QA Teams Regarding Test Automation

5 Ambiguities Encountered By QA Teams Regarding Test Automation

Last updated on April 5th, 2024 at 09:36 am

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Test automation is the most popular trend in software testing even after three years of its ordinary adoption. It is the one reliable technique for any organization to attain true agile techniques and Continuous Integration or Continuous Deployment methods but regardless of its understandable ability, it is a thing that the majority of companies still struggle with. A few of the extremely qualified quality assurance technicians can even misstep upon different issues when applying and functioning with test automation. Therefore, organizations look for the best test automation companies.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting to you five difficulties that the quality assurance team members encounter regarding the test automation process.

When You Set Impractical Opportunities For Automation Testing

The majority of the quality assurance testing providers are very much experienced in the advantages of test automation. Some of the prominent benefits incorporate; saving efforts, time, and resources. Therefore, the natural conclusion one can extract is that test automation can be proven as a Band-Aid to assist with testing efficiency enhancement. This is not true at all. You must not set any sort of unrealistic expectations. They can weaken the testing procedure. This will also put you at the risk of having a load of so many test cases at one time.

Utilizing The Incorrect Set of Tools

There are a plethora of options available in the market nowadays. Selecting the correct tool selection is very difficult and it creates confusion among the testers. Your test automation would not be as effective as you have expected it to be in the absence of the right test automation tool. Sometimes, companies look for the best test automation companies to get their testing done.

Overlooking The Important Test Cases and Automation of Impractical Tests

Unluckily, when it incorporates automation, quality assurance teams sometimes start by automating the test cases randomly. This leads to the lowest test case coverage and so many useless tests. Other than this, there is also a risk of not providing coverage to imperative situations. This leaves gaps in software quality.

Wrong Testing Time To Conduct Testing

Nowadays, the majority of companies still view testing as something that should be executed as a step after completion of the development. Therefore, most software and app development companies’ quality assurance teams start their job after the project has been completed. They are not aware that this outdated approach increases the overall cost and does not guarantee top product quality. It does not allow the quality assurance teams to assess the entire layer appropriately. This does not allow more time for the evaluation of the app.

No Proper Testing

This is one of the trickiest among all the issues of test automation. This issue arises due to the shortage of correct testing techniques that take place when quality assurance experts believe in the automation of excessive amounts and focus on passing tests rather than finding bugs. It can be said that automation provides a false security sense. It is exciting to scale responsibility and human intervention when automation tests are executed repeatedly for outcomes. This approach can also prove to be unsuccessful due to ineffective and inconsistent testing and poor test design.


There are many businesses that view test automation as a one-stop fix for nearly all their issues. It is significant to remember that it is not an easy job.  This process has very unreal expectations that can successfully undo the complete procedure. Luckily, all of these issues can easily be resolved by the test automation companies. It is imperative to realize that automation cannot be the only solution for all of the problems. Therefore, it is very important to understand the requirements where they can be effective and execute them in parallel with development after opting for the correct testing tool. Some businesses also reach out to test automation companies. This will enable you to maximize testing efforts in order to meet your business objectives.