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5 Mobile App Features that Every Users Want

Last updated on April 7th, 2024 at 12:35 pm

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The ever-growing increase in smartphones has led to the usage of mobile applications more than ever. With the advancement in technology, the power of app has surged and by the end of 2020 mobile apps are forecast to generate around $189 billion in revenue.

Time spent on the app by adults in the United States is 2 hours 41 minutes per day according to eMarket study. The usage of mobile apps has never been as much as in 2017. The reason is that most of the apps offer the convenience of using the mobile instead of any manual effort or PC. Take an example of reading an eBook or paying your utility bill from the convenience of your home.

However, for a Mobile Application Development Solution provider, there are certain aspects that need to be considered in order to engage customers largely. If you are in mobile app development and want to engage the customers, make sure to consider these factors while developing.

Offering Rich Experience

When it comes to mobile apps, the best way to increase engagement is to focus on design. The richer the experience you give to the users, the more frequently will it be accessed and downloaded.

Few of the companies often ignore the user experience aspect and develop an app because the competitors have one. However, the app is more than a need – it is the brand that spreads across the globe and creates awareness. If you are wasting time, money, and resources to duplicate a mobile browsing experience, do not take the pain and let the company run without having an app.

Smooth Checkout

When it comes to online shopping through a mobile app, the checkout process should be smooth and flawless. Make sure to eliminate all the unnecessary fields and ask only for the appropriate information. For instance, if only name and email address are required to checkout, why would you ask someone to give info about occupation, state, and address? Moreover, the buttons and fields need to be optimized in such a way that makes it easy to select and tap.

Personalized Experience

Nowadays, brands focus on offering a user experience that is more personal and offer them ease of use. However, offering personalization in a saturated market is not as easy as it seems to be.

Personalization depends on factors like demographics, psychographics, and the location of the user. For instance, an e-commerce store can show products according to the previous searches the user has made or the past purchases. In this way, the users feel more connected and inclined towards your brand.

Ease of Use

Simplicity and ease of use are other factors that need to be considered while developing a mobile app. If you are developing an app for your business, make sure to offer simplicity and get your app to the point.

For instance, if you are developing a mobile app that is centered towards health users might have the feature of buying proteins and supplements but do not need any weather forecast ticker. The core purpose of your app is to provide ease, instead of distracting the users in something that is not related to their business.

Smooth Navigation

You have developed a great app, with an awesome user experience and everything on the board to facilitate users. However, if you have not considered offering smoother navigation, no one will ever open your app.

You must minimize the clicks and actions to make the navigation smooth. Using a mobile app scrolling and clicking is not similar to that of a PC or laptop. Make sure to keep the clicks to the minimum without eliminating the core function of your app.


Before developing a mobile app for your business(you can find more about app development business here Latest Businesses), make sure to consider these factors seriously. An app is for the sake of offering convenience to the user and not to put them in difficulty and challenges.