrease production defects by offering them a quality service. It entails a team of modern testers who specialize in CD/CI, shifts left methodologies, and test automation.

18) Qualitest

It is a quality Assurance Company that provides performance testing services to its customers. It assists you to enhance your procedures and software quality with innovative and automation tools. This firm entails a tester team that allows you to manage software testing with zero hassle. QualiTest assists you to attain your quality assurance objectives. This company provides rapid and on-demand testing services with artificial intelligence.