Simple Hacks to Increase Your Work Productivity

8 Simple Hacks to Increase Your Work Productivity

Last updated on November 15th, 2022 at 04:59 pm

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Most of us want to be productive, especially at work. It is a win if you can do more with less time, right? When you get more work done, it means you can take on harder and important tasks, and just like that, you could be working your way up in your career. Sadly, staying productive is something most of us struggle with. If it is not due to the mundane tasks, it could be because of too many distractions. Well, this guide covers some tips want to help you get more productive at work

Plan your day ahead of time

One of the best ways to be productive is by planning your day. Knowing what you need to do saves you the headache of juggling everything at the same time. Before your day starts, whether it’s the first thing in the morning or the night before, try to create a plan of attack for the day. Start by writing down your tasks that are already scheduled for a specific time, such as your working hours, meetings, etc. Planning your day helps you achieve objectives set for that day.

Be realistic with your to-do list

Ever wondered why you have everything planned or scheduled but remain unproductive? Well, you might want to review your to-do list. While it is okay to want most work done, you must be realistic with what can be achieved. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to get everything done within a certain time or day. Remember, some tasks will take a long time while others a shorter time.


  • Create a balance by distributing your time according to the nature of your tasks; otherwise, your to-do lists will become a procrastination tool.

Limit distractions

You will find distractions everywhere in your workplace; It is hard to carve out an exclusive chunk of time to tackle something without interruption. If the destruction is not from your chatty colleague, it could be a new game app on your phone or social media. Please note that it’s not wrong to take time to have fun on your phone or socialize with your colleague. In fact, cultivating a healthy social life through socialization and relaxation is encouraged. On the flip side, limiting distractions means being disciplined enough to differentiate play and work time. Try to distance yourself from the distractions so that you can get work done.

Invest in a good computer and keep it running smoothly

The other way to stay productive at the workplace is by having a good and well-functioning computer. Think about the time wasted trying to upload files or type because your computer is too slow. A well-maintained laptop or desktop allows you to achieve your objectives by getting more work done. While your employer is responsible for all your computer needs, you should contribute by properly maintaining it. You can learn some great tips here on how to properly care for your computer for efficiency. Sometimes all you need to do is some regular clean up and software updates. Take good care of your work devices to avoid interruptions that will hurt your performance.

Use the “one and done” rule

You might have found yourself saying “I will take care of it later” or “I still have some time that one is not so urgent.” While you have every intention of doing that task later, building your to-do list with lots of tasks does not help you stay productive. Learn to complete each task at a time.

Indulge in some self-care

For most people, self-care seems like a luxury. However, If you are thinking of a way to increase productivity at your workplace, you should consider self-care. You need to give yourself enough time to recharge your batteries before you get burnt out. Self-care gives you a reprieve from technology, allowing you to recharge and improve your quality of life. You can join a Zumba class, use that 10 minutes for meditation, get enough sleep, exercise, or go for a walk at lunchtime. Remember, you will never be productive if you are trying to work while you are exhausted. This is why many people are now turning to products like CBD or magic mushrooms (such as these to heighten their productivity levels and keep themselves stress-free. Indulging in products like this could be your new form of self-care!


  • Make it a point to go to work every day being fully recovered from the day before. Self-care will make you ready to take on new challenges that will come along.

Eat for productivity

Did you know that you can use food to fuel your productivity? If you think about it, we can only be productive when we have enough energy to perform tasks. Where does energy come from? Food, right? Try to consume meals and snacks throughout your workday to supply your body with enough nutrients and energy to keep you going. Some of the foods that help with energy boost include bananas, walnuts, dark chocolate, and salmon. While at it, remember to drink enough water.

Learn to say, “No.”

Have you got hold of the book “The power of NO” if you haven’t, you need to find it? Saying no might seem hard for most people, but it is an effective way of elevating your productivity at the workplace. Imagine if you spend hours solving people’s problems or running errands? While it is important to help others, you need to strike a balance and know when to say No!

Perhaps you are wondering if this applies to your boss (Of course, there are exceptions), but you can still say no politely when the requests are impacting your productivity. Here is how to go about it:

  • Ask them if you can do it as a recognizable new task
  • You can say, “I’d love to handle that, but could you please look at this?”
  • Show them your task list so that they can know how much you are engaged.
  • Ask, “Which of these tasks would you like me to delay to make time for this one?”
  • Wait for their response

While we all struggle with saying no to our bosses, communicating about other assignments to our manager will help. It will ensure that the new tasks don’t hurt preexisting ones and help you stay productive.

Wrap up

Being productive at your workplace isn’t just good for you but for your employer as well. Productivity, which results in business growth, is a win-win for everyone. With the tips shared above, you can be sure to boost your performance and give your career a boost.