5 Best Data Recovery Software for Windows 10 in 2021

5 Best Data Recovery Software for Windows 10 in 2021

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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Data recovery tool is the program that helps you get back the files deleted from your computer or any other storage place. Software like this has been developed due to frequent cases of data loss and accidental deletion of valuable information, as well as because of viruses and hard drive failures. 

In reality, the three biggest causes of data loss include human mistakes, hardware issues, and computer viruses. To see the whole list of reasons, read 10 Common Causes of Data Loss published by Consoltech.  

The need for such instruments in the contemporary working routine is obvious. Due to the fast workflow and its increased volume, we can often erase vital media files. Cases of device breakdown can also come unpredictably. So, this read describes the most trustworthy data restoring tools for Windows 10 that don’t require much knowledge or skills to use them. 

Sure-Fire Data Recovery Software You Must Have on Your Side: Top 5 Apps

If you have already tried to restore the files with the help of standard Windows tools and didn’t succeed, see the second part of the article about all ways to recover deleted files from Windows 10

Whether your situation requires a complete disk recovery or just a one file saving operation, here is the set of programs that are proven as effective.

1. Disk Drill Data Recovery App.  

Here you can take control of practically any data loss case. A very beginner-friendly app will allow you to restore files from solid-state drives, hard drives, HDD and USB flash drives, SD cards, cameras, or phones. Disk Drill features we like are:

  • Supporting over hundred file formats for no pay. 
  • Quick scans. 
  • 500 MB of files for free recovery.
  • Data protection features (with Recovery Vault).
  • The super-convenient preview feature.
  • Running on both Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10) and Mac OS.

Disk Drill is able to recover any kind of file, including RAR, ZIP, and 7Z archives, text documents, images, videos, and audio. All in all, Disk Drill supports over 82 formats of pictures, 134 formats of documents, which makes more than three hundred formats in total. See Disk Drill Data Recovery to download the app. 

2. OnTrack Easy Recovery. 

This program comes in several editions, which is useful if you choose OnTrack for personal or corporate use. Its free version is generous enough to give 1 GB of files available for testing. 

The Home edition is meant for recovery after file deletion or virus, while the Professional edition deals with complex cases requiring disk image creation or storage place cloning. For those of you who are technically advanced, there are Toolkit and Technician editions to work with RAID volumes, using Mac OS, Windows, or Linux and already coming with licenses. 

3. DMDE Free Tool. 

What makes this tool stand out is that it’s portable, i.e., it can be carried on a USB drive and running on every device. Plus, it goes further than just simple file recovery and lets you protect whole disks or their partitions, too. Its high success rating makes it worth trying. One minus of DMDE is the tangled interface that appears annoying if you’re in a hurry.   

4. CrashPlan. 

Despite the complicated recovery operations it performs, CrashPlan is a really simple instrument offering not only emergency assistance but steady protection of your device. CrashPlan is good data recovery software for Small Businesses. 

It is unrivaled in its reports about deleted files and can restore all in one, starting with the newest and finishing with the oldest documents. The app is thoughtful about future cases of data loss, so it stores files you remove, just in case (however, you can switch this feature off).

5. PC Inspector by Softonic.

This is another example of a data recovery app with a difficult interface but great results in the restoration of files and partitions. Even if files weren’t seen in Windows, PC Inspector would make it. It is especially valued for excellent work with non-popular file formats such as FAT or FAT32.

So, if you didn’t know how to recover deleted files from Windows 10, now you know! Use this top software and enjoy cloudless work on your device, knowing that there is always a backup plan.