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6 Life Hacks That Actually Work

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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Are you a fan of life hacks? If so, you probably already know about all the most popular ones. But, what about some of the more intriguing ones that can help you deal with some of life’s major challenges, like finding a mate, simplifying your daily routine, refinancing student loans, and others? Get ready to add six more hacks to your list of favorites.

Find a Life Partner

Internet dating is no longer the joke it once was. If you’re in search of a life partner, choose one of the reputable membership clubs and do a three-month experiment. Vet prospective partners carefully, and only meet in safe, public places. Aim to go on several dates per month.

Refinance Your Student Loans

Many working adults have multiple, outstanding student loans. Sometimes the repayment process can get confusing when you’re trying to juggle several due dates, a half-dozen different interest rates, and a variety of repayment terms. This might be the most effective finance-related life hack of all. That’s because when you refinance your current loans into a single, simple agreement through a private lender, you end up with one due date, one payment, one interest rate, and one repayment arrangement. The best part for many borrowers is that they can get more favorable interest rates as working adults because their credit scores have improved over the years. It’s clear that student loan refinance is one of the most powerful hacks for anyone who’s weighed down by several education loans.

Put Grocery Shopping on Auto-Pilot

Take an hour or so to write down your typical weekly grocery list. Find a local store that offers online shopping and home delivery. Compare prices, customer service, and other factors before choosing your store. Sign up for automatic weekly delivery or curbside pickup. Not only will you save time by opting to put grocery shopping on auto-pilot this way, but you’ll likely save money by not being tempted to do impulse buying while wandering through the aisles.

Get Up One Hour Earlier

The interesting aspect of this baby step technique is that you can test it immediately. Get out of bed an hour earlier than your usual time for a week and make a point to use that extra time for worthwhile tasks. For example, prepare a nutritious breakfast, do some stretching, go for a walk, read, or meditate. It’s common for many to be surprised at what they choose to do during the extra time. But, don’t forget to retire a bit earlier each evening so that you get enough sleep. These kinds of hacks work because most human beings tend to be more productive in the early hours of the day.

Make a Detailed Budget

You don’t need to be a financial wizard to create a detailed personal budget. There are two parts to this hack. The first is not procrastinating and actually do it. The second is in the level of detail you apply to the chore. Be ready to spend a couple of hours but not necessarily in one session. If you have trouble coming up with categories of expenses and income, simply keep a log of every dollar you spend and earn for a full month. For most people, that breaks the barrier of resistance and helps them build a functional, realistic budget. It’s also possible to use an app to help you get the job done. The point is to do it, and life will be much simpler.

Meditate Every Morning Before Work

Setting aside a half-hour, more or less, to meditate before heading out the door for work can make a huge difference in the way you feel throughout the day. Ask anyone who has made a habit of the practice. The thing that makes this a true hack is that many don’t realize how powerful the sessions are until a few weeks have passed. Like so many other things that are good for us, meditation takes a while to sink into our minds, bodies, and psyches. If you’re doubtful, do the following experiment and meditate each morning by simply clearing your mind and focusing on your breath for about 20 minutes per day for two weeks.