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5 Mobile App Marketing Strategies for Your Startup

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:28 am

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Are you the person who is starting up mobile app-based earnings? Or recently develop an app. And you can not get the process of doing the perfect mobile app-based marketing strategies. App selling is not a matter of building a multifunctional app. It is also the issue of planning excellent valuable marketing strategies.

Thousands of mobile applications are developing each year. So the competition of learning new apps is becoming a new trend. The more we started to promote android app, the more we made our lives more dependent on mobile android technologies.

If you want to stick on your ground in the big world of the android mobile app-based technical world. Mobile app marketing is the only way by which you can stay in the competition.

Why Is Social Media Important For The Beginners?

From the 2019 report, almost 209 billion apps are downloaded through android phones. That number is increasing as time passes. In 2018 the no was just 194 billion. And with these records, we all know how much growth can happen in a single year.

You can see the massive growth of the mobile apps market, which means you already have a big market for your products. All you have to do is just implement a perfect plan and strategies to make a good advertisement for your apps.

5 Easy Mobile App Marketing Strategies For The Beginners

The startup business persons are making many mistakes. They only can build the app, and then they simply upload it in the google play store. This is not the proper way to make a grand entrance for your app.

The perfect way of marketing can change all the scenarios of launching any new apps.

Here are some basic tips for beginners to improve their marketing strategies.

1. Track The Targeted Audiences

Reading the audiences is the first step of tracking. Tracking the needs of the audience means knowing your customers and the viewers from a closer distance. You have to start this process before beginning to develop your apps.

More information about your audiences helps you know your customer’s needs and niches when becoming aware of your audience’s basic requirements. Your app’s design will be more comfortable.

The audience’s preferred area information will help you understand the app’s required features, which you have to develop.

Knowing your audience means less chance of mistakes when you are planning the designing part of the apps. It will help you to deliver the app with a perfect presentation.

2. Analyze The Competitors Activity

This also plays an essential part in your advertisement plannings. The unknown enemy is always riskier than the well-known enemy. You must start studying your competitors even before you start to develop your apps.

The competitor’s tact analysis will help you make your own marketing strategies. The competitor’s activity analysis is one of the most important parts when you are planning to make a path towards app-based profits. You only have to plan better approaching techniques from your competitors.

After analyzing the viewer’s requirements, the competitor’s activity monitoring will help you understand its roles and features. And your next marketing strategies building will be easier as you both are targeting the same set of audiences.

3. Improve The SEO

Most of the new app developers are giving their apps to the google play store or any other app store. But as you are new in these fields, you do not know how your designed app will be in the viewer’s preference list.

The perfect keywords and the content will help you in this matter. Better SEO techniques will help you to build up these types of content. The app title description and the advertisements are the basic features of the perfect SEO based system.

The targeted keywords and the product description is responsible for getting a higher ranking in the Google rankings. As we all know, google high ranking leads to a higher ranking in the app store.

4. Incorporate ASO

Almost 70% of people are downloading the apps while they are just surfing the app stores. The app’s front page is playing the most significant part of it. The viewers are searching on the basis of their requirements, and the app store is leading the viewers towards the required fields.

The viewers are searching on the basis of their apps functions. If you can, create the product description contents using the product keywords.

In ASO, the right pictures, icons, and titles with authentic product descriptions create a positive view among all app users.

Along with this thing, the good video of installation tutorials will create a better impact on the app store ASO.

5. Use Social Media Wisely

Now social media platform is the best platform where you can start investing in the marketing of your apps. That’s no wonder why social media influencers are making such a good impression on the audiences.

If you want to know the best investing ideas for app marketing, then social media platforms are the best way where you can invest.

Almost 50% of the viewers on social media rely on social media influencers and product feedback videos. If you want to invest in increasing the product adaptability. Investing in social media is the best way which will give you an instant outcome.

This is the simplest method to improve your app marketing. Only you have to find out authentic social media influencers who can promote your app. And after that, you do not have to think about the marketing and the promotions of the products.


As each year, the new apps overflow the app stores. The competition among the app sellers is becoming more rigid and more challenging. But the necessity of the different apps is also in high demand.

The app market demand is increasing each year. But if you are new in this market, the good methods and marketing strategies help you stand apart from your competitor app developers. These five are the essential jobs that can help you to improve your app marketing strategies.

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