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3 Car Fixes you Should Not Try at Home

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:23 am

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When your car goes on the blink, it can be a real pain. Many drivers find it even worse to have to drag their vehicle all the way to the nearest mechanic! Worries about cost, time and future expenses can cloud our judgement – in this situation, we might consider attempting some car fixes ourselves.

While certain pesky problems can be easily handled in your home garage – such as blowing up a tyre or filling up the windscreen wash – others cannot! In any case, absolutely do not try the following car repair tasks at home.

Fixing the radio

Some car radios break easy, and often. It’s tempting to handle the issue yourself, but messing around with electrics as an unqualified civilian is a terrible idea! You could short circuit the wiring, electrocute yourself, or begin an electrical fire.

With electrics, it’s too easy to make a mistake, and the most minor of errors could cost you and your car. Rather than repairing the radio yourself, get in touch with car audio specialists who will be able to fix your vehicle’s radio without a fuss.

The cambelt

Attempting a repair of the cambelt or timing belt – a central part of your engine – is a seriously difficult job. This is a repair that requires several moving parts to be removed and replaced, undamaged. You also need to be aware of the correct alignment of the belt, and the pressing risk of oil leaks. As this is a vital component for your car’s engine, not to mention a complex undertaking, please don’t try to undertake this particular repair job at home!

Shock absorbers and suspension

As people alter the suspension of their cars often, suspension repairs might seem deceivingly easy to manage. If only this were true! The repair of your shock absorbers and suspension is anything but easy, and usually requires specialist equipment, such as spring compressors, that only trained professionals have in their possession. These are things you can’t buy at the local store!

As with all the car fixes listed above, suspension repairs have the potential to go dangerously wrong. It’s best to steer clear, and hand your car in to the garage, so that people who know what they’re doing can work on it.

Forget about DIY

We know it’s hard to resist the urge to do a DIY job yourself, but it’s best to leave car fixes to the professionals. In the long term, you could do your car more harm than good, and cost yourself a boatload of money that could otherwise be saved.

Place your faith in the right professionals, and you can have faith that they will get the job done right, first time of asking! Consider our own MOT test centre in Grays, for example. Here at Advanced Service Centre, a team of experienced mechanics and industry professionals will look at your car and immediately diagnose the problem. They offer a swift, cost-effective solution while they’re at it!

Before you know it, the job will be done, and your car will be fixed. For a more detailed discussion of what all that could involve, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Advanced Service Centre team today, via phone or email.