Gravel in Your Landscape

10 Benefits for Gravel in Your Landscape

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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Gravels are small pebbles formed by weathering and erosion of boulders in the strong river water flow. These pebbles are then collected on the riverside and used for various purposes, including decoration. In those areas that do not have naturally formed gravel, people form them by crushing heavy rocks using heavy machinery or manually.

The size range is somewhere between 4mm to 64mm. These are used as decorative materials for gardens around shrubs and trees. They have a long life because they can bear extreme weather conditions and look very pretty throughout. In this article, we will discuss and acknowledge the advantages of using gravel in your landscape.

Easy to install and maintain

The gravel installation is effortless, and you only need to excavate around 5cms of the area beforehand to assemble on the space. It takes minimal time, energy, and money to upkeep the gravel in your lawns. You have to put them on once, and it goes on for years and years with little or maybe no maintenance at all.

Viable in extreme weather conditions

These decorative gravels prove to be a boon for its users as they are viable in all weather conditions, be it heavy rains, snow, summer, or winter. They are the best to cover the soil that is resistant to any plant growth. There is a general problem of erosion of soil and waterlogging in heavy rainfall areas, which makes the plants drown or leech. Other than letting high volumes of the water drain away easily, these also retain moisture to help plants have a healthy growth.


Decorating your landscape seems an interesting idea unless you understand the expenses behind it; that is where gravel comes to your rescue. They are not expensive, rather very budget-friendly, and come with a long life with lesser maintenance expense.

Versatility in use

When one thinks of gravel, the first thought comes as gravel roads or decorating the parking lots, but they can be used in multiple ways to bring new ambiance to your workplace or home lawns. They bring an antique and natural layout to the gardens both at the house and in workplace buildings. As they are available in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors, you can use them as per your needs.

Elegant Walkways

Using gravel to light up your walkways, be it in business or at home, gives a unique texture to the walkways. They look classy and elegant, at the time adding color and depth to your house or workplace.

Classy Driveways

Gravel Supplier in Perth has agreed that using gravels to decorate your driveways has proved to be a great idea. People who have paved driveways use gravel around the edges, mostly in their business properties. The gravel decoration helps them portray their class and taste in things resulting in maintaining a reputation in the market.


You can easily find the kind of gravel you need as per the purpose you want them to serve. You can have different gravel for the driveway, a different color, or a texture for using it as a divider for flower beds.

Durability and texture

Gravel may not match the strength of pavers, but the texture that it displays is amazing. The earthy feel and shining texture of the pebbles give a classy touch to the property overall.

Various types

Gravel is available in many types, textures, sizes, colors and all of them serve a different purpose. You can choose Man-made gravel for your driveways, walkways, or high traffic areas, whereas river gravel is good for gardens. Cobbles is another variety that is larger and is used for adding color and texture to any dull-looking area in your gardens. They are a bit hard to walk on. Therefore, they can easily be used to add elegance.

Keeps the pests away

Landscaping gravel does not attract any pests other than those who like to hide under stones, but they also move away as and when their food source is finished. Compared to mulch, gravel proves to be a lot better choice for adding depth and texture to your house or workplace. Additionally, gravel does not even decompose, thus reducing your effort to refill the landscape area repeatedly.

Final Words

If you have not already thought about adding gravel into your landscape for decoration and depth, you should do it now. This way, you will reduce your expenditure on making a beautiful garden by a big percentage and save a lot of maintenance money in the long run. Gravel does not decompose, so you do not have to change it often, and also it saves the soil from eroding. Additionally, gravel is a very good drainer, meaning it effortlessly lets out the water without letting it clog, damage, and drown the plants.