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15+ Best Mobile App Ideas to Create in 2020

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:30 am

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Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine our lives without smartphones and mobile apps. Through mobile phones, we watch Netflix or videos on YouTube, play our favorite games like Fortnite or Minecraft, and even capture our important life events, sharing photos on Instagram or Facebook. Mobile apps make our life more convenient and exciting, help us to express ourselves and communicate with our friends at ease. 

Along with the trending app ideas, here you can learn more about mobile app development that wins users’ hearts and minds.

But if you look for the idea for your mobile app project, have a look at our list! We’ve picked up more than 15 of them that will help you scale your business or startup in 2020. 

Toxicity Detection App

Imagine that you buy a cosmetic product where you don’t know anything about its content and only by scanning a barcode, you can do this. That is why a toxicity detection app must be a surefire solution to develop your mobile app. This software will help you check how many toxic and allergic elements your cosmetic product contains (it must be a scale of degree between 0 and 10). Red, yellow, and green colors can suggest whether you should buy this product or not (‘red’ – no; ‘yellow’ – it’s possible; ‘green’ – yes).     

AR Interior or Landscape Design App

By using AR technology, an app will allow users to upload photos of a room or a space that they want to redesign. Also, if they want to make some changes, they can add colors, lighting, and furniture.

VR Tours and Travel App

Virtual reality provides the opportunity to travel without leaving your house. There are many VR apps on the market that will allow you to experience a foreign country and its sights, museums, restaurants, and so on from your house. You only need to wear your VR headset to see all that!

Disaster Alerts App

This app type sends automatic alerts in case of natural disasters in the place where users live or want to travel. It contains contact information, directions, and other important data about shelters, hospitals, fire departments, police stations, etc. 

GPS Car Parking App

Parking spots are hard to find, but with the GPS-based app, users can quickly and efficiently find them during rush hours.

Ringer Restorer App

Sometimes it happens with you that you forget to turn off the sound of your phone during a business meeting. But with a ringer restorer app, you can do it automatically. You only need to set the right time for that (for example, equal to the movie length in the cinema).

Loaned Money Tracking App

When you are outing together with your friends, it is difficult to track who owes whom the money for such group activities such as going to a cafe or a cinema. This app helps you track your expenses and how much you’ve already spent. Thus, you won’t forget who owns whom. 

Personal Graphic Organizer App

Organize your thoughts and plan projects on the fly with visualization tools. A graphic map is another helpful instrument that organizes your ideas with schemes and colors that can be easily placed on Dropbox.  

Smart Alarm App

This alarm clock analyzes your sleep cycle and wakes you up at the right time. So, if you want to be in a cheerful mood and organize your day better, this smart alarm app is for you!

Book Reviews and Recommendation App

This app will help you to take a picture of a book that interests you and then it gives personalized suggestions of what you should read next. 

Barter Exchange App

The exchange of goods is one of the earliest practices that will never lose its relevance. This app is designed to facilitate the process of exchanging things like clothes, gadgets, tools, and much more. 

Social Communication App

The app connects you with random people all over the world and allows you to learn about a foreign culture in real-time. It’s possible to do this via a video link where you can practice a new language, or connect with your future travel mates. 

Video Game App

It is an app where users play computer games on smartphones, laptops, and TV screens. 

Social Help App

This app type is developed for those users who experience psychological or life problems like breakup or stress at a job. They can share their life difficulties with mental health professionals or people who have the same issues.  

Health Check-up and Food Planner App

This application will help you to check your health and nutrition to stay healthy. You can customize the provision of your content in accordance with your health situation. For example, if you want to reduce weight, you will get recommended low-calorie recipes. 

Virtual Study Group App

Students can meet and prepare for exams by using this app type. Also, they can find and share with each other training materials, guides, and other materials for educational purposes. 

Supermarket Checkout App

No one likes to wait in a long line at a retail store. This application will allow you to scan products on your mobile phone and pay for them just in one click.

So, here are some useful ideas for your future mobile app. We hope that your development projects will make people’s lives easier and help them become healthier.