11 Technologies that a Programmer Should Learn in 2021

11 Technologies that a Programmer Should Learn in 2021

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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Working in a computer or development industry is a venture highly sought after by many people in the world. Employees and employers alike come across the need for advanced computer skills one way or another. For employers, having a computer specialist or developer is a matter of sheer need as we’re living in the age of computers today, and everything is related to that. For employees, working in the computer or software production industry is highly rewarded, so, missing out on such an opportunity is not reasonable at all. Still, technology changes rapidly now, so it’s important to stay relevant to stay paid.

Keeping Up With Tech Development

The computer technology of the 21st century is peculiar to be powerful enough to sustain most of our needs. From sending massive amounts of newsletter emails to collecting only the relevant reviews at TranslationReport to completely replacing the production plants completely, almost everything gets covered. Another peculiar thing about technology is that it develops rapidly. If you studied software development just a few years ago, you might find some of your skills simply irrelevant. Simply learning one or two programming languages is far from enough for a very long time now. Here’s what you should know today to be the relevant and wanted programmer.

  1. Data structure and algorithms. Essentially, the era of particular programming languages has gone now. The thing is that there are hundreds of computer languages out there and it’s obviously impossible to learn them all. Yet, if you’re able to learn the logic of operations, you’ll be able to quickly learn what you need and be ready to go and work fast enough.
  2. Git and Github. With modern software projects becoming so huge, they are handled by large teams of specialists. You need to learn the basics of version control tools. Luckily, Git has taken the majority of the market, so you can learn how to handle it for free pretty fast.
  3. Blockchain. With the future of money relying on cryptocurrency, the use and development of blockchain will likely be very demanded in the future. Mastering how this tech works on the back end will definitely get you a great job.
  4. Deep learning and AI. Artificial intelligence is almost everywhere now. It can learn to make the translations at language services, such as TheWordPoint, as precise as possible. It can learn your habits and optimize your routine. It can even paint pictures, compose music, and imitate speech. There’s no reason to say why, as a programmer, you should learn how this technology works.
  5. JavaScript, Python, and Java. As this is a programming skills list, there must be some programming languages on it. nothing original here though, these three languages have been in relatively high demand for quite a long time now, and lots of apps and web content are developed in these languages in particular.
  6. SQL. The main database language today, SQL (pronounced as “sequel”) is a must-have skill for any programmer working with databases (which is essentially every programmer there is). There’s nothing special about this programming language, yet it requires a deeper understanding of databases and structures (see point 1).
  7. Container tools. Again, because modern software technology develops rapidly, it becomes extremely diverse. So, developing and testing in different environments becomes inevitable. That is exactly the issue solved by various container tools, such as Docker or Kubernetes. Mastering these will reserve you a better job for sure.
  8. Virtual reality. While virtual reality is essentially the means of programming computer graphics, there are lots of specifics to that. Programming languages used for writing the VR engines, architecture of such a code, and how it all can be developed in different environments, all these points certainly deserve attention.
  9. Cloud computing. With lots of data being stored using cloud technology, knowing how to operate this kind of storage on the back end as well as how to optimize its work are the skills essential today.
  10. UNIX. Essentially, operating a UNIX server allows you to administer any computer system on nearly any UNIX-structured operating system. And surprise-surprise, all popular modern operating systems work on UNIX.
  11. Quantum Computing. For those interested more in hardware, Quantum computers is something everybody should learn. Basically, these are the computers of the future that will likely be used only in the most advanced facilities and after that, everywhere.

Gathering Your Stuff

Depending on what kind of niche you plan to occupy, you might need different skills. Yet, some of the skills that appeared as innovative and the novel just a few years ago are essential today. This can only mean that modern computer technology is extremely fast-paced and it’s very important to keep up with it. Being able to gather the essential toolkit for today might not be enough, it’s important to pack beforehand in order to get a relevant and decent job in the future.