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7 Free Must-Have Gaming Tools For PC

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The process of becoming a pro gamer doesn’t come from skills in the first place. As a starting point, you need to equip yourself with a PC and some gaming tools to support your play and hone your skills.

Whether you play Battlegrounds, League of Legends, Minecraft, or Blockchain games, a PC with an excellent spec is always necessary. However, even top-tier PC games are still possible to crash during a match.

That’s when gaming tools can come to the rescue. To level up your play, we’ve put together the seven must-have gaming tools for your PC to get the best experience of a match. Best of all, those that made it to the list are free to use!

#1. Steam

Steam is a gaming platform where players can search, buy, and play games. It’s a great gaming source for players at all entry levels, including beginners.

You can buy games directly on the platform or join a subscription to get discounts. Some game developers also offer free access to their games as a part of their marketing strategy. 

Steam also has a community where players can have discussions. Furthermore, players can share and learn some skills relating to gaming activity.

#2. TeamSpeak

TeamSpeak can help you to communicate with your game team effectively. You can connect with friends and play games simultaneously, making it helpful if you need to plan a strategy during combat.

TeamSpeak offers many valuable features with inclusions similar to military-grade encryptions. It also provides offline or LAN functionality and private hosting. In addition, you don’t have to spend a dime to use it.

You can get excellent voice quality from small group conversations to large conferences with low system and bandwidth usage. TeamSpeak also supports file transfer by storing and sharing files with no firewall issues guarantee.

#3. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is an essential tool for gaming that can help you monitor hardware performance. It’s free to use and works well with both AMD and Nvidia graphic cards. 

MSI Afterburner lets you see the vital stats, including GPU clock speed, fan speed, temperature, and frames per second during a match. It also allows you to monitor performance changes and make airflow adjustments.

#4. Razer Cortex: Game Booster

Razer Cortex is a free tool to help you optimize PC performance. Some of the notable features of Razer Cortex are RAM optimization, automatic performance booster, and FPS statistics.

It’s completely free to use and compatible with all PCs. You can use its auto settings or adjust it according to your control. Either way, Razer Cortex is one of the best tools to bring you better, faster, and smoother PC performance.

More features of Razer Cortex are Booster Prime, which is only available for advanced settings. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and machine learning to provide the best PC settings for playing important matches.

Razer Cortex also has game deals with price comparison. It allows you to create a wishlist and get notifications for price drops and game releases.

#5. OBS Studio

OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software. If you wish to become a gaming YouTuber, you need a tool to record your match, and OBS Studio is one of the best options you can get.

OBS Studio is a free tool that is compatible with all devices to record gameplay or broadcast live streaming on social media. It supports content in various formats, such as .mp4, .mkv, .avi, or .flv.

Beginner players can quickly get used to the tool with its neat and clean interfaces. It also has an intuitive audio mixer to help you receive and generate excellent audio quality. 

#6. Discord

Discord is a communication channel designed specifically for gamers. It allows users to create specific rooms for different purposes. Players can start a discussion, call team members, and organize a game tournament easily.

Not stopping there, users can also join communities from game developers, PC builders, and other game-related communities. So, players can get game updates, order new hardware, and share stories, all in one place.

With a bunch of features, Discord has a steeper learning curve compared to mainstream chat applications like WhatsApp. However, once you get a grip on it, you’ll find how convenient and comfortable the app is.

#7. CCleaner

With regular use for gaming, your PC may pile up unnecessary files and cache that can lower its performance. To keep your PC fit and healthy, CCleaner can help you take care of trashy files and do other PC maintenance tasks.

CCleaner has an advanced cleaner and optimizer system that allows you to clean PCs, manage applications, automate backups, and fix registry issues. Moreover, it can display PC information, including memory details and OS activation status.

The Takeaway

Gaming tools give you extra support during competitive matches, so you won’t bump into cracky and stammered interfaces during your play. You can also maintain your PC performance and boost it whenever needed.

There are many more gaming tools that you can find on the market. But, the ones we pieced together on the above list are some of the best that have received good reputations online. Besides, all of them are free!

Always hone your skills consistently and equip yourself with a good gaming PC and tools to drive you closer toward victory!

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