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7 Awesome Ways to Grow Your Brand on TikTok

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 04:25 am

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Have you considered using TikTok for your brand? Launched just a few years back in 2018, this platform has become one of the most popular on the web at a rate that no one expected. Its looping reels and endless effects, as well as the uniqueness of the platform, have given it a spot in all great digital marketing lists today.

Why Use TikTok to Promote a Brand 

Even though it is relatively young on the market, many brands are already using it to promote their services. Business apps report that 60% of this platform’s audience consists of young people aged between 16 and 25 years old. It’s the app of Millenials and Gen Z-ers. If your brand’s target audience includes them, it’s a great next step for your marketing strategy.

InfluencerMarketingHub counts over 500 million TikTok users on a worldwide level. When the platform first showed on the market, it was the most downloaded iOS app almost instantly. People spend 52 minutes on average on this platform, which comes very close to how much time they spend on Instagram and Facebook.

For your brand, this screams engagement. TikTok is a hub of young audiences ready to receive your content. Since most marketers are unaware or still don’t know how to leverage TikTok for their benefit, you have a huge advantage. TikTok is the most fascinating online medium for all aged people. Now all that’s left for you to do is find the right approach on how to grow your brand on it. TokUpgrade is a great tool for TikTok growth. Check all the TokUpgrade reviews and features here to find out more about TikTok boosting.

Amazing tips for growing your brand on TikTok

1. Never, ever delete your videos

As the insightful Unum’s guide to grow your Tiktok account tells you, you shouldn’t delete your videos regardless of how poorly they are performing. Many don’t know this, but accounts with recently deleted videos don’t perform well on this platform. If you do this too often, TikTok will mark your account as one with a high rate of low-performing content. You don’t want that if you use it to promote your brand.

If you’ve used this platform for some time now, you know that the life cycle of your video exposure on TikTok is different from that on Instagram or Facebook. On other platforms, the content can remain in the feeds for 24 hours only, while on TikTok, any of your videos have the potential of getting sudden traction at any moment.

This is what users refer to as “delayed explosion”. If there is a chance of that happening, deleting any videos is a bad decision, to begin with.

2.      Keep track of the tiers

Did you know that TikTok evaluates users based on pre-set tiers? These are public for everyone to know – and track. It is also the key to a successful TikTok account for brands and individuals.

Let’s look over them. Every video a user posts on this platform passes through different tiers. Once it passes some evaluations based on TikTok algorithms, the video may or may not progress to the next level. Some of the things that can push you upward this ladder are rewatched and watch time completion, engagement velocity (how fast the audience engages), and engagement variety (likes, shares, and comments).

When it comes to engagement, some types are more valued than others. Comments are more important to the algorithms than likes. Rewatches give you the most points to climb up on the tier ladder.

According to TikTok, there are 4 tiers a video can reach. These go as follows:

  •         Tier 1: Your video is presented to your audience and followers, as well as to up to 500 outsiders i.e. cold audience.
  •         Tier 2: If TikTok’s evaluation shows that your video performed well enough, it’s shown to up to 5,000 viewers in your cold audience.
  •         Tier 3: Another round of evaluation can prompt the platform to show your video to up to 1 million users. At this point, TikTok will review your content and ensure that it doesn’t violate any of its terms.
  •         Tier 4: This is the holy grail, the viral part that every brand strives to achieve. If you get to this tier, you’ve achieved the best success with your video.

3. Pick your niche – and stick with it

Worthy content is the basis of a successful TikTok profile. If you selected this platform as part of your marketing strategy, you need to be consistent with your branding. There are tons of niches you can pick, as well as strategies that will help you attract the right crowd. However, if you go too broad, you can’t offer anything specific to those who notice you.

Before you post your first video, brainstorm ideas for your content strategy. Pick a topic and methods that fit your expertise, your business’ offerings, as well as your experience. If you don’t have great ideas right now, check out your competition and see what they post on this platform. See how people respond to it, and you’ll know what type of content works best.

4. Work hard to create engaging content at all times

There won’t be a need to delete a video if you’ve dedicated tons of effort to make it great. It’s important to post often on such platforms, but you should always prioritize quality over quantity. None of the other strategies you implement will work if your content is repetitive, bland, or too commonly found.

On this platform, users have up to 60 seconds to persuade people to follow them or take an action and buy from them. Never, ever neglect quality just because you wanted to be active and reach your daily quota. JustCreative has a nice list of things that make for quality TikTok content. Some of their tips are:

  •         Frequently check the Discovery page to see what’s trending
  •         Make your version of a video based on the trending hashtag or topic
  •         Include elements of your product and service, but subtly into your videos
  •         Make your videos funny, quirky, or silly
  •         Add some good filters and relevant hashtags

5. Invest in a good advertising strategy

TikTok might not have a huge history on the market, but it already has an advertising system that allows brands to tap into a wider user base. Right now, there are three types of advertising on this platform: hashtag challenge ads, native in-feed ads, and brand ads.

No matter how long you’ve been using TikTok, advertising your videos is never a bad idea. When it comes to this, you have two options – target based on interest and based on behaviors. The first is similar to Facebook ads since you can simply select an interest relevant to the audience, and TikTok will find those people to show it to. The latter advertise to people based on recent behaviors.

If you decide to invest in ads, know that organic marketing strategies are still most successful in the long term. However, they often take a lot of time to yield results. By combining both, you can boost your brand recognition much faster.

Do you think that this is costly?

It doesn’t have to be. Advertising on TikTok has different prices based on your campaign and your goals. However, a decent campaign should cost you at least $500 to get started. Socialmediaexaminer has a thorough guide on what you should do to create and implement your campaign.

When creating your advertising campaign on TikTok, you’ll be asked to:

  •         Create an ad account
  •         Select your advertising account primary goal i.e. traffic, conversions, or app install
  •         Pick your daily or total budget
  •         Choose where you’ll place the ads – and add your keywords
  •         Fill out the target audience section by using parameters like age, interests, location, and language
  •         Start designing your ads

6. Participate in recent trends

Trends can change every day without you noticing unless you’re paying attention. Check the recent trends daily to see what works at the moment. In the For You page, search for content that pops up continuously as you scroll through videos. If it’s trending, it means that people love it. It’s also a great opportunity for you to promote your brand.

7. Don’t be afraid to start your own trend

All those trends started somewhere. Some brands or individuals came up with it, their video went viral, and people started doing the same thing. That’s the best thing that can happen to your brand – to create a video that goes viral and turns into a trend. This way, word will spread around for your brand and you’ll reach more success than you could have imagined.

Of course, it’s not easy to start a trend. But, it’s also not impossible. This can happen overnight and when you least hope for it. The idea is to try and be original. The next thing you know, your brand is famous on TikTok.

Wrapping up

With the right strategies, TikTok can fit perfectly into your marketing strategy and help you attract more people to your brand. This platform offers you tons of opportunities for brand recognition, but it demands time and effort for this to work. Since it’s a growing platform, brands have already started positioning themselves on it. This is the best time to beat the competition and start working on your great TikTok presence.